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Thank Gif It’s Friday: Kick Back ‘N Relax Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Kick Back ‘N Relax Edition

It’s Friday which it’s party time so kick back ‘n relax like Jonny Wilkinson when he’s chowing down on an icecream.




Peak Jakeball

Samoan Hammer

Power of the Lid

  • SuckerForRed

    To this day I don’t know how Quade or Digby kept in the field of play in that instance…..

    • Muzz

      Digby scored from that didn’t he?

      • Simon

        No, he passed to Ben Lucas who spilled it.

        • Would have been dead-set try of the century had Benny hung on.

        • Rob

          In fairness to Lucas, it was a rubbish pass from Digby. Thick Quade had an advantage arm as well, so not quite as audacious as it looks.

        • first time long time

          Ok, bit rough on “Thick” Quade aren’t you ; ) Freudian slip perhaps?

        • jamie

          Not to mention: scoreboard. 29-3 at that stage, on a lovely afternoon.

  • Pedro

    You don’t get to see that Francois Steyn drop goal land because it still hasn’t.

    • jamie

      I dont actually see that drop goal as jakeball. It was more of either a ‘f*** it why not,’ or a ‘I can, therefore I will’ or a ‘this will make a serious scoreboard impact’ moment

    • FucktardStorm

      Looking forward to seeing how far hodge can kick goals from on the high veldt

  • Pedro

    So easy to see why DHP went through so easy, nearly every option QC had was on and he picked the best one. That’s as much on QC and DHP as it is on roughly every other player there, spacing, commitment all combine to make the defense commit.

    I love these posts, not sure if Nick Hartman is a real person or some sentient super computer in matt’s garage but the results speak for themselves.

    • Antony

      Yep. The Argie 12 (Iglesias?) got drawn by first Kepu’s line and then Quade. He had absolutely no idea what was going on.

      • Who?

        Kerevi, not Kepu. ;-)
        It’s exactly the sort of play we simply don’t see enough anymore. Has anyone run a hard infield line like Kerevi did there since Stirling retired? If you’ve got guys running all sorts of angles, the defence can’t simply drift or hold, every defender’s got to make a decision. If they’re all making a decision, one of them’s going to make the wrong one, and if you’ve got a good 10, his job is simple – figure out which bloke’s the most confused and give the ball to the bloke running past him! And Quade’s a master of that.
        Also worth a mention for Sio to see his support run there. Started at 1 in the lineout, chased the ball the whole way around. He didn’t give away where the ball was going, but he was always heading directly for where the ball was, ready to hit any breakdown.
        That doesn’t have to happen only off set play. But it’s a real shame we haven’t see more of it (not just runners in motion, but angles and deceit) off set play for a good while. It’s a nice change that we have actually seen it a bit over the past two tests (thinking the wrap arounds against the Boks, with both Cooper and Foley involved – plays clearly intended to hold the defensive drift).

        • Antony

          You’re absolutely right – I think Sekope would be pretty flattered by the mistake.

        • jamie

          Mate Sekope is a legend ball in hand

    • Nick is both


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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