Thank Gif It's Friday: Brute Force Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Brute Force Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Brute Force Edition

1. Ban Line Breaks

2. Ban Smart Thinking

3. Ban Scrumhalves

4. Ban Bum Slaps

5. Ban Refs Who Distract You By Calling An Advantage

6. Ban Players Who Force You To Mistackle Them

7. Ban James Tuttle

8. Ban People Who Hurt Sharpey (RIP Jerry Collins)

  • Keith Butler

    Ban Quade Cooper fighting tubs of lard. Match him up with a real boxer

    • BigNickHartman

      who was that Brumbies forward who clocked du Plessis or Etzebeth two years ago? Josh Mann Rea? get him in

  • Grant Bidois

    Ban humidity! That game last night was like passing a bowl movement after a weeks diet of white bread. Painful slow tedious ugly and ultimately unfulfilling.

    • Woolfe


  • Who?

    Ban gifs and clips that won’t play! And ban unthemed clip posts (‘cos this one’s great!)!

    • BigNickHartman

      Aw shucks thanks for the love. Which ones don’t play?

      • Who?

        I usually have a few that don’t play (so it’s nothing unusual), this time it’s clips 6, 7 and 8. Honestly, on G&GR, at my desktop, I usually have about a 20-40% failure rate on clips. :-( Gifs usually work, it’s the clips. And it’s across all articles – including ones like Brian Smith’s one earlier this week. Dunno why, I can’t imagine there’s any difference at your end in how you’re creating and uploading them…

        • BigNickHartman

          Oh ok. I make them on a desktop, I understand there’s a few issues with mobiles. All these gifs/clips are made with Streamable, so they’re all the same. Do you use a Mac? That might be the issue. That or your browser/plugin is screwing up OR your computer doesn’t have enough, or using all of its, memory

        • Who?

          I’m on a Desktop… Win 7 64, IE. 18GB RAM, so hopefully that’s not the issue! But you never know…

        • BigNickHartman

          Wow that’s pretty powerful. Could be your internet? Just make sure you don’t have loads of programs going on in the background, as well as making sure your desktop background isn’t too overloaded, gifs take up a bit of ram to play


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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