Thank Gif It's Friday: Poopmani Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Poopmani Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Poopmani Edition

Richelle McCaw

Ouch Aye

Noggin Floggin’

Stupid Idiot!

Try Seppuku


Take Notes DHP

A Proper Gif For Once

  • BigNickHartman

    Hey everyone, just putting a feeler out there for some feedback on the gifs.

    Mainly, I want to know if this works for everyone. For example I’ve noticed that on mobile, there’s massive ads on all the gifs.

    Just want to make sure I’m doing as much as I can to decrease productivity across the nation of a Friday

    And uh, if you’ve got any non-technical feedback on the gifs feel free to unleash. Cheers!

    • mikado

      The gifs are excellent. The massive ads are irritating at first but not a problem once you figure out how to avoid opening them up.

      I’m baffled by that first gif. Why on earth did the Ref let that go?

      • jamie

        I’m really not sure. I mean, there was no ruck, but she wasn’t the tackler.

        • mikado

          I thought there was a ruck, but perhaps you’re right, there’s not. In which case no offside line, and clever play by the Kiwi.

        • jamie

          I’m no expert on the rules, but even if there’s no offside line, since she isn’t the tackler doesn’t she need to come through the “gate” to make it a ruck/retrieve the ball?

        • Simon

          Not if she wears black 7.

        • jamie

          Just fitting, isn’t it?

        • Mica

          Usually these are called rucks as the ball carrier is the first to go to ground and then one NZ player goes to ground and the second pulls out of the contest. There is also an attempt at a clean out. It is very quick and so I can see some reason to question it as a tackle only as when the tackled player goes to ground there is very little time when both an NZ player and a Aus player are on their feet in a rucking position over the ball. Still once a ruck has been formed it doesn’t end ’til the ball is cleared from the ruck.

          However, even if it is called a tackle Black 7 is still offside under law 15.6 c or d.


          (c) Players in opposition to the ball carrier who remain on their feet who bring the ball carrier to ground so that the player is tackled must release the ball and the ball carrier. Those players may then play the ball providing they are on their feet and do so from behind the ball and from directly behind the tackled player or a tackler closest to those players’ goal line.

          (d) At a tackle or near to a tackle, other players who play the ball must do so from behind the ball and from directly behind the tackled player or the tackler closest to those players’ goal line.

          I don’t like the term “behind the ball” as it is somewhat ambiguous. I would have it as approach from the try line that they are defending in a direction that is parallel to the sideline (easier than at 90 degrees or perpendicular to the try line) .

        • Mica

          Actually thinking this through a bit more is Black 7 technically behind the ball because Australia are in possession? In other words behind the ball is between the ball’s current position and the team in possessions goal line?

          What is the perspective for behind the ball? Is the direction of behind the ball the same vector for both teams at a given point in time (as per above logic) or are they opposite vectors and dependent on which team you are in (assertion in above post)?

          It would be interesting to know how the above determination was made by the ref and I am no professional referee!!

        • Chris M

          Black 7 isn’t subject to 15(c) because it is a specific rule regarding the tackle assists (“…who bring the ball carrier to the ground”). In this case, that’s specific to black 3 and 6. 15 (d) becomes irrelevant once the tackled player plays the ball, which she does.

          The only thing which may make this illegal is that black 3 may be touched by Australia 5. But, if that’s the case, Australia might well be penalised for coming in from the side, anyway.

          It’s obviously a practiced play which is called by 7 quite early. I suspect they also discussed the rule with the ref before the game.

          Quite clever. But frankly, they’d only do it once. Because the second time, you’d make sure your hardest hitter smashed them as they touched the ball.

        • Who?

          You’re right, Black 7’s not subject to 15(c), but she is subject to 15(d). Which, although explained poorly in the official documentation, means that you must enter the tackle area through the gate. Even if it’s not a ruck. She did not do so, and the only explanation I can give for the ref missing it is that Black 7 timed her run such that she entered the breakdown (and she did push Gold 8 (?) off her feet to clear her past the ball, so that the ball could be ruled as being ‘out’) whilst the ref wasn’t looking, the ref saw her standing over an ‘out’ ball, and thought, “This is an international, surely they know the laws – she can’t have just run in there from an offside position!” Because Black 7 did run in from a LONG way offside – she came 15m sideways and from 5-10m past the ball to enter that breakdown on the wrong side!

        • Chris M

          I know this sounds absurd, but 15 (d) is no longer valid after the tackled player plays the ball back. It ceases to be the tackle contest at that point. That’s also why it’s not a ruck when she joins. The ball has already been played. IT’s about the timing.

          As far as offside is concerned, there is no offside line at any point.

          It’s worth noting that the premise for this has been happening in Super Rugby, as well – especially when it comes to the Chiefs. I coach my team to do the same thing in certain situations. However, we wouldn’t play the ball at the breakdown. Rather, we wait for it to come out and make a tackle behind the gain line.

          I personally think this goes too far, though.

        • Who?

          That’s an interesting point… However, I’d argue that the contact with the Gold player over the ball could equally constitute creating a ruck (not fully bound, but a clear contact and push), and she was there before the ball was released.
          And regardless of the true situation in laws (it’d be interesting to see what the lads at RugbyRefs would have to say about it), I’d reckon it’s all just shock from the ref on the field. It happens!
          I agree with coaching to avoid creating an offside line (I’d do it too, if I could trust the refs in my age groups – sadly, as they’re generally the opposition coaches, I can’t – I’m more likely to see their kids playing halfback for us at the back of clear rucks and mauls!), but I’d argue that is inside the spirit of the laws (it’s a risk/reward situation for both teams), whereas the situation above violates the basic concept of the game, that if you’re past the ball, you’re generally out of the play (can’t receive the ball, etc).

        • Simon

          >> I personally think this goes too far, though.

          I agree. If it doesn’t violate the letter of the law, the law needs to be changed so that it does. Standing off rucks in order to play offside without an offside line violates the spirit of the law.

          My personal feeling is that an offside line should form once any player is in position for rucking over the ball, regardless of whether the opposition is in contact or not. That way the attacking side still needs to commit to a ruck, to prevent the defenders stealing the ball, but these sort of shenanigans don’t happen.

      • BigNickHartman

        Cool thanks for the techy feedback. Cheers

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        That shows an awesome understanding of the laws and application of them. You can see from the other black ferns that it is definitely a practiced move. The Aussie half should have smashed her as soon as she touched the ball but I can certainly understand her reaction. Ball was out of the ruck and in open play so no offside rule applied.

    • They work for me. Yes the ads on mobile are annoying but easy to close.

      • BigNickHartman

        Thanks Sully. Will look into it!

    • Wallaby Legion

      Love the gifs. They’re THE reason to celebrate Fridays.

      Some quality Refereeing on show in today’s and some ace axings.

      • BigNickHartman

        Aw shucks you’re too nice

    • Ian

      Actually, On that topic.

      I have no issue with the ads, BUT, The articles can be a little hard to open up on mobile. The read More button vanishes and you have to click around on the image til you hit where the button would have been.

      10c officially deposited

      • BigNickHartman

        Hey Ian. Yeah that’s an issue. But out of my paygrade, unfortunately. Have to talk to Matt about that, that’s a HTML/CSS website design thing

  • jamie

    GIFs work fine mate. They’re great. Love ya picks each week

    • BigNickHartman

      Thanks Jamie, you’re a good bloke

  • Jason

    Mate, love the Gifs! Honestly I wait my whole week for thank Gif it’s Friday. Maybe some mid-week Gifs to chase away the rugby blues if it’s a slow week?

    • BigNickHartman

      Aw shucks stop it mate! Yeah mate look I’ll try to put something together for the offseason…

  • SuckerForRed

    Love the GIFs. They are one of the articles that I make the time to look at. No matter what.
    Re the HP’s – They are probably lucky they both play at the Force. :-) (Or has that changed?)

    • BigNickHartman

      Thanks for your kind words Sucker! And yeah, the HPs are still in Perth

  • RedAnt

    Technically and entertainmently first class!

    • BigNickHartman

      Good good, cheers RedAnt!

  • McWarren

    Love the GIFs BigNick. Adds are easy to close.

    • BigNickHartman

      Cool, thanks for letting me know, and for also addressing me by my spirit name

  • Simon

    Love the gifs too. Watch them on a PC (at work on Friday morning!) so not bothered by ads.

  • Parker

    Ya done good Nick.

  • Brisneyland Local

    I consume the GIF”s whilst consuming my first coffee for the day. Share them with the rugby heads in the office. Keep them up they are part of my staying sane at work program.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Mate, they’re great. Adds are just a small distraction. Love the variety and you certainly open up some talks so well done.


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