The Dropped Kick-Off 17 - Shedheads (with Richard Tombs) - Green and Gold Rugby

The Dropped Kick-Off 17 – Shedheads (with Richard Tombs)

The Dropped Kick-Off 17 – Shedheads (with Richard Tombs)

The Dropped Kick-Off returns for our final episode of the year, and we’ve got a beauty to bring our rugby coverage to a close for 2019.

This week, Nick was joined by Wallaby great Richard Tombs to discuss his rugby career, what rugby means to him, his transition out of the game, how the community got behind him after his spinal injury, and why rugby has a culture like no other sport. Even comes with a couple of cheeky comments about the 2016 Shute Shield Grand Final.

In addition, you can check out the amazing work Tombsy is doing with his foundation, Guns Out for Tombsy here, as well as his partnership with not-for-profit community group Rugby 1st. 

 Image Credit: Guns Out for Tombsy

  • juswal

    Thanks for that, Nick. What a level-headed bloke Tombsy is.

  • AllyOz

    really enjoyable pod fellas, and interesting particularly for me as I played in Armidale around the time Richard’s family was there (though maybe a bit late for him specifically).

  • No new news since last week? Separately I see six Australians have been chosen in the Barbarians Squad to play in South America and England and to be coached by Eddie Jones.

    • RugbyReg

      it’s the off-season

      • Mart

        A quick write up on the rapid predictable selection of Rennie the messiah?

        Feels like another telegraphed rushed decision from RA. A coach with no international experience again.
        Schmidt worth a hard look at least

        Ah well hopefully he pulls a good team around him.
        (and lets Nathan grey go)

  • Anyone now where Nick White is playing next year. I did not see his name in the Brumbies squad.

    • RugbyReg

      still overseas. Comes back for 2021

  • joy

    Last post for the year! Too bad for Koriobete’s John Eales Medal spot. GAGR bloggers wrote him off years ago. Never mind, selectors and now players disagree. Gotta be humble pie of the year award for sure. Merry Christmas.


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