The Dropped Kick-Off 14 - NRC 2019 Podcast (Rounds 4-5 with Brett McKay) - Green and Gold Rugby

The Dropped Kick-Off 14 – NRC 2019 Podcast (Rounds 4-5 with Brett McKay)

The Dropped Kick-Off 14 – NRC 2019 Podcast (Rounds 4-5 with Brett McKay)

Oh, by the way, did you know that the NRC is still on?!

We’ve got you covered for this comp too. Producer Nick W returns for the latest episode of the Dropped Kick-Off, and chats with the busiest man in Australian sport, Brett McKay, about the last fortnight of National Rugby Championship, and predict who will be left standing in the battle for the Toast Rack come semi-finals time.

(Also, mind the first thirty seconds of audio when the recording starts).

The NRC Podcast Agenda:

1. The earlier kick off times, has it worked?
2. Are we convinced by the new law variations?
3. Which team has surprised us the most in RD 4-5?
4. Are the Force still our favourites to win?
5. What is our prediction for top 4 teams come the end round 7?

  • JJ

    Enjoyed your podcast and like your site,

    – As a one-eyed Force fan, I would like to point out a few things:
    – Force game against Tonga in Tonga was against their full World Cup team. It was not part of GRR showcase. Force only just lost. At this point Tonga are not part of GRR.
    – the Force are playing a lot of new players in NRC, especially in the backs, so it is not correct to say they have an advantage of playing together in GRR. The other teams like the Vikings had the advantage of together in Super rugby. The Force beat the Vikings because they looked fitter in the second half and really wanted to win.
    – regarding the advantage for the Force playing in Perth, I was glad to hear you say it was the Perth crowd. You did not mention travel time to Perth, because of course the Force have to travel a lot more miles than any other team.

  • Ian Rodger

    Love these NRC pods! It’s hard to follow the NRC very closely from the netherlands but this keeps me nicely up to date. Would love some sort of player who stood out review every pod. Be a nice way to get to know some players we might see in Super Rugby next year. Keep up the great work!

  • Kiap

    Good pod, Brett and Nick. With finals beckoning, here’s a question for you: What is the NRC tie-breaker method for teams on equal points?

    Some years ago I believe Brett was advised:
    1. points for and against
    2. result between the two teams, and
    3. most tries scored for the competition.

    But a quick look at the present ladder shows this is clearly not being followed.

    Any insights?


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