Sydney 7s rocks off and on the field - Green and Gold Rugby

Sydney 7s rocks off and on the field

Sydney 7s rocks off and on the field

The Aussies are undefeated in the Sydney 7s but face our arch rivals, New Zealand in a couple of crucial games today.

The Women are yet to concede a point and will play the kiwis in the Gold Medal Game at 2:37pm (AEDT) and will have to be on top of their game to record a win.

The Men take on the kiwis in a Quarter Final at 12:12pm (AEDT) having come through their preliminary rounds undefeated.

There were some awesome performances on the field by the Aussies from both teams however two particular standouts were Emma Tonegato’s stunning try v Russia, and then Tom Lucas’s match winner v Scotland.


But the action wasn’t constrained to the playing field as the fans well and truly got into the 7s spirit.  Here’s a selection of some of our favourite crowd shots. Give us a shout out if you recognise anyone here? All photos courtesy of Keith McInnes:


  • Kiap

    Australia Day has been moved to January 28!

    Clutch performances by the Aussie teams. Nice one, Reg.

  • Who?

    Best Aussie Rugby Story since the 2016 Olympics!

  • Canuckruck

    The Aussie women were absolutely outstanding…..what a stunning performance. Almost hard to believe, at this level, a no try, no points conceded tournament.

  • LED

    Amazing outcome for both the women and men. So refreshing to see Australia performing so well in some form of Rugby again. Both finals were awesome matches to watch.

  • Nutta

    I fear we are in for another grind of a year in all forms of 15’s. Bloody fantastic to see this. I thought the crowd a bit thin but given everything else in town (Fooies etc) it’s understandable I guess (even if still disappointing).

    • Tah Tragic

      Nutta, I went for the 3 days and had a great time. One thing that disappointed me was the fact they would not allow passes out. In the last 2 years we could come and go from the event and with 3 kids that was perfect for me. This year they changed pass out policy. I had 6 tickets but only 3 were there for the final as my kids could not last the whole day.
      I’m not sure how much of an impact this had on crowd numbers but certainly impacted us. If they don’t change for next year I will not be getting 6 tickets maybe only 2 or 3. It’s a shame as the kids love it and it’s a great way to get them interested in rugby.

    • Gun

      No Nutta, Rebs will smash all! Must start positive.

      • Nutta

        True. And world peace.

  • Pearcewreck

    What a great start to 2018.
    Hope it continues.

  • Patrick

    When does the women’s coaching team start at the Wallabies?? Clearly they have figured the whole “everyone makes their f***en tackles” part out…

  • RedSheep1989

    Great shots in the gallery there!


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