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The Kicking Game So Far In 2013

The Kicking Game So Far In 2013

Kicking SmallIt won’t surprise you to know that the South African teams and the Brumbies coached by a South African kick the ball more than other teams in the competition.

The decision on how much to kick (and the successful execution of those kicks) plays a big part in game plans and the variance in the kicking game of teams shows the differences in approach to the game.

This chart shows the percentage of possession where each team kicks the ball after 12 rounds of the competition and confirms just how little the Waratahs have been kicking.

  • Donk

    Surprised by the cheetahs, only watched a couple of their games and they seemed to run the ball alot

    • qwerty51

      They do a lot of attacking kicks which is why you have that perception.

  • Lesley

    huge turnaround from the Tahs of recent years

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      Dead right. I am amazed that Cheika has been able to get us to go ‘cold turkey’ on booting the pill as we seemed absolutely addicted to it.

      As a Tahs fan it feels as if we must have been top of the pops last year for kicking. But maybe that’s just a perception thing……where shizen houzen kicks straight to an amazing opposition player seem 10 times as bad as something that gains us easy yards and doesn’t make the pack grumpy.

      • Pinky

        No coincidence that Berrick Barnes has been sidelined. I think he’s a good player, but the first thought for Foley is to run, whereas for Barnes it always seemed to be to kick.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Given White is essentially coaching the Brumbies in the SAF style, their spot in 5th ahead of the Kings means the Republic now has 6 teams like they wanted …. Honk!!!!

  • jay-c

    thats so funny the saffas + brumbies are top 6

  • Vinnie Gorham

    brumbies are a saffa team with islanders…. lethal combination

  • Queenslander

    the Mungoes always say rugby kicks to much but they kick around every 40 seconds which is about 120 kicks a game so even if the Stormers played the Cheethas you only get 80 odd kicks

  • Qld red, not lion red

    Interestingly (or not really) All 5 Saffa teams are in the top six spots

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Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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