Thank Gif It's Friday: Master At Work Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Master At Work Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Master At Work Edition

1. Richie Mac Caw

2. Pocock Dudded?

3. Folau – Ball Player

4. Sneaky Bugger

5. Ghost Ball

6. When The Planets Align

7. Oh No I Fell Over

8. Q: Who are the people that hang around footballers called? A: Backs

  • Henry Dissmissinya

    I’ve strummed across this at12:08am. Barely Friday fellas haha. You keen beans, fair call tho I love Friday gifs as well

  • Love the last one. Gives a whole new meaning to channel one ball.

    • Who?

      One of the greatest pieces of scrummaging by a winger ever. Truly brilliant.

  • Chris

    That French try is pure filth

  • Brisneyland Local

    No. 4 Sneaky bugger, is ure gold. Fantastic.

  • first time long time

    That first one is some of Hooper’s best breakdown work yet ; b

  • Missing Link

    Photoshop of Cheika painting Pocock is pure gold

  • sampro

    Pocock dudded? Nope, he chose to go on with it, which put him out of position to make a tackle that was his.

    • first time long time


    • Dorothy Ball

      He was dudded because the other bloke wasn’t penalised. You’re right, he shouldn’t have gone on with it and they scored (probably) as a result. But what a dick move for the #4 to come in and rub his nose in it after the try. “Nyah nyah, I took you out, got away with it and we scored, so there!”

  • juswal

    Great work as usual, Nick. Two beers for the Cheika-Pocock image.

    The first GIF has me spitting. Penalty for not rolling away? Who? It’s not Genia – he got out of there. McMahon was on his feet with hands on the ball until van der Flier (I think) came in from the side and tipped him over to Ireland’s side. The only way McMahon could be penalised is if Garcès ruled him a tackler because he touched Stander on the way down. Which is stoopid.

    When this penalty is given, the culprit is last up off the turf. There are only green shirts at the bottom of that pile. Pocock heard the whistle and got up applauding Sean. It was a clean grab, dammit.

    The four minutes wasted on that resetting that scrum, followed by the dud penalty . . . that’s where the game got away from us.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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