The Dropped Kick-Off 20 – Trimming The Fat (Q&A III) – Green and Gold Rugby

The Dropped Kick-Off 20 – Trimming The Fat (Q&A III)

The Dropped Kick-Off 20 – Trimming The Fat (Q&A III)

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. There is a podcast!

The Dropped Kick-Off is back in 2021, and for our podcast Nick, Nathan and Jack jump on to answer the tough questions around the upcoming 2021 season:

The Hot Topics:

  • Mark Anderson (Pick & Drive Rugby) – Who is going to win Super AU and why will it be the Tahs? Is partial private ownership the answer to ring in more $ and prevent the northward player drain?
  • Huw Tindall – How do you think the new broadcast arrangements will turn out? Any hopes/fears for it?
  • Mitch Evans – Who’s the player each franchise can least afford to lose?
  • RedBlock25 – Is there any possible chance is there of the Lions tour going ahead?
  • Rugby & Stuff – With trans Tasman comp looking like a pipe dream, should another option be available?

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  • Jason

    Knew you guys couldn’t say away! Welcome back.

    • Nicholas Wasiliev

      Highly agreeing with your last point re NRC over the club competition.

      It is a good point you make in regards to private ownership, and thinking about it more it also plays into affecting how France struggled to perform at international level for many years. In terms of whether it would work here, I’m curious to see how the example of the Force will go (being bankrolled by Twiggy). Given how many internationals they signed, I’m a little apprehensive already. I do see the argument though that in the French context, those clubs are stealing a lot of SH players, it might be the case that private investment would keep players here.

      I thought on this point regarding content production after this pod, and I do agree it would cost a lot to produce a good product. You’d need to get a cost/benefit ratio on it, and hopefully rugby might be able to get a sense if their audience judging by the numbers they may get from FTA and a more accessible subscription service like Stan. It might be economically sound to have a platform like that? I need data though!

      Great points and perspectives though Jason, there’s a lot to discuss!

  • Reds Revival

    I haven’t listened to the pod yet (I will get to it while driving to see clients today), but super excited that TDKO has picked up the baton from the now demised GAGR pod. Thanks Nick!

  • Dally M


    Was beginning to think the site had passed on, along with the podcast.

    That would be one of the saddest days in Australian Rugby if it did!

  • Reds Revival

    Nick, I am curious about this Super Rugby Eritrea? As a micro nation, I am surprised that they have a national rugby team, let alone an entire Super Rugby competition!

    • Huw Tindall

      Ha was going to post a similar comment. Although what’s a GAGR pod without someone butchering names. Nick picking up where Reg left off.

      • Nicholas Wasiliev

        Ah well, someone has to follow in Reg’s footsteps.

  • Yowie

    Cheers for the Stan/free-to-air wrapup gents.
    I had forgotten the draft details from last year and my antipathy to Nine* had kept me from seeking the details from a Nine source.

    (*see 2015 World Cup coverage)

    • Reds Revival

      Welcome back Yowie. I have missed your witty takes on all things rugby. Hopefully, it is not too long before the Daily Rugby News (and posters) grind back into gear.

      • Yowie

        Cheers mate. It’s definitely the “when is rugby starting again FFS?” time of the year. On the up-side, I seem to be getting more done at work while I’m not p!ssing around trying to be a smart-@rse on the internet.

        Swings and roundabouts.

  • Timbo

    Hooray! GAGRs back!

  • Yowie

    “Super Rugby to implement golden try rule in bid to speed game up”

    News item Re rules tweaks

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Personally I think the idea of a national club rugby is flawed. I don’t think people across the harbor in Sydney give a shit about the northern clubs and they certainly couldn’t care less about the clubs in other states. I know the clubs have a lot of local support but thinking that will extend so that Manly supporters will are about some club in Brisbane is seriously flawed. However, even worse is that this will not prepare players for Super rugby and higher because the standard just isn’t high enough. Australia needs the NRC or a similar competition or they can resign themselves to the Wallabies struggling to get better


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