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  • Analysis
    Finding Front Rowers: Super Rugby Scrum Scrutiny 4

    Round 4 brought the perfect scenario for Players to get one over their opposite numbers in the...

  • Analysis
    Finding Front Rowers: Super Rugby Scrum Scrutiny 3

    Another mixed bag of scrummaging by the Aussie teams in Super Rugby this weekend. Let’s dig in...

  • Analysis
    Finding Front Rowers: Super Rugby Scrum Scrutiny Rnd 1

    Unless you’re living under a rock, 2019 is a Rugby World Cup Year, but firstly we have...

  • ACT Brumbies
    Let’s Play Wallaby Props In Their Best Positions

    Last week I analysed the Rebels’ scrum, including a review of the correct techniques for props when scrummaging...

  • All Blacks
    Scrum Collapses and Re-sets

    Whilst in any discussion involving rugby there is usually some talk of the strengths or weaknesses of certain...

  • ACT Brumbies
    Scrum Calls: How Consistent Are Referees?

    I’m not a fan of the current scrum call sequence, particularly how slowly it’s being called in 2011. One of the common complaints about the calling sequence is that there is so much variation from scrum to scrum and from referee to referee. To see how accurate this complaint is I decided...

  • ACT Brumbies
    Video: Front Row Technique Issues

    Watching the Crusaders v. Waratahs and Brumbies v. Reds games from the weekend it was apparent that...

  • All Blacks
    The Scrum & the Referees are Ruining Rugby (cont’d)

    A little over twelve months ago, Italy hosted New Zealand for an international in Milan. The referee was the experienced Australian, Stuart Dickenson. Italy did very well in the scrums in this match, with the ref frequently penalising the New Zealand pack. Although there were differing views at the time, the consensus...

  • Rugby
    Video: Scrum Doctor in The House? Part 2

    Here’s the video for part 2 of our scrum analysis.  I’ve included scrums showing both tighthead and loosehead sides.  I’ve also added some still frames and slow motion footage at relevant points and posed some questions. Sure, there are what I consider to be are refereeing errors and illegal tactics but that’s part...

  • France
    Video analysis: Aussie scrum vs France

    We sure do take our scrummaging seriously these days, so when a few calls went against the...

  • Wallabies
    Robinson smashes Vickery

    Here’s a birthday present I got today, from Cecil B. De Moses as it happens. One of the best I got (and there were a few good ones in there!)

  • Rugby
    Wallabies scrums from Twickenham video highlights

    Here are the scrums from Australia vs England at Twickenham. Enjoy. Thanks to Cecil.B de Moses It...