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Super Rugby Au – Round 4 – Team of the Week

Super Rugby Au – Round 4 – Team of the Week

1. Cameron Orr – Rebels

Orr had the best game in front of every other loosehead on the weekend, not missing a tackle (4/4), contributing well in attack and only giving away one penalty from a fairly successful scrum.

2. Jordan Uelese – Rebels

Big part of a pack that bossed the Waratahs at scrum time and also lineout time. The Rebels won more than twice as many lineouts at the Tahs.

3. Pone Fa’aumasili – Rebels

The Rebels’ own one man road train ran through the Waratahs on the weekend…and yeah did some other cool things. Mainly in the team because he’s becoming a meme (32m, 6 carries, 7 defenders beaten).

4. Matt Philip – Rebels

Hard to not put Philip and Hosea in after such a dominant performance, the likes of which have not been seen since me against the pie I had for lunch today.

5. Trevor Hosea – Rebels

Will he be a Wallaby this season? Eoin Toolan thinks so. With half of the Wallabies locks out of the country (if not all), and when he shows potential like he did against the Tahs, he might be in with a shout.

6. Rob Valetini – Brumbies

Valetini put in another fighting display on the weekend, and surely must be shoring up for a Wallabies spot this spring/summer. Loves belting the living daylights out of other blokes, whether that be with his ball carrying or defence.

7. Will Miller – Brumbies

While Tevin Ferris put in an impressive shift for the Force, it’s hard to go past Miller Time. Scored a try, performed well in attack, and while he didn’t pilfer anything he contributed superbly in defence with a perfect 16/16. Conceded two turnovers though.

8. Pete Samu – Brumbies GAGR POTW & Best Dressed

Tackles: 5. Missed: 0. Turnovers Won: 1. Clean Breaks: 2. Offloads: 2. Shirt: Tucked In

That shirt is still tucked in

That shirt is still tucked in

9. Ryan Louwrens – Rebels

Local dreamboat Louwrens ponced around superbly well against the Waratahs, working in tandem with Toomua to dominate the Waratahs – all the while keeping that hair in perfect shape. Also scored a try for his efforts.

10. Matt Toomua – Rebels

Toomua had an impressive game against the Waratahs, controlling the game and keeping the Tahs locked away in their own 22. Interesting to see where this flyhalf battle heats up as the internationals come closer and closer (if they’re still on, of course)

11. Tom Wright – Brumbies

The Brumbies winger has found himself caught in the confusing Joseph Suali’i non-story, but he should be in the headlines for his dominant performance on the wing on Saturday – capped at the very start with his lightning quick try. Made an amazing 131m.

Schoolboy sensation Tom Wright

Schoolboy sensation Tom Wright

12. Irae Simone – Brumbies

Simone came up playing for Norths in the Shute Shield, before following Simon Cron to the Tahs. Simone floundered at the Tahs, but since being at the Brumbies has lived up to the potential that he showed at Norths. Another great game for the centre, in a great 2020 season either side of the split.

13. Reece Hodge – Rebels

The Shoe was a constant threat in his game, although the main danger game not from his golden socks but instead his running game, as he made 72 metres and 11 carries. Not very good in defence, though that didn’t matter because the Waratahs sucked.

14. Marika Koroibete – Rebels

Koroibete killed it again, doing that headless-chook thing that he does so well. Scored a great try to seal it at the end, all of one those pecking darts that he does.

15. Tom Banks – Brumbies

Really doesn’t deserve anything until he rolls up his socks, but Banks – who always looks confused when the camera cuts to him – was a constant threat against the Force’s defence.

Koroibete pictured playing against the Force (artist interpretation)

Koroibete pictured playing against the Force (artist interpretation)

  • Adrian

    All ok by me Nick

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    I always think putting these posts up shows a level of bravery because you know people are going to dispute what you say. So thanks Nick.
    Interesting comment on Hodge and I normally wouldn’t have either him or Koroibete as a first pick because I want players who can defend as well as attack BUT as you say the Tahs were so shit their lack of defence didn’t matter and they looked good so fair call. Agree 100% with Fa’amausali he’s a beast and as long as he can hold his side up in a good scrum he’s bringing some good play around the field.
    The really good thing is that Rennie is having choices and I think it’s because the players know they won’t be subject to the stupid selection policies of the previous regime and so have a chance if they look good

  • John Tynan

    Big Nick Hartman on fire!

  • Kevino

    Someone tell that twat Steve Hollies that 4 of the 15 are born in Melbourne

  • Mart

    Tom Wright on fire and genuine finisher

    • Steve

      Took a while to get his bearings at the Brumbies, though a lot of that was confusion about where he should play. And he’s absolutely dominating now and looks relaxed and confident.

      Strikes me as the sort of player who will suffer some teething at stepping up to the next level, but his potential is endless

  • Nutta

    I think there was legitimate argument for Slipper over Orr (can’t believe I’m actually saying that) and for Fingers over Uelese. That said, 7A’s had a solid game as well so I reckon that if it was a matter of life & death the Donkeys front-row were better, but given the experience of the Scum to-date they deserve a moment in the sun and they did play well.

    But I would take The K’train over The Shoe. The Shoe actually did some stuff (which was great) but his opponents were woeful (esp for folk who should have been better) and K’drani was just simply dominant.

    Can’t argue the rest of it. Although with the Tarts and the Le Forcies being so poor there was an element of folk stepping backwards into exclusion rather than stand-outs stepping forwards towards inclusion.

    • Brumby Runner

      Nutta, agree that I’d have the Brumbies front row playing for my life rather than the Rebels, but fairs fair, the two props were at least on par with ours. But FF definitely better than JU. Otherwise, yes, TK miles in front of Hodge, and Powell had a stormer for the Brumbies. Best No 9 performance all year.

      • Nutta

        I’m a bit on the Tate-Train over Powell atm. It will be interesting to see how Powell responds with White back home

        • Steve

          I would assume that Powell will be looking elsewhere Nutta (I would be) – but with Tate at the Reds, where do you go in Australia that won’t be a huge step down in terms of environment?

          I do feel for Powell as it’s a really tough spot.

    • UTG

      Hodge shouldn’t make the 23 this year and could easily miss out on a squad spot.

      Thought Toomua looked much better when Deegan was at 10 and he shifted out to 12.

      Most pleasing aspect for me this weekend was Hosea and Frost looking very good in their first starts of the comp. We won’t be left short on lock depth for long.

  • Gus

    I’m sure I’m missing something, Tom Banks gets the nod for the team of the week (again), but (again) I just cannot understand why.

    In general, he has some good qualities for a fullback and I’m sure he’s a top bloke. He doesn’t drop it too often, he certainly has great pace, he usually catches high balls and can kick straight for the corner from a penalty mark – all positives. It’s the things that are missing that concern me, especially footwork in both attack and defence. When did he last break a tackle or create a half break in open play, I can’t remember?

    This was again the case this weekend, plenty of runs, but always brought down by the first tackler. Add to that a couple of very ordinary passes to wingers hot on attack which stopped those attacks in their tracks and I can only ask where was the attacking threat? IMHO, Banks was a clear second best on the day to his opposite number, Jack McGregor who showed loads of attacking threat in a beaten side.

    As I said, I’m sure I’m missing something, but I can’t be the only one…

    • UTG

      Mate, agree. A very solid custodian but his lack of footwork in attack really holds him back. I wonder if he has any League in his background because he seems to play more like a League fullback just charging into the line on a kick return.

    • I wouldn’t take the team of the week too seriously


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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