Super Rugby Team of the Week - Round 6

Super Rugby Team of the Week – Round 6

Super Rugby Team of the Week – Round 6

Here it is – the G&GR writers’ Super Rugby team of the week for round 6   .

In a strange week where despite 3 of the Aussie teams losing, it could be argued none of them played badly. Which of the players made the G&GR writers, Team of the Week.

1. Scott Sio

Sio Scott BrumbiesBattled manfully against Kepu, but really helped the Brumbies get on top after Ryan came on

2. Tolu Latu

LATU Tolo Waratahs  Really stepped up in Polota Nau’s absence. Seemed to be in everything and scored a great try to seal the win.

3. Sekope Kepu

KEPU Sekope Waratahs  Appeared to be in some pain in the second half and was subbed early, but showed again why he is the incumbent TH prop in Australia when the Tahs had a mini period of scrum dominance.

4. Will Skelton

will SKELTON Waratahs  Continues to grow in stature. Used this game to dispel two of his biggest criticisms by being a genuine line out option and 80 minute player.

5. Adam Coleman

COLEMAN, Adam Force  Carried with strength and defended with venom. Scored a great try also. Was yellow carded when the referee mistook him for Faulkner (because they look so similar). Unfortunately gave away a penalty at the death to lose the game but was trying to be dominant and unfortunately due to height difference it came off looking a little reckless. But a real RWC squad prospect.

6. Sean McMahon

MCMAHON Sean RebelsThe Rebels busiest player again with 9 runs and 2 tackle busts.

7. Michael Hooper

HOOPER Michael Waratahs Made a key try saving tackle when the game was still in the balance and lead from the front.

8. Ben McCalman

MCCALMAN, Ben Force The Big Dog barked in Pretoria. Massive involvement and more importantly impact. Was rightly recognized by the Supersport team as MOTM in a losing team.

9. Nic Stirzaker

STIRZAKER Nic RebelsHad another great game for the Rebels. Probed close to the ruck all night keeping the defence honest and played an up tempo game keeping the Rebels on the front foot.

10. Matt Toomua

Toomua Matt Brumbies Gets the nod for a bit of individual brilliance to score the Brumbies only try. Foley was good but did nothing decisive.

11. Joe Tomane

Tomane Joe Brumbies In a week without any standout wing performances, Joe was again abrasive and made the best of his limited opportunities.

12. Luke Burton

BURTON, Luke Force Despite having a poor night with his place kicking (Siiiiaaaassss, take the ball mate), Burton showed he is ready for this level and contributed with vigorous phase play. One to watch for the future.

13. Kyle Godwin

GODWIN, Kyle Force Finally showed some of his missing 2013 form. Broke the line for a good individual try and defended brilliantly.

14. Taquele Naiyaravoro

NAIYARAVORO Taqele Waratahs Made some excellent runs down the right wing. Kept his feet through contact and was in the right place at the right time while holding difficult passes. Showed all of the key skills Cheika fast tracked his recruitment for.

15. Israel Folau

FOLAU Israel Waratahs Folau’s best game this season. Was involved in 3 of the Tahs trys, scoring one himself, breaking the line to setup Foley’s and made the last pass to Latu for his. Was too much to handle for the Brumbies defence and is the G&GR Player of the Week.

  • TheMountain

    Pretty much spot on, Tomane and Horne were neck and neck. We can’t have too many Tahs side lest some birds start to chirp ( or is it pony’s neigh?)

    • Glenn

      well it wont be a Ref’s whistle against a Tah. Hmmmm

      • TheMountain

        Go brush your mane

        • Glenn

          I will when it gets tangled, and I’ll use a Waratah Brush. ;-)

  • John Tynan

    How the hell do you tackle The Taq? Above the hips you wouldn’t budge the centre of gravity on him, hit him on the hips you’d be out like a light, can’t get around those legs and the Mike Catt style didn’t work for a few of the horsies on the weekend. One big strong rig.

    • TommyTudehope

      To think this guy was only playing reserve grade for the Tigers. Got to give it to Chieka for spotting and signing him.

  • Brendan Hume

    I thought Tomane was awful.

    • Tomikin

      No he lite up on attack he on more then one occasion carved up down the wing. His defence was alright as well, he did what he needed too.

  • jamie

    Skelton is doing the bare minimum of a lock and he’s in team of the week?

    • Braveheart81

      Who exactly was better?

      • jamie

        Jones or Dennis

      • PiratesRugby

        Jones and Timani. Yes, even dull old Dave Dennis.

  • Cramps

    Loving the balance to these teams. Crazy bias over at SMH, and this is coming from a Tah supporter!

  • Weston Brumby

    As a Brumbies fan, I think Tomane was pretty average. He only completed one tackle, dropped a sitter on the goal line, and made a few other mistakes. Also, as much as it pains me to say, Foley out-shone Toomua.

    • TheMountain

      When most of your tackles are against Tankele it’s understandible if you dont complete any of them… The man is a bullock

  • Rob

    Did you honestly not think Beale was the best 12 of the round?? He was electric and a handful with ball in hand in the first half, and provided some great passes in the second including an absolute gem of a cutout to Naiyaravoro which lead to the last try. Not to mention calmly slotting a penalty from 48m out which could have gone over from 60+. Don’t let past indiscretions cloud you.

    • Weston Brumby

      He also missed 75% of his tackles…

      • Seb V

        Same old KB, Carves it up in broken play, absolute school boy in defence. When will he learn.

    • jamie

      Don’t let defence get in the way of your wittle wove for kurtwey

  • Bay35Pablo

    Hooper needed to play well. He had a couple of shockers in 1st half including letting toomua break the line.

  • PiratesRugby

    No way. Not Will Skelton. Please stop this. It is just embarrassing. Timani did more in 40 minutes than Skelton has in the last 3 games put together. Sorry, but Skelton is useless. If he’s not fit by now he never will be. He lasted 80 minutes because he jogs around the park. He could last for a day and a half at that pace. He “continues to improve” because he is always so bad. Jones’ workrate, stats and impact were a mile better than Skelton.

    • TheMountain

      You obviously weren’t watching, or rather didn’t want to see… The big boy bulldozed rucks, was ready in support and always drew defenders over the full 80 (near as makes no difference). On top of that he threw Speight around like a ragdoll and battered his opposites in Rory Arnold and Sam Carter. Jones works consistently but hasn’t got the same impact; as we saw in his wallabies debut. Timani is a big boy and a workhorse but has obvious handling issues. Skelton’s biggest problem is the hate he gets from salty mebournites, queensladers and camberrans.

  • dom par

    Stirzaker needs to be a Wallaby this year. Even if its just in the wider 30 man squad. Likewise Skelton is coming on in leaps and bounds, but I’d pick Jones and Arnold as my starting Wallabies any day of the week. Skelton can fight it out with Simmons, Timani, Dennis and half a dozen others for the Wallabies 19 jersey.

    • TheMountain

      No way Cheika would even consider 2 rookie locks to start in a world cup, It will be between Simmons, Carter Skelton Dennis and maybe Fardy.

  • RobC

    Thanks! Thought Foley had an excellent good game, and nailed most of the points offered to him.

    Adam Coleman. Fantastic work. But I have not idea what they were trying to do during their double yellow card eposide.

    Kepu bustling runs. Forced the Brumbies to compress, and give time/space to the backs.

    Thought Fardy was good.

    IC: Toss up between Inman who created and closed opportunities. Burton who did his job. Beale who worked with Foley to exploit space.

    Hooper did ok. But he and Horne fubared for Toomua’s soft five pointer.

  • LG

    Tomane was awful – did you look at the stats. Shipperley was the best winger this week even though it was a flash performance he did little wrong and played 70 minutes with a broken hand. I think picking Tomane shows a fall back on favouritism

  • LG

    Wasn’t a flashy performance * the basics and effective runs were good


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