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The Dropped Kick-Off 18 – Q&A (with the GAGR News Team)

The Dropped Kick-Off 18 – Q&A (with the GAGR News Team)

Yep, they’ve given us another crack.

The Dropped Kick-Off is back for the first time in 2020, here to talk about all the left-field and fun topics in rugby.

With the game on hiatus, we decided to kick off the year with an old-fashioned Q&A, throwing it out to the Twitter-Sphere and asking for questions, thoughts, hot-takes and opinions.

For our first Q&A, Nick was joined by the wizards behind our daily news bulletins, Jack O’Rourke, Nathan Williamson and Dylan Langes to give their thoughts.

*WARNING: Mild Coarse Language*

Topics of discussion:

- Jamie Hevia/ Sydney NRC- Some people have been calling for a national comp and no super rugby. Well this is their chance. What can we offer broadcasters and sponsors. And Shute Shield is not the answer.

- Rugby_World- Whats the most important position in the gane today? OR “a ball running 12 vs a playmaking 12; which would you rather?”

- If you were Rennie- who would be one new person you’d have in the Wallabies starting squad?

- There is merit in the 11 captains signing a letter to RA- agree or disagree?

- The shittiest part of this period of rugby.

  • Brumby Jack

    Would love to hear from some players involved in Club Rugby and Super Rugby on where they see the competition structure going

  • Reds Revival

    Enjoyed the discussion boys.

    For future Q&A’s, here are some suggestions;
    What would be the best way to re-introduce the Force into Australian rugby?
    Should fringe Super Rugby players be allocated to the minor states to help them lift the standard of their rugby (e.g. NT, SA, Tas, Qld and NSW Country etc)?
    Scrum resets (particularly towards the end of the game) are a major issue for viewers. How can it be improved?
    How can we make rugby more popular at a junior level?


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