The Crash Ball Podcast - Episode 3 - Green and Gold Rugby

The Crash Ball Podcast – Episode 3

The Crash Ball Podcast – Episode 3

It’s back.

Stop the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, Australia’s favourite rugby podcast (less that 20 minutes duration) is back.

This week Hugh rips into a rugby smorgasbord, talking the future of Super Rugby, the brilliance of the Tahs, the plucky Reds and some Wallaby bolters.

Get it into your ear holes:

  • Bobas

    Thanks for cumming in my ear holes.

  • Moose

    About time Cavill. Slap Jones on his bald ass head for me. Cheers for the pod

  • paul

    Great podcast on the way to work this morning, thanks Hugh.

    An issue regards moving forward with Super rugby is the continued struggle for finance. If we are essentially competing for wages with the NH, this means the code will forever be spending 99% of its income on the top level.

    What do I mean essentially, for all the talk of funding the grassroots and spending more money on the lower levels, funds will simply never be available, as has been the case we are forever stuck in a model of funding the top level

    I’m not sure of the answer, but it is wishful thinking expecting that somehow this money is going to appear & be available, when you aren’t even generating the majority of those funds yourself.


Can't write, can't play. Tahs and Wallabies.

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