Video: Super 14 Round 10 Review - Green and Gold Rugby
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Video: Super 14 Round 10 Review

Video: Super 14 Round 10 Review


Yeah, ok, so they're tinted red.

Can we do a quick recap of the weekend? Tahs – didn’t play. Brumbies – bleedin’ awful. Force – back to dismal best. Reds – fan-bloody-tastic. What a win.  The best of the season without any doubt. The game plan was sensational and played to perfection.  From Link down, the Reds need to be congratulated for a wonderful achievement?

But what of the Brumbies? Was there a game plan there? What’s up with Gits? I know there’s been injuries but it was all fairly lacklustre wasn’t it? Where’s the spark? And the Force? It seems like they are back to their bad habits, i.e. not tackling. In saying that, the Blues side is better than where they are placed I reckon.

But anyway…how ‘bout them Reds, hey?

Team of the Round:

"Wahooo! We're all in the G&GR Team of the Week!"

15 Peter Hynes (REDS)
14 Rodney Davies (REDS)
13 Will Chambers (REDS)
12 Anthony Faingaa (REDS)
11 Digby Ioane (REDS)
10 Quade Cooper (REDS)
9 Will Genia (REDS)
8 Leroy Houston (REDS)
7 David Pocock (FORCE)
6 Scott Higginbotham (REDS)
5 Van Humphries (REDS)
4 Rob Simmons (REDS)
3 Laurie Weeks (REDS)
2 Saia Faingaa (REDS)
1 Ben Daley (REDS)

Prove me wrong! I challenge you. As this is a Wallaby eligible team of the week Daniel Braid, who was the best open side of the weekend, cannot be picked. Pocock is, therefore, somewhat selected by default for even he only really left his mark on the Force game late in the game. Can any other player from the weekend stake a claim for a spot?

Player of the Round:

Normally I just pick the leading candidates from each team, one from each Aussie side. But its fairly widely acknowledged that it was difficult finding a Brumbies or Force standout. So you tell us, just tell us which Reds player was the best?

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Try of the Round:

Two choices. Higgers’ amazing effort to outrun two Bulls backs to score from the Genia kick, or that brilliant piece of backline magic finished by Rodney Davies? See the videos at the bottom

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Moment of the Round:

"aaahhh, this bench is comfortable"

The talk in the press in the lead up to this round, with Matt Giteau returning to the number ten jersey for the Brumbies, was that he was set to stake his claim for the Wallaby shirt. Forgetting for a moment he is actually the incumbent Wallaby flyhalf, all media attention has been on the sensational form of Quade Cooper. It was as if the Wallaby 10 jersey was already being measured up and tailored specifically for the Super Cooper. But this week would be different. Gits was back where he wanted to be. Ready to show the young buck that HE was the man for the pivot role. It was his and his alone, and it would take something big for Quade to take it.

Well, consider it took! Gits was anything but the ‘man’. In fact he was close to the invisible man. In a game, and a vital one at that, which was calling out for the Brumbie’s most experienced player to stand up and take control of things, Gits seemed to go into hiding.

Quade meanwhile, well he was fantastic. More understated than usual, but he ran the game beautifully with cohort Will Genia. They have been a superb combination this season. Why would the Wallaby selectors break it up? So consider this, the moment Gits lost all hold of the Wallaby flyhalf jersey.



  • Alex-A

    I hate to admit it, but i’ve caught Reds fever! its play like this that got me into rugby in the first place. No bias on the team of the week, its pretty dam fair.
    when contemplating Gits at 12 for the wallabies I can’t help but think that a hard, straight line runner like Fiangaa will be more effective when combining with Quade from 10. One would think that after having played together all season and both with great form that A.Fiangaa must surely be given a crack in the wallabies.

    I’m relieved the Tahs got the Reds game out of the way so early on in the season!

    • Snap

    • sam

      There could still be a chance for “red”emption against the Tahs

    • ed

      yeah fair go, im not sure the double playmaker thing is what its cracked up to be.

    • Cameron

      Gits at 12 with Adam Ashley Cooper coming into the line from 15 to give the backline the element of hard running confrontationalism.

      • reds fan

        just like they do for the ponies??

        • Cameron

          fair call, but it would be a different story with genia and cooper in the halves, Ioane as well

  • Fuck, they’re strong glasses!

  • Dogman

    Pocock? I’d have Link in at No.7!

  • Ben

    Unbelievable effort……Gits is done at 10 and could be at 12 as well, remember that if Faingaa’s effort at 12 continues the next 4 week he is done there as well. He kicks too much, same as Berreck.

    Rewatched the gaem 3 times now, look at the effort from Saia Faingaa..unbelievable…he is No2 to TPN now, another is Van Humphries who was simply everywhere.

    There are a bunch of established wallabies that must be very veru concerned about the young reds player coming right up behind him.

    I cant believe cooper is even thinking about the Force offer.

  • AJK71

    There used to be a saying “When Qld are strong the Wallabies are strong”. It was offensive to this Tah fan but it seems to be true – Reds were strong in the 90’s & early ‘naughties’ & Wallabies won 2 World Cups, TriNations, Lions series & every other silverware they played for. Since then Qld have struggled & Wallabies have won very little. Deans should pick 10-12 Reds in the Wallaby squad & give them game time together to see if they can play their style successfully against AB’s, SA, etc as well as letting the new Wallaby players gain Test experience before the 2011 WC.

    • Jon Cooper

      Here’s another thing for you to think about. A few years ago the Wallabies where playing at the time the worlds best inside centre at fly half the shifted him back to inside centre and won RWC 1999. Whats going to happen this year?

    • Westo

      Spot on there AJK. I’ve been saying that for sometime and yet the ARU still do nothing to keep players in Queensland and in actual fact, continually promote players to leave (new franchises). Sure I agree it is a free market, but the investment with Cooper and Genia is not one for now, but possibly over the course of the next 10 years as spoken by many. This is not an investment in Queensland, but the Wallabies. Queensland generates 40% of Australian rugby players. We need it to be strong. I need it to be strong. Carn The Reds.

  • GregT

    Dang, Braid shld be Australian.
    Also, The Fangers are fabulous – have been all year. Much made of Genia being inside Bandit Cooper, but Anthony F makes him, cause he’s the option of first/last resort when it all turns to fudge for Quade. For the Wallabies it’ll be down to making a complete commitment to playing Quade’s game. Giteau is still hard to resist at 12, but he will have to play to Cooper’s game. The big conflict here is whether the Wallabies (Deans) decides to play two playmaking five eighths (in a structural sense) — or accepts Cooper is best served by having a straight running centre beside him. I actually think Giteau would thrive in that situation anyway, but he and deans will have to drop any ideas about him running the game.

    • Westo

      Agreed…its worth noting that because Cooper has so much time on the ball, whoever is outside of him is going to have to have exceptional skill and vision, because he is so unpredictable. I think this was made evident with Chambers & S. Faingaa (#2) dumping a few passes from Cooper bullets. Thus a solid case for A. Faingaa (#12) at least against England. Mind you Gits is no slouch…and lastly , ‘Barnes who’

  • Scotty

    I agree GregT. Giteau will have to pull his head in if he wants to be 12 outside Cooper.

    At the moment the Reds often swap Ioane and Chambers, but for the Wallabies, if Giteau is playing you would often swap him and the 13. 13 would be a hard running centre and Giteau could have a ranging role outside Cooper.

    • Chris

      Watch YouTibe highlights of the Wales game last year to see how the Wallabies would play with Cooprt at 10 and Gits at 12 – I still reckon the two ball distributors is a great option because you have so many different options for an electric backline, left/right footed kickers for field position and two great passers for quick ball either side of the field – it keeps defenders guessing what’s going to happen next. Digby’s opening try (Cooper slick pass to to Gits, Gits kick behind fullback for Digby to pick up) was a good example of that

  • What is unique about the Reds is the trust that the players have in each other. No other side is ‘clicking’ the way these guys are. They believe that if they make a half break, they can throw the ball backwards anywhere and a mate will catch it.

  • Joe Blow

    Well played the Reds.
    Higges…….Australias answer to Pierre Spies!!!
    He has to be in the test side. Also Simmons must be pretty close to a call-up.
    Hats off to the Reds. It has been an amazing season to date. Keep it up and anything could happen in the finals.

    • Westo

      I dont rate Spies all that much. He requires too much space to be effective and internationals don’t supply too much of that unless your England.

  • petdr

    Cracking game to watch and reds were the better team on the night, *BUT* the bulls could’ve snatched a draw despite the dominance of the reds.

    So despite the reds being head and shoulders above the bulls, the bulls were still in it at the 80th minute.

    So I still think the reds have to step up another level where they convert that dominance into points.

    • redkoala

      only reason the bulls were in the game for the 80th minute is because of the ref, and his dodge calls

      • D

        the bulls last try wasn’t a try. the ball went straight through the scrum. It should have been re set.

  • Ruggo

    Great win and it sends a message to the other teams to not bother to try and guess what the Reds will do. Insert that Reds backline into the Wallabies as is to keep the combination and structure as is.

    Great article Noddy.

  • ed

    rugbyheaven went with same 15 except braid was included. Hard to argue with to be honest.

    I agree, that wallabies should definetely be considering a reds backline. A year ago i dunno how we could leave out AAC or giteau, even though i feel guilty about i reckon its essential. Reward form.

    But the selectors will never have the balls for that

  • Zeedok

    The Reds were fantastic — fist pumping fantastic — and I’m a diehard Tahs supporter!!

    BUT the Brumbies were equally woeful. Far too much kicking in my opinion . .

    ALSO — I think I have worked out where Rocky has been for the last few games (we know he has been smashing through the line with the ball in hand):

    — He is at the breakdown, trying to cleanout. Clearly, without George Smith, nobody else seems to be doing the hard work at ruck time. I reckon the Brumbies pack (yes, including Hoiles) is seriously overrated.

    Can’t wait to watch the Tahs then the Reds pummel them . . . The “Real Madrid” of Australian Rugby, what horses**t. Then again, I suppose they kick the ball as much as football team . . .

  • terra6

    Don’t rule Gits out until he goes head to head with Cooper in two weeks in Canberra! No doubt Cooper is playing better at the moment, but you can’t leave a player like Gits out of the Wallabies just because his in a form slump.

    • Reddy!

      Yeh Deans is definitely going to be at that game, I hope the Brumbies don’t let him down this time round.

      Thanks Noddy for putting those videos up, great to re-live that game!

    • Phil

      why not? It is about time the Wallabies was picked on form, rather than name. Finally we are getting some depth in most positions…. its going to be a cracker of a test series if Robbie Deans ‘plays what is in front of him’ – Gits and Barnes on the bench, I would like to see that!

  • Brumbyfan22

    Wallaby 15
    2 Force (Pocock, Sharpe)
    5 Waratahs (Robinson, TPN, Mumm, Mitchell, Barnes)
    3 Brumbies (Alexander, AAC, Elsom)
    5 Reds (Genia, Cooper, Higginbotham, Hynes, Diggers)

  • embrangled

    Put another way:
    Wallaby 15
    10 QLD (Genia, Cooper, Higginbotham, Hynes, Diggers, Mitchell, Barnes, Elsom, Pocock Sharpe)
    5 NSW (Alexander, AAC, Robinson, TPN, Mumm)

    • Westo

      Thats clever mate….brilliant stuff.

  • Gouldie

    I’m only just getting my voice back… it was a fantastic game to watch and the Suncorp crowd made it even better. Looking forward to cheering on the Reds against the Stormers!

  • Joe Blow

    Just saw the game from start to finish for the first time.
    A few thoughts.
    Weeks has to be on the bench for the Wallabies. The whole Qld front row played extremely well but the Wallabies need a genuine TH on the bench and Weeks is streaks ahead of anyone else.
    Higgenbum reminds me of Pierre Spies when he crashed onto the test scene. Big, fast, athletic but not in the thick of the tight stuff. He needs to change his game and use his bulk just as Spies has done for tyhe past 2 years. He is by no means a walk up starter for a Wallaby backrow position.
    Simmons should be in the mix for the Wallabies. Probably on the bench for now.
    Davies and Chambers looked much more threatening with ball in hand than either Ioane or Hynes. Both of the former will be wearing gold and green soon.
    The Reds have a very good team spirit about them at the moment. They left 3 or 4 tries on the paddock against the Bulls. If they can keep improving and stay in the hunt they are very legitimate title contenders.

  • D

    What’s up with only putting up 14 1/2 minutes of highlights? There was 80 minutes of highlights as far as I recall!!!!! What a cracker of a game!!!!!!

    As far as Gits goes, I’m wondering if he is off form or is it the wrong game plan that he has to play to? I hope it is the latter. He is a class player and the more we have in form the better. It looks to me that the brumbies are still playing to last years interpretation of the laws. There is still way too much aimless kicking. The new interpretation clearly have given the advantage to the attacking side, so why are they kicking the ball and giving possession back to the opposition?

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