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  • Italy
    It’s official – they’re lazy ponces

    Fabio Cappello and Harry Redknapp demonstrate why footballers are a bunch of lazy overpaid ponces compared to rugby players....

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    Josh Lewsey rugby ad


  • Rugby
    Coatsie’s board game guide to the football codes

    By Coatsie In a pub-bound philosophical discussion recently (read piss-up with mates) I made the following formulation as a comparison guide of the football codes. It’s extremely scientific, founded on many years of extensive research as a footyheaded armchair psychologist pouring over reams of literature, and pouring plenty of cold beer down...

  • How to tell the football codes apart – by Coatsie

    Dear Matt and readers, In response to a recent post, I took the liberty of replying to the question “what do I think of Rugby League..?” I’m afraid I’m the same as Matt; I’m Rugby through and through. Consequently I see Rugby League as little more than touch-footy with tackles. I know,...