The Lions tour as it happened on Facebook – Week 5 - Green and Gold Rugby
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The Lions tour as it happened on Facebook – Week 5

The Lions tour as it happened on Facebook – Week 5

George HodorThis week has been like an Episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. More relationship status changes than you can poke a stick at. Alun Wyn Jones seems to have accepted the Iron Throne on behalf of the Welsh Nation. Sam Warburton finally succumbed to the injury plague (or is he just scared to lose to Australia again?). What is George Smith listening to? What odds is Tom Waterhouse offering on the Robbie Deans beheading? You’ll find all the answers to the most important questions of the Lions tour in this weeks dispatch.


Lions Week 5


  • #1 Tah

    David and Emma Pocock like this and support this — GOLD

    • Gibbo

      :) no worries

  • Spikhaza

    Quade at 10 NOW

    5000 fake accounts like this… love it

  • Gottsy

    I used to think Scott Allen’s analyses were well thought out but now I realise where the real genius lies at g&gr. Love it!!! Hope we can get the whole series collated at the end!

    • Gibbo

      HAHAHA this is pretty much the biggest insult you could give Scott I can think of.

      • Gottsy

        Haha yeah best off keeping it between us then!

  • Ian

    George Smith highlights reel to Without Me by eminem!!
    How good would that be?



  • Swat

    Best one yet Gibbo. Any plans to do these for the rest of the Super Rugby season and RC?

    • Gibbo

      Really? Fark….It takes a fucking long time

      • Swat

        Just think of all the Green and Gold Groupies you’ll get. Or as I like to call them the Gagger Girls.

        • Gibbo

          I’m down voting that based on Matt Rowley’s nickname being Gagger.

        • Swat

          And where do you think Matt got that nickname?

        • We said we’d never speak of this again

        • Swat

          Jesus Gaggs, that was quick. I’m hoping you found that comment by possessing Sauron-like vision stretching across the land that is this website and not by having a google alert for the term “Gagger”. Could get awkward.

  • Catriona_A

    Gibbo I love almost all of these- they’re awesome. But I am so disappointed with the reference to Deans’ daughter in the comment to Nick Phipps.

    She doesn’t deserve to have her identity dragged through the mud and lampooned here, solely on the basis that she’s related to someone we want to take the piss out of.

    That one sentence took the funny out of this week for me, I’m afraid.

    • campo

      Kalm down PC POLEECE

    • mxyzptlk

      If it helps, I think it more meant more as a reference to Full Metal Jacket and less towards anyone’s children. Although Deans doesn’t really strike me as an R. Lee Ermey type.

  • Jay

    I cried at that Robbie Deans comment to Nick Phipps

    • BOPSteamers


  • mxyzptlk

    So who at GAGR towers speaks Welsh?

  • Guest

    By the way I can’t believe I didn’t win the Wallabies #bestbanter competition

  • Jackson Goooorge.

    Took me ages to type the Welsh stuff into google translate.

  • Bairdy


  • ElCid

    Now dats sum funny SHIT !!

  • Colm O’Keane

    Fucking gold. Best one yet and that’s saying something. #justice4BOD #welshmafiaout

    • Gibbo

      Thanks Colm

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