Thank Gif It's Friday: Cultivation Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Cultivation Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Cultivation Edition

1. Refs Can’t See

2. Spotter

3. Steamroller

4. Disgusting

5. Violent Thug

6.(Loosehead) Props Ruin Everything

7. Rocket Skates

8. Sextape

  • That dummy is filth

    • jamie

      Can’t remember the last time someone threw a dummy that let them run in to score. Was it Quade in 2013 V Ireland? ;-)

      (And yes, this is a joke)

      • Aron

        I choose not to remember as well

  • Opheliacrutchmore

    I love a bit of 3 on 3 in the morning

  • Mart

    Further footage of DHP’s massive hit on Brown

    • Pearcewreck

      Players taking a dive is probably the number one reason I hate soccer.

      • Jasper Sapien.

        The fans don’t help either…

  • Pearcewreck

    Well there you have it, first time ever a ref has realised he made a mistake and then done a back flip.

  • Pearcewreck

    #6 (Loosehead) Props Ruin Everything, but #7 & #8 Tightheads make it all OK again!!

    • jamie

      The story of every scrum I’ve anchored.

  • OlderIGet

    DHP should have called the Milkman! The one that delivers all the milked penalties to the Italian soccer team.

  • SuckerForRed

    #3 Was the Fijian 8 trying to tackle his team mate?


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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