The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Quade Cooper - Green and Gold Rugby
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The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Quade Cooper

The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Quade Cooper


If you have a read of the unauthorised autobiography of Quade Cooper, that is his Wikipedia page, you’ll quickly notice that there have been some steady climbs in public opinion followed by a sharp fall.

He is definitely on the up curve at the the moment, so lets hope he can maintain that form both on and off the field. As coach Ewen McKenzie says: ‘He’s in a good place at the moment’. Let’s keep him there.

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Editors note: The start of this infographic should be 1988 (not 1998) – Sorry

PowerPoint Slide Show - [quade cooper.pptx]_2013-11-13_10-01-13

  • QC

    Don’t give up your day job Brett ;-)

    • Gibbo

      I’ve got a Cert I in Powerpoint from Hornsby TAFE – I’m on fire

      • The comment is even funnier when you know what he does for a living!

  • I loved it Gibbo. Well done.

  • Ian Daley

    Couple of things there I would have above the line.

  • Steve

    Would have Knee to Mccaw as his peak

    • James

      It was an amusing 2 year slide post it.

    • Newter

      I agree it was his best moment. Sick of all these All Blacks players getting the shakes around the Great Captain. Knocked the cheat off his pedestal a bit.

  • Mr T

    Defiant or definite that he’s on the up curve?

    • Gibbo

      *I don’t know what you are talking about* ;) ;)

      • Mr T

        Haha, nicely done.

  • ralph

    Great graph… can we insert the move on by JOC and the punch up by the three amigos and Kurtleys pub incident?

    • Ian Daley

      If we can insert him single handedly destroying Lachie Munroe’s Rugby career with that fend and run around.

  • Scotty

    add in something about those early years of Super Rugby that led to the youtube clip with Benny Hill theme music?
    (sorry, at work, can’t get on to find it)

  • Jimmy

    Pretty impressive that he made his super rugby debut at age 10 :)

    • Blair

      Not when you were born as a 10 year old….

  • yourmatesam

    You’re on fire Gibbo!

  • Tao Te Ching

    You’d have to have a *real* affection for Quade to think that going on TV and saying you wouldn’t wear the yellow jersey is a plus. Or that Steph’s tweet is more damaging to him than stealing a computer from a stranger.

    • Gibbo

      I put it really on the borderline as it was a comment that Many people berated and many Applauded. – so i sat on the fence ;)

  • Mark Morrow

    What’s wrong with Australia’s Greatest Athlete? That show was awesome. Not your best mate.

  • RubberLegs

    His unpopularity can be attributed to that mullet. People in the members’ area had to sniff the mothballs in the pockets of their tweed jackets to get recover from the sight of it.

    • Grindy

      tweed is more for professors, lecturers and teachers. We’re talking business attire here ;)

  • GD

    Nice work Brett, you could also have him ‘hiding at the back of the field’

  • Is he seriously only 15? :o

    • Gibbo

      Oops – should be 1988 Birth – typo – CBF fixing it ;)

  • SuckerForRed

    The 3 year deal with the reds below the line…. Really?

    • Gibbo

      Still hadn’t signed with the ARU so wasn’t completely above the line – yet

      • SuckerForRed

        Good point. So what you are saying is that we should be getting prepared for an ‘off field’ incident fairly soon?

  • rex mossop

    going out with Steph would have to be above the line as it happened before she sent the tweet. Up till then I thought she was way too hot for QC

  • Gustavo Fring

    Born in NZ! LOL

  • Bay35Pablo

    Hilarious in that “Born in NZ” and “Knee –> McCaw” would get diametrically opposite FB Likes in Noo Zuhland.

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