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  • ACT Brumbies
    Player Movements: Week 2

    Last week we launched the first look at the comings and goings of each of our Super...

  • Melbourne Rebels
    At my signal, unleash hell!

    So were the inspirational words spoken by Russel Crowe as Maximus, one of cinema’s greatest ‘Rebels’, in...

  • Rugby
    The Leaguies take Paris! Video highlights

      I’ve been following the French Top 14 rugby this season because, let’s face it, its far...

  • Rugby
    Leaguies bleat as Rome burns

    Enjoyed this so much, had to share it. By fitzy AND yea, verily, it was written. In the future the poor will be rich, the weak will be strong, the meek shall inherit the earth and rugby league will scream like stuck pigs as the forces of rugby union, with cheque books...