Thank Gif It's Friday: Tops Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Tops Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Tops Edition

The Lad Has Heart

El Banana

Over His Head and Up His Arse

Oldest Trick In The Book

The Chiropractor

Taste the Speight

Hunter Paisami Goes Hunting

Bullet Time

  • onlinesideline

    that hit from 13 – I actually felt that in Budapest

    • jamie

      Certainly understandable.

  • Pedro

    The oldest trick is a knock on right?

    • Willem Labuschagne

      Arguably not.

      Put it like this — if you pass the ball to a teammate behind you (behind, so we don’t get sidetracked with forward passes etc.), and your pass bounces off the head of an opposing player behind you, back into your hands, then you didn’t knock the ball on.

      In this case, it was sideways, not well behind the passer, but the principle stands.

      • Pedro

        I see what you’re saying but I’d have to see another angle to be sure.

  • Rollo

    O Henry. A winger who can tackle like that …. we need you back in this form

  • Jack

    Brian Lima – Always questionably legal but man he was good to watch. Looks like we’ve got our very own Chiro coming through the ranks though. Oooof..!!!

  • Jason

    Anyone think James O’Conner could be worth a look at for a Wallabies Jersey (if we assume he is eligible, and he’s not). But the Reds look to be assembling a team of ‘fallen from grace’ players. Perhaps O’Conner would slot in nicely into that backline.

    • SuckerForRed

      Been there done that…….

      • jamie

        No we haven’t. The Reds last year were pathetic, and O’Connor had serious knee problems. He’s now played 10-15 at professional level and he’d be a walk-in to the Wallaby Backline. Most talented back in Australia.

        • SuckerForRed

          You and I will have to disagree on this one.

    • Tim

      His the one that got away. Aged 22 with 44 Australian caps before he left for Europe, not saying i like the bloke but poor handling by coaches and the ARU let him slip

    • ozrugbynut

      Bottom line, yes. Hes a talent. Toomuas a talent. Get them back.

  • Tim

    James O’Connor the one that got away :( Poor management on the ARU and poor Coaching let him slide. A kid that had 44 caps at age 22 had serious potential

    • npivag

      ARU could’ve done better but there’s a certain (large) amount of self-responsibility. Plus, he had his 2nd chance just last year and was pretty poor.

      • Tim

        The ARU had alot of problems and off field dramas at the time which let him down as well. He was one of the better Reds players last year.

    • muffy

      I always felt sorry for JOC. That kind of talent is often compounded with huge self belief and confidence that is seen by outsiders as arrogance. He needed the right mentoring as let’s face it, he was just a kid.

    • First time long time

      I have a feeling JOC’s poor management started well before the ARU got involved

  • harro

    I saw that Paisami hit on Rugby 360 (he also scored a nice try). I can’t remember the name of the school the kid went to, but it was in rural Victoria. Marto seemed to be lost for words (to the point of not being able to complete his sentence a number of times) over this fact. I can’t wait for the day that that is not astounding.

    • muffy

      I noticed that too. In other countries, it’s the rural kids that chuck hay bails on the weekend that do this week in week out. It’s actually a sad indictment on our GPS reliant system.

    • Missing Link

      Ask Gordon Bray about that school, he’s bound to know.

    • jamie

      Pakenham Secondary. It’s not completely rural: he plays with me at U-20s level. I’ve copped a similar hit at training and fuck I can tell you, it’s as hard as it looks.

  • first time long time

    The hit aside (Hunter), I would like to see that defence in the wallabies with basically a defensive centre switch where 13 shoots up and in to try and smash someone and also hopefully getting in the opposing 10’s peripheral vision and the 12 drifting wider to cover the potential gap.
    Don’t have to do it all game but every few times off set play to throw them a bit.
    Its what I wanted them to do to Dan Carter at the RWC, just to give him something different to think about but hey we gotta try something to put Barrett off as well.

  • Nick

    That last one is awesome, what a move! The lock would have been filthy with himself to get stood up like that. Great gifs this week.

  • ozrugbynut

    Still filthy about that ireland pool game..


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