Thank Gif It's Friday: Greatest Finish Of ALL Time Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Greatest Finish Of ALL Time Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Greatest Finish Of ALL Time Edition

1. Best Finish Of All Time

2. Rampage

3. Scrum

4. Palm City

5. Flip

6. Ded

7. So Precise

8. No No No

  • MCOD

    4. Palm city: You two feck off, you feck off again, and you can feck off an all!
    Feckin’ gold :)

    • mikado


      That Georgian pack is something to behold too!

      • Simon

        I love watching the Georgians. Probably the last true exponents of 10 man rugby in the game!

        • Pearcewreck

          Good crowd watching too!
          BTW, who ended up winning that game?

        • Simon

          Georgia did 20-16… they’ve got Scotland this week though, which will be a sterner test. Ironically the old champs of 10 man rugby vs the current champs!

        • BigNickHartman

          Check out their squad – forwards all play for big names, while their backs are playing for second division French clubs at best

          Also, Richard Graham’s their backs coach

        • Simon

          They probably appointed Woody to stop their backs getting any delusions of adequacy and doing something rash like calling for the ball.

        • Dorothy Ball

          Was at that game and the week before against Japan. In that one the Georgians had a forward in the bin but still managed to push the Japanese backwards in a scrum 7 vs 8 from their own 5m line. Awesome.

        • Jasper Sapien.

          Hey! I was in Tbilisi for a year or so, loved going to see the matches there, they really get pumped.

        • Dorothy Ball

          Yeah, great atmosphere. And only $5 a ticket! Btw, I like your user name :-)

  • The fends were my favourite! Love the Friday gifs.

  • LED

    Judo flip!. Never seen a fridge do a somersault before!

    • BigNickHartman

      Word of advice, don’t watch the newest Indiana Jones

      • Jasper Sapien.

        That’s good advice for everyone.

  • Kev

    Kieran Read got dropped hahah magnificent

  • Pedro

    That Japanese try is arguably the best use of spacing to create a try ever. Absolutely brilliant.


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