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Tales of two very different Wallabies

Tales of two very different Wallabies

There are two very different stories in the press at the moment about two Wallabies. One – David Lyons – is quite literally putting his life on the line for his country. The other – Lote Tuqiri – seems to be spinning headlong into the endgame of his union career.

The Lyons story I’m finding pretty amazing. Journo’s are writing about the blood clot in his calf like it was just a nasty bruise. The guy has Deep Vein Thrombosis. If the clot in his leg had broken up the wrong way, bits of it could have lodged in his heart or brain, causing a heart attack or stroke. Both potentially fatal.

What he’s decided to do to get himself on the plane (generally speaking the very last thing someone with DVT would ever do) is take a blood thinning drug called Clexane. Taking this means your blood is less likely to clot (good news for DVT) but which also means if you get a external or internal cut, you won’t stop bleeding (clotting is how you stop bleeding), not exactly the sort of situation you want to be in as in international rugby player who’s job it is to clatter into 19 stone men.

He said “I’m pretty used to it now – just basically two or three injections a day just to thin the blood and then going into any contact training or a game I’ll just go off it for 24 hours prior”

Not only that but he’s got to “stay pretty active on the plane” to avoid another DVT. The 24hr flight from Australia to Europe usually sucks hard, imagine not being able to sleep through it (or if you were Boony, not being able to drink through it).

For all these reasons I’m not sure whether I’m impressed or horrified by Lyons’ ultimate dedication. Either way, the big boofhead will be getting a few more cheers from my couch.

One guy who I, and obviously the ARU, are rapidly getting over though is Steve Austin (Tuqiri). It seems that I (past post here) am not the only one who don’t see the big idiot being a Wallaby post the world cup (Telegraph article here). I’ve got mixed feelings over this; the guys clearly is a talent and big impact player that we need at the RWC. However, it looks like he just doesn’t want to be in the great game anymore and is at heart a mungo – which makes him as the Sopranos would say, “dead to me”.

Hopefully, with this the ARU is now well and truly over throwing bags of cash (which it’s rapidly running out of) at over the hill leaguies. If this cash goes into developing and finding more Lachlan Turners and Curtley Beale’s through comps like the ARC, we’ll be much better off.


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