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  • South Africa
    Wallabies vs Springboks: Tri-Nations first test score & review

    Australia 16 – South Africa 9I’m tempted to say for the review, read the preview. The core of this story was as predicted – a tough battle that was just one too far for the Springboks. But it was detail around margins that was most interesting from a Wallaby perspective. In such...

  • South Africa
    Australia vs South Africa Tri-Nations First Test Preview

    UPDATED Here it is – the first big Wallaby hit out in the Aussie Robbie era, and what a test it’s gonna be. The world champeen Springboks have just re-inforced their top-dog status with two matches out of the top drawer, the second earning them their first win on NZ soil for...

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies Tri-Nations Squad 2008 Announced

    Below is the Australia Tri-Nations squad for the 2008 Tri-Nations. A few comments on the changes from the last few weeks: INTimana Tahu - Has been impossible not to notice for Australia and brings a real different option to Barnes at 12, where I hope they aim him and his ball skillsDrew...

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies vs France -Second test video highlight & punchup

    Above is the Matt Giteau promotional video, below the trailer for the next Rocky movie. Tweet

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies vs France -Second test player ratings

    Here’s what I saw, see if it tallies with what you reckon. Rating system at bottom. 15 Adam Ashley-Cooper – Solid at the back but not much more. 5 14 Peter Hynes – Took his try well and has a nose for finding space straight ahead 7 13 Stirling Mortlock (c) –...

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies vs France -Second test score & review

    Australia 40 – France 10A stunning man of the match performance for the Wallabies by Matt Giteau against a French side who didn’t want to be there, put a deceitful gloss on this performance. Giteau made the final kick or pass for every one of Australia’s four tries: A perfectly weighted cross...

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies vs France -First test video highlights

    Thanks to rugbydump for the vid. Could do with a little more build up though! Tweet

  • Wallabies
    Wallabies vs France score & review

    Wallabies 34 – France development XV 13 Aussie Robbie’s been telling us that progress to a Deans-afied Wallabies would be one step at a time, and in so many ways this first test win over France at Stadium Australia proved to be just that. As an example, last week there were a...

  • Australia U20s vs England Score Video Highlights

    England 18 – Australia 13 Before the tournament started a few weeks back I got all excited about the prospects of what this team might do with so much S14 representation, for us to be knocked out in the pool stages last weekend by the bloody Poms! Above are some highlights and...

  • Wallabies
    Australia vs Ireland June 14 Video Highlights

    Unfortunately none of the highlights I could find showed all of the lead up to the second Wallabies try (have now posted it here). Have a look for Mortlock steaming out of the line for the Irish second try and where’s the rest of the pack on their first? Tweet

  • Wallabies
    Australia Wallabies vs Ireland Score & Review

    Wallabies 18 – Ireland 12 In so many ways this was a perfect opening hit-out for Aussie Robbie. Importantly the Wallabies won – a loss would have killed the Dingo Deans feelgood factor stone dead. But equally, in this game we saw all of the Wallabies collective traits, both positive and negative,...

  • Rugby
    Andrew "Roy" Symonds vs Streaker Video

    Today Australia might have lost the one day series against India, but found a new number 8...

  • Rugby
    Monkey Business

    It might not be strictly about rugby, but if you’re an Aussie rugby fan there’s a 98%...

  • Rugby
    Australia Coach Selection Shenanigans

    The Wallabies coach selection process, which seems to have been going for about 6 months so far,...

  • Wallabies
    Ten things we can do to recover from getting the Johnny Boot from the 2007 Rugby World Cup

    Part one of three - By Coatsie It’s been very interesting reading some of the responses to...

  • Wallabies
    Australia vs England review

    So what next? When the absolutely horrific happens (and from a Wallabies’ supporters point of view, Saturday...

  • Wallabies
    Australia vs England quarter final: preview & teams

    Dear Santa…. The perceived wisdom (from both sides) for Saturday’s first quarter final seems to be this:...

  • Wallabies
    Australia vs Canada RWC’07 score, review, stats

    Woeful Wallabies 37 Plucky Canucks 6 Here’s the short version; a bunch of Wallabies desperate to score...

  • Wallabies
    Australia vs Canada RWC’07 preview and teams

    SEE RESULT AND REVIEW HERE So what can come out of this one-sided game tomorrow?On the positive (and grasping at straws) side, this is Huxley’s chance to prove that we have a backup to Barnes, assuming Bernie’s knee can’t be put back together. If he’s ever going to look good at 10,...

  • Pommy hating and Bernie’s knee

    Top of the rugby world’s news agenda today was John O’Neill’s brainfart that “It doesn’t matter whether it’s cricket, rugby union, rugby league – we all hate England” I can only assume JO’N was into the 5th bottle of claret at an alicadoo function when this blurted out because it wasn’t the...