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The G&GR Social Pages

The G&GR Social Pages

Welcome to the Social Pages of Green and Gold Rugby, where we look back at the week that was in social media, and ahead to the week that will be.

The Week on Twitter

Sensitive New Age Quade
Quade Cooper has been showing that he is quite possibly the most emotive man in Australia. His emoticon usage is on another level.


#humblebrag of the week
The best statement that talks yourself up while simultaneously acting self-deprecating of the week goes to GAGR’s own Peter Slattery for this gem.

*Slatts, I used to have posters of you on my wall too. Of course, they also showed players like Horan, Little, Eales and Lynagh. But that was just a coincidence – it was ALL about you!

Mr Inappropriate
The Most Inappropriate tweet of the week is awarded to Kurtley Beale for this late nomination.

Your 31.5K followers and I thank you for taking hook turns to task!


Pulitzer Nominations

Smart phones and twitter provides players an opportunity to share photos with the world. This is not always a good thing, but proves to be a great way to embarrass your mates.

A very mobile hooker c/- @faingaatwins

I touch myself c/- @SamWykes

Dave McDuling styling c/- @mikeymikeharris

James Hanson to challenge Digby for Cleo's bachelor of the year c/- @mikeymikeharris

I love you too, man c/- @FaingaaTwins


Interview Bingo

Here at Green and Gold Rugby, we try to make engaging with the media in all forms a bit more interactive. To that end, each week we will be preparing an Interview Bingo card for one of the guests on Foxtel’s The Rugby Club on Thursday night. So click it, print it and mark it off! There are no prizes, other than smug self-satisfaction.

  • Goddess

    CAT FOR PM!!

  • Lauren

    Hahahaha well done! Saia on the scooter is gold!

  • Can’t wait for Bingo.

  • D.

    If it was Genia being interviewed, this would be his whole speech. It’s just missing 3 “um”s, 2 “um yeah”s and 4 “and”s.

  • Bingo is the new black!

  • Cat

    Kev just replied to Timmsy on twitter: “What do I get if I finish it in my first answer”. Suggestions??

    • Barbarian

      I think that calls for a G&GR laminated A4 certificate.

      • We can’t just go printing these willy nilly, maybe if we add a “jackpot” term he’d have earnt it.
        Something like “I love you Phil” should do it.

  • Skip

    Dammit, i have missed you buggers at G&GR thru the off season.

    • We been here all along!

  • Steve Kefu

    Clean sheet for Kev tonight – well played Sir.

    • Cheeky isn’t he.

      He tweeted me just before and asked what the prize was if he got through without a hit, told him it was unlikely…

      Need to scratch up a prize for him ruining our first game of the year.

      • Cat

        UN-laminated certificate celebrating a cliche-free performance? Written in Sanchez-speak? Kev was such a good sport about it – perfect for our first interviewee of the year.

        Seriously, the amount of chatter that flew around from the GAGR crew as well as other unexpected (and high-profile!) sources immediately after he was finished had me picturing viewers on the edges of their seats!

        Can’t wait to find out who is next week – BINGO is a hit.

        • D.

          “Can’t wait to find out who is next week – BINGO is a hit.”

          It will be interesting to see if Captain Bam-Bam will come out of the gates with an encyclopedia of cliches, or will he pave a new road of cliche free interviews.

          A man can dream can’t he?

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