Team Sheets – Australia v. Scotland - Green and Gold Rugby

Team Sheets – Australia v. Scotland

Team Sheets – Australia v. Scotland

Team sheet for the Australia versus Scotland Test at 7:30 PM, 5 June 2012 Hunter Stadium, Newcastle.

Australia v. Scotland
7:30 PM 5 June 2012 Hunter Stadium, Newcastle
Australia Scotland
1 James Slipper Ryan Grant
2 Stephen Moore Ross Ford (captain)
3 Dan Palmer Euan Murray
4 Siteleki Timani Alastair Kellock
5 Nathan Sharpe Richie Gray
6 Dave Dennis Alasdair Strokosch
7 David Pocock Ross Rennie
8 Scott Higginbotham John Barclay
9 Will Genia Mike Blair
10 Berrick Barnes Greig Laidlaw
11 Joseph Tomane Sean Lamont
12 Michael Harris Matt Scott
13 Anthony Faingaa Nick De Luca
14 Digby Ioane Joe Ansbro
15 Luke Morahan Stuart Hogg
16 SAia Faingaa Scott Lawson
17 Ben Alexander Jon Welsh
18 Rob Simmons Tom Ryder
19 Michael Hooper Richie Vernon
20 Nick Phipps Chris Cusiter
21 Pat McCabe Duncan Weir
22 Adam Ashley-Cooper Tom Brown
  • RoffsChoice

    I… I… I actually like a team that was named by Deans…

    • the realist

      Thats probably because this is not exactly his best side. This pack will only have the captain Pocock as a certainty to start in both tests, plus Moore, Dennis, and or Sharpe might back up for the main test against wales. (they’ll all most likely still be in the 22.

      Higginbotham is just there to give Palu a rest obviously and I’m sure he’ll probably get selected on the bench against Wales. My only concern is that McCalman is not in the squad so is he playing against Wales? I do hope he isn’t in either set up for the time being. (not because i’m jumping on the stupid ‘we hate Mccalman’ bandwagon despite that his work rate is brilliant but because he seems to have less impact when he carries having had injuries this years so far. He’ll come good though.)

      Palmer, Slipper and Timani are there to play the one test.

      As for the backs that might be it for both tests pending form, injury or fatigue. Then again maybe he’ll give the likes of Shipperley, Horne and White a go for the next one either in the xv or 22. Great to see Harris at 12 to kick goals. With O’connor and or Beale to come back I do think his tenure will be a short one but I’m sure he’ll do his job well.

      It will be close for 60min which many of you will be surprised at (you shouldn’t because the Scots can play) but wallabies to win by 10 in the end.

      • McCalman is injured.

        • the realist

          cheers Sully now i feel bad for telling you to grow up. well… not really.

      • Brax

        So I’ll expect to see you here late next week frothing at the mouth when Higgers is again anointed a starter against Wales. I can’t wait :-l

        • the realist

          no if selected i will wish him well and wish that he improves his work rate.

      • Joe

        “It will be close for 60min which many of you will be surprised at (you shouldn’t because the Scots can play)”

        Nice touch of condescension there…it’s not like we watch rugby as well or anything.

  • Jerry

    Who’s skipper?
    Starting to see a ton of depth for the Aussie line-up

    • Alan

      BamBam, he will do great. Should be the full time captain

      • I disagree I think Horwill is a better captain. And possible Genia as well.

        • the realist

          Yeah Pocock is rubbish?????I think you need to get used to the new captain. If it helps he went to school in Queensland which should appeal to your parochial psyche.

        • Realist I didn’t say Pocock was a bad captain. I said I thought Horwill was a better one! Why don’t you take the chip off your shoulder and read the comments before you make a fool of yourself.

        • the realist

          calm down buddy!

        • bill

          Sop selling your ritalin realist, you need it.

  • Rick

    Barnes at 10 means heaps of boring kicking

    • the realist

      test rugby!

  • Train Without A Station

    Timani? Are you fucking serious? I agree I only saw about 15 minutes of last nights game, but he sure looked to be playing himself out of a gold jersey in those 15 minutes.

    • muffy

      train, while I am normally not a timani fan, last night he was one of only three tahs that actually took the ball while moving, the rest of them were as flat footed and scared of making an error as any team i have ever seen.

      He’s a wallaby now, so now he has my support.

      • Richo

        Unfortunately running and catching at the same time was a problem for Timani.

        • the realist

          For those that didn’t see the match there was a lot of dropped ball in the wet conditions by a lot of players. I only saw Timani drop one? i may be wrong.

          Timani is there to do what he does best. Did you see some of the hits he put on the opposition. The one early on Savea… i bet he’s never felt a tackle like that before. Plus the Canes captain got a ‘bell’ ringer. Timani also scored 2 very good tries the week before and has been steadily improving.

          He’s got a real chance here against the scots who have massive locks so Richie Grey, Kellock he’s coming to get ya.

    • Patrick


      • Patrick

        Ummm I’m not Patrick – how did I end up logged in as him….

        this could be fun….

        • The Real Patrick

          wtf is going on???

  • Hi Jesus, it’s me hammertime

    Me too. Seems to have got the balance right. Only (minor) question is phipps over white for the back up scrummie’s spot but with the wales game on sat I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity in the coming months

  • Nick

    I am shocked yet delighted that ma’afu, mccalman, and mccabe aren’t in the starting 15. I am disappointed, however, to see phipps on the bench over nic white but other than that not too bad considering the short amount of rest for most players and the injury situations.

    • BDA

      I was with you until the word McCabe. McCabe was made for test rugby

    • Tom

      From where i sat in the grandstand on friday night Phipps earned his spot over white

      • Patrick

        That’s fair, Phipps was not great but White really looked flustered a few times and was at best equally poor.

      • Pedro

        Phipps has been crap all season and then scores a couple of opportunist tries against the ‘saders, White has been good all season and then plays a couple of decent but nothing great games. If Phipps shaded White when they played in Melbourne then whoopti-fricken doo. Phipps has NEVER played even ok for the Wallabies, persist with him if he’s having a great season, but he’s just not.

  • Murzo

    Berrick Barnes is crap

    • Drop kick

      That comment is crap and pointless.

    • the realist

      granted but who else is there?

      • bill

        Barnes is ok…but he needs the players around him, and he hasn’t really kicked on or grown in confidence since moving to the tahs. He can play but at times he just seems to lose his basic skills. Why that is I don’t know. I think Huxley has shown more composure in the past.

        I’m guessing this is more about sparing Cooper and auditioning Harris. I’d say Harris is better at fullback, but he did ok in qld’s last game at 10. Holmes did ok in that game at 10 as well.

  • Colin

    No doubt that is the strongest back 3 we have, anyone who questions that is an idiot. Palu isnt the same player he used to be, and if anything he is an impact player. If he and Hooper are the bench players for these June Tests they will dominate.

    Berrick at 10 though? Talk about dull. HE IS A 12 ROBBIE, NOTHING ELSE.

  • Pedro

    No way is S Timani a test second rower. It’s such an insult to other locks that he is picked to start. Barnes is a decent player but doesn’t deserve to start at five eighth, I thought Harris would be there.

    Phipps bench spot is puzzling, white is a much better passer and kicker. The bench in general looks pretty solid though. AAC, McCabe and Alexander being particularly versatile.

    • I was very supprised to see Timani’s name in the side.

  • Cantab

    I see quade has been punted from the training group.

    • He wasn’t really ready though was he?

      • Cantab

        Your absolutely correct, but I still was expecting him to be there.

  • The Other Dave

    Dear God,
    Please tell Berrick Barnes not to kick the ball away stupidly like he does for the Waratahs and used to for the Reds.


    • Drop kick

      Dear god,
      Please let the reds supporters get over Berrick deserting their team.

      • Never!

        • the realist

          grow up Sully!

        • I said never! Good day to you sir. ;)

      • thebigcode

        I have gotten over it, the Reds are much better without him and won a Super rugby championship!

      • The Other Dave

        Reds supporter: guilty. Not over him leaving the Reds: I’m sorry, how successful have NSW been since he joined?
        Seriously though, he was doing the same thing for the Reds, and it was incredibly frustrating. Now he’s wearing gold and I hope he gives a good account of himself, he has the potential.

  • roland roccacelli

    One wonders whether this isthe actual test team and whether the true team will appear vs Wales on Saturday. With that caveat, I make the following observations:

    1. Phipps is the worst contracted player in Australian Super Rugby. That says a lot given John Ulugia is somehow being paid to play. It is a battle between the two as to who has the more insecure match-time facial expressions.

    2. The Tah scrum, whilst injury prone and perhaps slightly unfit, demolished every scrum they faced this season, including the FRanks-led Saders, with the possible exception of the Chiefs. Very happy to see Palmer given a bash (no doubt the Blades influence), but Kepu has been the form scrummaging prop in SR this year. Finally on the Front Row, why on earth is James Slipper in over either Robbo or Alexander? His scrummaging has regressed this season, and for those of you who viewed his scrummaging against England in Oz 2 years ago, this is saying something. He and Simmons were the weakness in the Oz tight 5 vs. Ireland at RWC time.

    3. Can the Reds take Sookface back. A more petulant, selfish player i am yet to come accross. Even Campo. Waratah cleanout this offseason, starting with all 3 coaches and including Halangahu, Carter, Mumm, will be tremndous. I want blood and lots of it.

    4. Re teams list – “Benn Alexander” – its Ben Alexander and Benn Robinson.

    5. Congrats to – Dennis for earning a cap after battling away so long. Happy to see Morahan given a go – watching his kicking and mad props to Tomane – looking for massive things from this man. He’s got the lot.

    • Point 3: No!
      Point 4: Thank you

    • Patrick

      3. Sookface is not a champion player – he seems to adapt to mediocrity and so so performances, in fact that sums up the Tah’s completely. There is no way the Reds would want any Tah performance negativity infecting their squad. Waratah’s cleanout – absolutely, scrap the administration, coaching staff and the golden handshake trio of Carter, Mumm and Halangahu – Make new team earn their bonuses like everyone else and give them a basic salary with bonuses based on wins. Let’s face it, they aren’t going to get a contract anywhere else so start making some demands on the players.

      • The Real Patrick

        Still not me, although I agree with the bit about NSW negativity

  • Baldwid

    Contrary to popular opinion, i think that Berrick will probs go well on Tuesday. he has been poor for the Tahs this season but always delivers for the Wallabies. Last year everyone on this forum was screaming for his inclusion in the side at McCabes expense and now we have it, we dont want it! His game is perfectly suited to test Rugby and i reckon having Genia inside him to take the defences attention as well as the cattle outside, i reckon it will be ok!! Not brilliant but ok!! just needs to flatten a little bit!! I think the biggest problem with the Tahs is the players outside him not working hard enough off the ball and providing him with options – good options!!! Maybe that will change on Tuesday!!!

    A side point – fantastic to see Tomane in thier!!! Now if Robbie could just move him to 13 the Wallabies would be unreal!!

    • Brax

      Exactly Baldwid, he went great there against Wales when Cooper came off injured in the 3rd Place playoff against Wales. Nothing to worry about with him there.

    • Patrick

      Agree, Barnes in that backline will show us the red he coulda been ;) sadly it’s probably true.

      Also Dave Dennis in the company of Sharpe, Pockock et al will have a blinder I think.

      • muffy

        I agree re Dennis having a blinder, I also think it will bring out the best in Higgers…watch him silence his critics…

        I have no issue at all with this team.

        I also dont think this is far off our Wales test side, some shuffling will be done, but there wont be much change.

  • allsport

    A acceptable team by Deans. Can only assume Deans has other plans for White in the month, to give the bench spot to Phipps is a joke otherwise.

  • Drop kick

    One big question is who is Deans planning for 5/8 for the wales test(s). If it is Barnes, as would be logical gven he is the only one experienced at this level now that Cooper has been let go, Deans is expecting him to play three matches in seven days.

    Maybe the plan is to have Barnes play until we are well ahead of Scotland then put Harris into 5/8.

  • mattyinred

    For me a good team. In relation to Barnes – he needs to play back into a bit of form and against the Scots is good chance. Rest Quade for Saturday night and provide Barnes a bit more space to find the groove we all know he has. Between Harris and Genia will allow him to do that.

    Other thoughts is that is probably one of the most mongrel backrow’s we have had in a long time. Big and full of good ball runners.

    Being a queenslander I can say this – whats with Saia in the team. As soon has he was fit and back on the pitch our lineout went to the dogs.

    Hope Sharpy has learnt to pack and doesn’t kill the scrum (over the last two years I swear our worst performances at the scrum is when he is in the team) but reckon he belongs there with his form this season.

    • bill

      Actually thought Saia looks a better player this year…still think Hanson is better at set piece, but am looking forward to Saia’s enthusiasm in defence.

  • bones

    Not sure about that scrum. Sharpie worries me in test scrums these days and Higgers and Timani dont strike me as great scrummers. I think Sita could be built into something special though, so may as well start now.

    Playing essentially the reds backs is a good idea. Should be way too good for Scotland. I dont rate Barnes. For me he is just not a natural 10 and messes it all up.

    Looks like AAC, McCabe, Alexander will start on Saturday and will only play the Scots if there are injuries.

  • bones

    The interesting thing is what this team says about the real test team, which is being saved for Saturdays clash with Wales. It appears to be:

    Robinson, TPN, Kepu (Moore, Alexander)
    Simmons, Douglas (Sharpe)
    McCalman, Palu, Pocock (one of Hooper or Dennis or Higgers)

    Genia (White)
    Beale (Barnes)

    McCabe, Horne (Faingaa)

    Digby, Shipperly (or one of Mogg or Tomane or Morahan), AAC at FB.

    The scary thing about that side is that the pack is mostly waratahs, who just got belted by the Hurricanes??? I doubt that the Welsh forwards will have any trouble sleeping.

    • werewolf

      The tahs forwards produced 66% of the possession against the canes. Their forwrads have not been out played by any opposition pack at all. it is their 9 and 10 and 11 and 14 that have cost them wins.

    • suckerforred

      I would be really surprised if Kurtley made it into the Test side for these tests. He had shoulder surgery last week.

  • JJJ

    Is Timani the new Chisolm — picked purely to starch up the scrum?

    • bill

      I quite liked Chisel. Could have been better i guess, but still a decent player.

  • werewolf

    The wallaby side is what it is. A team selected on circumstance and contingency. A recipe for disaster perhaps. More likely a team that will get a win and i’ll be staisfied with just that.

    Not one comment about the opposition? I like the scottish team. I think they were unlucky in this years 6 nations. It was only the best team Wales that smashed them and funnily enough the worst team Italy but against England, France, less so Ireland, some argue they got the better of them in almost all departments. So lets not underestimate them.

    here is my breakdown of their side;

    1. Scott Lawson is such a good back up Hooker his name appears twice. Or are there two players with the same name?

    2. They have picked 3 open sides. Well a small lie: Strokosch sometimes plays openside. But Barclay and Rennie are definitely opensides so the breakdown is going to be key which means someone needs to kick Higcantbebothered up the bum or replace him with Hooper as soon as possible. Rennie was the best no 7 in the six nations this year so watch for him.

    3. Richie Grey is the best lock in the world.

    4. Hogg has jet shoes. A real up and comer.

    5. Overall; A solid tight five. Good set pieces. Competitive at the breakdown. Not much in the Backs. Standard scots. Why then all the opensides? Definitely a defensive ploy expecting us to play wide. Vernon will come on at some stage to carry and give front foot ball.

    6. The injury to their world class backrower Denton who has been sensational for Ediburgh and Scotland this year will cost them as will Richie grey’s patrner in crime Hamilton’s 3 or 4 punches that earned him a big suspension. Their former skipper Kellock is an ample replacement though.

    7. Scotland are on tour with the sole aim to improve their ranking and were laughing all the way to the bank when o’neiil agreed to this fixture. They are expecting to win against the 2nd ranked team to give their ranking a boost. (They are also taking the not so popular option of playing Fiji and Samoa on their own turf afterwards who are ahead in the rankings again in a bid to get their ranking up before the RWC 2015 draw at the end of the year.) I don’t care what you say this is not our strongest xv so we have given the proverbial sucker an even chance which I here you should never do.

    Cmon the wallabies. Give em hell! O’neill go to hell.

    • Patrick

      I disagree I think the Chiefs are a much tougher side to play, frankly.

      • werewolf

        did you watch a lot of the 6 nations then?

        • Patrick

          A bit, look at the two line ups for a minute though. The chiefs could be ranked 6 or 7 in the world IMHO.

        • werewolf

          mmm no! Leinster who would beat the chiefs but lets not get into that.

        • Patrick

          They’d probably beat Scotland too. I am serious, compare the chiefs man-by-man to Scotland. The back-line is a street ahead (Cruden, SBW, Kahui, Mesanga!), but even look at the forwards: Taumololo, Hika Elliot, Retallick, Fitzgerald, Messam, Latimer – and they get barely any in the ABs.

          Don’t get me wrong I love NH rugby, at least sometimes. I did see Scotland v France but I thought that :
          – if Fofana had gone over the first time (he knocked-on) Scotland may have never been in it. Although he is a lot more creative than Faingaa A his ability to bend the Scottish line bodes ill for them against Faingaa and Ioane.
          – Hogg’s first try was a pearler, and Scotland today have got better ball skills than anytime in the past 10 years
          – France basically played in cruise control
          – the dominance of the French scrum was almost ridiculous. Whilst we are not nearly as good as France I wouldn’t expect France to dish us up like that, and this may be why Faingaa has been chosen (because France didn’t exactly serve up Wales in the scrum as I recall it!).

        • Werewolf

          Possibly. I don’t think you need to preach to anyone that the Scottish back line are shit. I’m glad you mentioned Hogg he is one to watch but the rest of them…. They are poor. It is their pack that we need to worry about. I’m not sure what you are saying regards the scrum. Our second string pack will be bashed at the set piece. Perhaps France were dominant.. Too many beers ago to remember exact specifics but i can recall England who have a better scrum than anyone never got on top of he scots. Not in the 6 nations and not in the rwc. It is due to rain on Tuesday. We are in big trouble because it rains in every match in Scotland.

          Fofana is twice he player of our centres. Form no 12 of the NH. Why France put him on the wing as the tourn progressed was beyond me. I mean have faingaa or Harris made a break against anyone this year?

        • thebigcode

          I don’t think Faainga has ever made a break – he offers very little in attack, which is a big worry with Barnes inside him, who needs creative players outside him to shine. Harris has played well for the Reds this year, although I think 15 may be his best position. He plays 12 like a second fly half, so will be a good foil for Barnes. He is pretty big too so can hit the ball up McCabe-style when needed. I hope he has a good game and leaves McCabe on the bench.

          As for Harris making breaks, I know how much you love your stats werewolf, he has made one this year! That’s better than none, I think it was against your beloved Waratahs in game 1 if my memory serves me.

          I think Harris is a good pick at 12, but if you have him and Barnes there you need more creativity outside, so I would have gone with AAC or Horne at 13.

        • Werewolf

          So Barnes needs to cut out both centres? Or he passes to Harris who cuts out faingaa. Fairly predictable. The more I think about this the more I think we are going to lose. No, genia…. He’ll be the ace up our sleeve.

        • thebigcode

          Faainga can run a line, but that’s about it. When you have a fly half like Cooper he is alright because Cooper takes the ball to the line and puts guys through holes. Barnes doesn’t do that, so he needs more creativity out there.

          The more I think about the less I like the Barnes-Harris-Faainga combo as well. It will be one dimensional, but with a decent pack picked this side should be able to get the result against the Scots. The back three has speed and is dynamic, I just hope Morahan doesn’t have to make many tackles… actually that’s a tad unfair, his defence has improved in recent weeks.

        • werewolf

          Yes i think Barnes is only there due to the injury dilemma. I rate him the main reason the tahs are losing matches despite the amount of ball and go forward their forwards give them. He plays too deep and his passing and kick options have been lacklustre.

          Mccabe and AAC on the bench. Hopefully they get plenty of game time because we don’t want to play into the scottish hands. We need tries….. 3 or 4 of them and Harris and Faingaa do not have the cutting edge or creativity we need. One of them would be okay. But not both. Against the brumbies in a tight match they did 4 5ths of fuck all which worries me because this is the type of game this will be.

    • Thanks. Spreadsheet stuff up. I’m perfect of course someone else’s mistake.

      1. Scott Lawson is such a good back up Hooker his name appears twice. Or are there two players with the same name?

    • aeneas

      yeah how are you feeling about your comments this morning?

  • bill

    I’m expecting the scots to have a dig and be good at starting plays…following that up? I guess that depends how much pressure one side can exert on the other. For us with this team there’s plenty of room for things to be dysfunctional in the backline, so those guys need to keep working hard. Harris needs to keep working hard at improving, Barnes, hopefully he’s going to develop some consistently good form.

    I think Morahan might actually be starting to find his confidence at qld so who knows. I’m fairly amazed AAC makes the bench ahead of Shipperly.

    • Patrick

      A) he is more versatile
      B) I actually prefer him at wing to Shipperley. IMHO it is best position, mainly because he is less often required to pass.

      • bill

        I think AAC has developed into a decent player, but it’s taken a fair bit of time for him to show something beyond pure physical ability. In that regard I think Shipperly is a fair way ahead of AAC at that stage of his career.

        Mogg is another guy I’d say is a better natural talent for his stage of career than AAC.

        Having said that, AAC does deserve some loyalty given the way he’s performed in the past and the way his province has performed around him. ….I still don’t think he’s as good as Morahan, Mogg, Shipperly or Speight. However it’s perfectly possible none of those guys ever realise their talent better than AAC.

        … they sure won’t if they don’t get the chance. Which I’m sure they’re performances will demand.

        • bill

          aargh, they’re instead of their….

  • thebigcode

    I think it’s a decent side considering it’s a mid week Test just a few days before a much bigger ‘test’ against Wales.

    I don’t have too many complaints, I would have picked Foley at fullback over Morahan but seeing as though the Tahs just played and the Reds have had a week off in Camp Wallaby I can see the logic. Keen to see how the newbies go, especially Harris, Morahan, and Tomane. Palmer deserves a shot, as does Dennis. Not so sure about Timini – he has a lot of potential so is probably worth a go, but he does a hell of a lot wrong and his skills are terrible. Hopefully more experience at this level can change that.

    I wonder how many of these players are auditioning for the starting side against Wales.

  • Larkhage

    Bit confused to how Timani found himself there, He’s not yet a test lock. Where’s Pyle?

    Barnes would have been better off the bench, Harris switches to 5/8th, McCabe in 12. And though A. Faingaa and AAC are pretty tight overall, I’d switch them for their particular skills, AF is a great defender, where AAC has a better attacking skill – though either way is good, they’re both quality players.

    White deserves that bench spot ahead of Phipps, hope to see him more often over the next tests.

    Dan Palmer has played exceptionally well this season, though i didn’t expect to see him play so soon.

    Besides all that, this squad looks pretty good considering Deans put it together. Hope i don’t see Alexander in the no. 3 jersey very much. Go Wallabies!

  • mad italian flyhalf

    after watching the final definition of some strange, weird squads

    All Blacks: 2 hookers, 2.5 scrum halves – 1.5 is Weepu, Ali Williams, no Taylor…

    Springboks: Kankowski & Vermaak there – did they played 80min together in this season?!?, Kirchner still there, no Kolisi, Aplon, Brussow or De Jongh, no outside centres, and, listen, Jean de Villiers captain (not he’s not up to, but I mean: a back captaining the Springboks?!?!)

    …well… I found Wallabies squad the most logical of the three!


    until now….

  • bill

    well played Scotland, though I can only judge the first 10-20 minutes because channel 9 have got no business being in broadcasting. Those cretins are running a looped tape of the anthems and the first few minutes.

    I guess it’s wishful thinking that the ARU have penalty clauses in their broadcasting agreements for morons like these guys.

    However, the Scots in that brief period actually looked like they were backing their hands in the conditions while we seemed poor. No real direction from Barnes, didn’t see our centres touch the ball to run it.


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