Thank Gif It's Friday: Trans-Tasman Love Edition - Green and Gold Rugby

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Trans-Tasman Love Edition

Thank Gif It’s Friday: Trans-Tasman Love Edition

It’s Bledisloe time!!! And here to celebrate are eight rugby gifs just for you!

No Kneed For That


Last 13 Years In 1 Gif

Kefu Snafu


Grace Jones

Up the Guts

No Kneed For That: Round 2

  • TommyTudehope

    So grubby from Quade in the last one.

    • mm

      What McCheat can’t take a little shove? Good man Quade.

    • MM

      Check out the top image of McCheat with Pocock in head high around the neck choke tackle. You probably think that’s OK. Cooper’s shove was totally innocuous in terms of the other shit that happens on the field.

  • Pedro

    Nice one

  • Ian

    Missing the clip of what kicked off the whole QC verses Richard thing, where mcCaw tried to kick Quade in the face earlier in that Hong Kong Game.

    • BigNickHartman

      If you could find footage of the relevant part, I’d be happy to knock up a gif!

      • Thomo
        • Grant NZ

          Appropriate that Ian thinks that’s where a dickhead keeps his face.

          Just quietly, you don’t think the no arms clear out immediately prior kind of started it?

        • McWarren

          Seriously you call that a no arms clean out?

        • Grant NZ

          Did you see any arms? Would you get pinged for tackling like that?

          Bonus points for the attempted Jake the Muss standover.

          It wasn’t much of an incident, nor was the kick. Certainly the kick didn’t justify the bogan shove at the end of the match. I’ve always suspected Quade’s motivation for the shove was more to do with embarrassment at being thrown away like an annoying child earlier in the match

        • MM

          Kick with intent by a forward v a shove by a back. And the Kiwis go into meltdown over it. FFS harden up.

        • Grant NZ

          I’m not saying there’s a lot in any of the incidents, knee and shove included. But the way Quade sought McCaw out for the post try shove and the cheap knee show a pure bogan dickhead streak.

          The Aussies are the ones playing the ‘Richie started it’ card to justify or excuse Quade’s dickish behaviour, maybe you should look in the mirror.

    • Ian

      Oh sorry, kicked in the balls… that’s so much more acceptable

  • Jack

    Sensational stuff – Gets the blood pumping..!!!

  • Nutta


    It needs Kearnsey’s two-fingered salute and whilst it shows my age, Campo going around Stu Wilson would be grand to.

    Samo’s try really did bring tears to my eyes. Pure bloody joy.

    It does remind you just how much ability Beiber had/has.

    And just for some nostalgic shit-stirring:

    • McWarren

      jesus didn’t some tossa’s completely miss the point. Great read mate, I think we’ve all had a coach we can imagine delivering roughly the same instructions.

    • yourmatesam

      Tell us the story about the pig and the chicken please Nutta. Luxton had a few corkers.

      • Nutta

        I wouldn’t do it justice. From my perspective, being a young whipper-snapper tear away with enough anger-issues for 5 men, to have a guy with kudos like Soapy stand in front of us on that muddy shit pile of a pitch behind the airforce base basically dishing out on Backs whilst expecting us Pigs to FKN DIE was just gold.

  • Nick

    Great gifs!

  • McWarren

    Great to see Quade showing the mongrel we seem to be missing. I’ll go out on a limb here, if the rest our team had stood up for him re the whole Richie shit we would be in a whole better place right now. His methods may have been churlish and rash but who else enjoyed finally watching a Wallaby belt McCaw, stand up to him. Dead set look at the fear in Elsom face when he realises King Richie has been roughed up by one of his upstarts. If Elsom had and co had done there jobs Quade may not have needed to go the niggle.

    • Easycooper

      couldn’t agree more mate

  • first time long time

    No Kneed for that?????????? All evidence to the contrary.
    We WON both those games!

    Unless you are talking about the amount of whinging that came out of NZ after those 2 very trivial encounters. It was no Richard Loe. Pretty sure Ruchie didn’t even have a bruise or scratch to show for all the outrage.
    I say shame on the Australian rugby press and a lot of ex wallabies who, just before a world cup, instead of getting behind Cooper jumped on the kiwis side.
    Sorry, getting cranky over history here.

    As say Kneed for that……. lets get under their skin.
    Although, we might well get dusted in the blue as well!

    • Grant NZ

      Probably worth noting that after that knee, Quade lost every single match he played against NZ. And other than that one match in Dunedin, Quade played shit in all of them as he couldn’t handle the extra attention he got.

      There’s getting under the skin and there’s poking the bear.


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