Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 6 Review - Green and Gold Rugby
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Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 6 Review

Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 6 Review

Oh come on. Do I have to? REALLY? Sharpie wasn’t the only one swearing in frustration after that round. The Waratahs can count themselves lucky that they were playing the bottom ranked team, otherwise they could have joined the ranks of the Force and Brumbies in a winless round.

As it was the Tahs got up and now sit somewhat uncomfortably in the top four.  And if you listen to Camp Tah, every thing is fine. Other than a little show of emotion from Berrick Barnes, one gets the feeling that Chris Hickey is a little like Kevin Bacon’s, Chip Diller, character at the end of Animal House. “Remain calm: all is well”.


Ok, there. I got that in. Another random movie reference and at least SOME YouTube joy for this article this week. But let’s move on and try to find 15 decent players to put in a team of the week.

Team of the Week:

RE15 Adam Ashley-Cooper (BRUMBIES) 
14 Scott Staniforth (FORCE)
13 Tyrone Smith (BRUMBIES)
12 James O’Connor (FORCE)
11 Drew Mitchell (WARATAHS)
10 Matt Giteau (BRUMBIES)
9 Brett Sheehan (FORCE)
8 Stephen Hoiles (BRUMBIES)
7 Matt Hogdson (FORCE)
6 Rocky Elsom (BRUMBIES)
5 Dean Mumm (WARATAHS)
4 Ben Hand (BRUMBIES)
3 Salesi Ma’afu(BRUMBIES)
2 Tatafu Polata-Nau (WARATAHS)
1 Benn Robinson (WARATAHS)

I am the first the admit that a lot of that team was picked because they were simply the best of a pretty poor lot.  Fullback and scrumhalf in particular were two positions where I struggled for genuine options. Even Stani on the wing gets there on the back of pretty much the intercept alone. And once again we have the problem position of outside centre. Tyrone Smith is in the team but he really has no rights to be and I didn’t want to go the way of many pundits in picking reserve Tah Rob Horne there.

Player of the Round:Drew

But let’s not be too harsh. There were some decent performances this week. Drew Mitchell is in the midst of a real purple patch and looks dangerous every time he touches the ball, which he is trying to do a lot. Rocky Elsom for the Brumbies was in the heart of a lot of the best of the Brumbies. Strong running and busy in defense. Meanwhile out west, Matty Hodgson continues on his merry way playing an outstanding open side flanker game. Do the Force now have the best two Wallaby eligible open sides in the comp?

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Try of the Round.

Oh come one. Seriously? Talk about going from the penthouse to the shithouse (hey, everyone else is swearing. Why can’t I?).  Last week we couldn’t even narrow down our best tries, so plentiful were they. This week we have just five to choose from. An intercept (Stani), one from a dodgy grubber (Drew), one from the softest of defence (Huia) and another from a couple of pick and drives (Salesi). Shees. So I’ll nominate Patrick Phibbs’s try for one thanks to some handy work by Rocky.   As for the other? The old prop in me wants to go for the Ma’afu try, but I’ll go Stani’s purely for the opportunism involved. (videos at bottom)

Moment of the Week:

GitsCould I say Lote’s try for the Tigers? No. I will say Christian Lealiifano’s injury. The guy has been playing damn well and is pretty much an unsung hero for the Brumbies. But with Quade Cooper playing so well at fly half for the Reds, the Australian rugby public are almost demanding that Matt Giteau return to the 12 jersey. If he’s to do that for the Wallabies, it’d be great if he could play there for the Brumbies. The positive to come out of Lealiifano’s injury, if there is one, is that it could mean that may happen with young Matty Toomua playing 10. Or Friendy could just decide to return Mortlock to 13 and move Tyrone Smith into 12, keeping Gits at 10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  • Reddy!

    Um, it might just be me, but I can’t recall seeing any vision of Staniforths try in that first video. Nevermind, as I thought Mitchells try was better.

    • Just goes to show how quick Spanner was.

      Agree though. Shmoo’s try now added

  • Berg

    Thanks Noddy, definitely slim pickings when it comes to quality selections this week. Watched both games and was incredibly underwhelmed.

    Hodgson is having a great season so far and is a shining light over there in the West. Pocock should still retain the WB No7 however even with the retirement of George, Phil W must still be at No 3 in the pecking order at best. Phil’s direction of the Tahs seems to be in direct conflict with what Deans is trying to create at the WB’s which will his cause.

    • Robson

      To be honest I’m finding it hard to perceive that Phil is doing any directing.

      • Phil fathered your children

        • Robson

          Ha, don’t know how he did that, he’s not even as old as the youngest one of my children. Pre life immaculate conception maybe.

  • Langthorne

    Wow, so many of those team of the week selections made me say “what is he doing in there” and then “..well I guess the others really were worse”. Nice work bringing in a bit of Animal House – almost made me forget how bad the Tahs played. Almost.

  • David

    Boring week of Australian rugby without the Reds playing eh. Haven’t been able to say that for a while.

  • Ben

    Nice round up…disagree with 13….rene made tyrone look ordinary and i though Cross was ok…definately better than tyrone.

    I find it interesting they have Stani on teh wing wehn a couple of years ago he was wallaby 12. I think force should have JOC at 10 and Stani at 12 with cross 13.

    • Seb V

      i like the sound of that force backline

    • Lance Free

      If you look at the Rene Ranger breaks you’ll find that most of them don’t actually involve Tyrone Smith missing tackles – it was mainly other players like Lealifaino, Gits etc.

    • jason

      staniforth had the highest line breaks and was one of the top try scorers when he was 12 as i remember… why he never remained there always puzzled me, i mean im all for the two play makers-if u have the players to do it> if not a nathan grey-esk inside will always make meters~

  • Bobas

    The Brumbies game was a disaster.
    But in no way was it un-entertaining.

    It was always a close game, they just lost it cos:
    The brumbies didn’t commit enough to the break down to retain possession for long enough phases and gambled way too much running up on defence to ever win without a gelling backline.

  • Pedro

    Anyone else think it’s bullshit how you see a tackled player on the ground popping a pass out of the ruck? I don’t mean moments after going to ground, I mean ten seconds or so. I’ve seen it happen a few times and it stuffs the defenders around when the half back isn’t the one doing it. It seems a bit rich too when they are cracking down on tacklers not rolling away often hastily.

    • Robson

      The law used to be that once the ball carrier was on the ground passing off the ground was considered (even by as much as one second) to be playing the tackle ball and illegal. A penalty ensued.

    • Pedro

      It happened during one of the Blues tries against the Brumbies. The scrum half moves away from the ruck and all of a sudden it flies out.

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