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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s rugby news has the Eagles ready to go, Phipps emphasising the Wallabies’ preparations, a new addition to Argentinean Super Rugby and an exciting rule change in Wales. 

US ready for challenge

wallabies line up bledisloe

US Eagles coach Mike Tolkin has said that his team will not feel intimidated by the Wallabies, with this weekend’s game another opportunity to experience the pace of playing the leading rugby nations.

“We have to be up for it and do what we can to come out with some impact and physicality,” he said. “Every time we get on the field we want to play our game, we want to dictate terms.” Tolkin has aimed to get past the pool stage, with the Eagles first pool game against Samoa on September 20, followed by Scotland, South Africa and Japan.

Phipps lauds preperation


Nick Phipps has emphasised the lengthy World Cup campaign that the Wallabies have committed to, with potential members of the squad meeting as early as mid-March to cover the various plays to be used and the calls for them.

“When we came into camp we didn’t spend ages getting to know the calls. The nine, 10 and 12 could take early control of that straight away, and start to filter that through the group,” Fanga said. He also alluded to the threat of the US Eagles, with the team performing well in a narrow 24-19 loss to English club Harlequins on the weekend

Leguizamon joins Super Rugby

wallabies scrum vs argentina 2013

Argentina have secured another big name for their Super Rugby team in form of veteran loose forward Juan Manuel Leguizamón, who will return home from French club Lyon and provide invaluable experience after ten years in Europe.

“My priority has always been to play for the Pumas and when the idea of the franchise came up for the first time, from that moment I’ve been desperate to be a part,” Leguizamon said, who signed a two year contract earlier this week. Leguizamon has played for the Pumas in all their Rugby Championship seasons since they joined in 2012 and captained the team on the November 2013 tour of Europe.

Welsh rule changes

Gatland warm up   in Lions vs Force 2013

International rugby’s ruling body “World Rugby” are expected to sanction an experiment in Wales that will see six points being awarded for tries and two points for all kicks. The experiement is expected to go ahead in Wales’ second-tier Premiership which is made up of semi-professional teams.

“At the end of the day we are in the entertainment business,” WRU Head of Rugby Josh Lewsey said of the changes, which increase the incentive to score tries. “We need to encourage people to come along and watch the product and I’m delighted the Welsh Rugby Union is taking a lead in the world game.”

  • Chinese Dave

    “I’m delighted the Welsh Rugby Union is taking the lead in the world game”, yup, except the NRC is doing something very similar for the second year already.

    • Davo

      Shhhhhh. If the NH nations think Australia has anything to do with the idea they will oppose it on principle. I am very glad to give the Welsh and Josh Lewsey 100% of the credit and glory, if it leads to a more open and entertaining game.

    • npivag

      I feel like the Australia is really good at tactically manipulating World Rugby and SANZAR to our benefit despite being one of the smaller players (in terms of the tier 1 nations). I have no problem not being seen as a “leader”.

      • Nutta

        “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people think he doesn’t exist” – Verbal Kint

  • Bruce Lyle

    Thoughts on the news of wallabies/Wales possible being deducted pool points for not carrying 3 hookers?

    • Braveheart81

      Scott Sio will be selected as the backup hooker for the Wallabies if required. There’s no way that either team will end up losing competition points. If Sio is required to play hooker at all it might stuff our lineout but our scrum will be fine and that is what the law of having people who can play in the front row is about.

      • Bruce Lyle

        I didn’t know Sio could play hooker.

        • Braveheart81

          He hasn’t since junior days although apparently he’s been practicing to some degree. It will certainly be a stop gap measure but really won’t be the risk of forfeiting the game. The requirement to be have players experienced in the front row is only in relation to scrums.

        • Train Without A Station

          BH from what I’ve read, he was a loosie that moved to the front row. He did not play a single game at the 2011 U20 JWC from what I can find, so it would have been about a season.

          In this he is listed as a prop in a 28 man squad. Considering there is 2 other hookers listed, I’d doubt he played hooker there. If so his experience at Hooker would be very limited and a long time ago.

          I refuse to believe “Ledesma would know a fair bit about being a hooker and if he thinks he can play there he can” is a reasonable excuse for him to be considered a capable test option.

          If he plays there it’s a fuck up and a huge risk, there’s no BS’ing that.

          The risk they are taking is if he’s needed there. I agree it’s not at all a huge safety risk a prop packing at hooker, it’s purely a performance risk.

        • The Slow Eater

          Maybe Chieka thought the new points system had already come into play and he’d get 6 points for a try, so he’s stacked the team with 18 wingers :)

        • Laurie Fisher said when Sio joined the Brumbies that he’d be developed either as a hooker or a prop. Ledesma thinks he can play hooker. Ledesma has a fair bit of experience as a hooker.

          There’s no intention to play Sio at 2, unless it’s on the bench to cover a short-term injury to Moore or Nau. In the event of a long-term injury to Moore or Nau, Hanson will be included.

          All this debate about possible forfeits is just posturing by interested parties, which unfortunately includes some Australian fans who are relishing the possibility of it going wrong.

      • PC Joy

        I reckon Cheika will give Sio a run in Chicago and put a stop to the chatter.

        • Bruce Lyle

          I like it, last 10mins when we are up by 30.

    • Chinese Dave

      Is there a link?

      • Bruce Lyle

        English drumming it up so not sure if it’s a real thing or not

        But as the article and I believe brave heart mentioned we would slide in Sio(non specialist) hope he is practising throwing over head with two hands not playing gridiron with the rest of them

        • Chinese Dave

          Thanks for the link! Yeah it seems like a lot of ifs and maybes.

    • Chris M

      If you’re referring to the Guardian article, I don’t think that’s what has been said. The report said that they will face a sanction if they are unable to field a suitably qualified hooker on the bench – not that they need three specialist hookers. It was also focused on Wales, who haven’t named who the third hooker would be. Australia have already indicated it will be Sio.
      Aside from which, I’m not sure the Guardian is the best source of Rugby analysis.

      • Braveheart81

        Spiro Zavos also wrote a terrible article where he clutched at straws questioning whether a prop playing hooker would satisfy the law requirement.

        Of course it does. How could you say that a prop can’t safely pack at 2 in a scrum?

        • Chris M


        • Lorne Malvo

          Most props have weak necks

    • Bizzare

      What about a hooker who is pretty handy prop, John Smit anyone? Seem to have forgotten him, storm ins tea cup, nothing to see move on. Steve Thompson, back row to hooker at 6’2″.

      • Train Without A Station

        Pretty handy? He was fucking woeful.

        • Bizzare

          111 tests , 13 as a prop. I’d think that’s handy enough? 4 as a prop more than Sio so far.

        • Train Without A Station

          Matt Dunning played 45 tests as a prop. I bet you’d struggle to find anybody to consider him a good prop

        • Haz

          Yeah but that drop kick tho

        • Who?

          I remember Smit… Playing THP, with Fat Cat constant turning him inside out. He made Fat Cat look like a VERY good LHP!

    • It’s nonsense. I emailed World Rugby as part of researching a blog post on this specific point. They said this:

      “It’s up to Australia to include in their squad suitably trained and experienced players to cover each front row position under the law. It’s up to Australia to determine who is suitably trained and experienced. They do not have to say in advance which players will cover which positions in the front row.”

      • The Slow Eater

        Yep. World Rugby doesn’t have the in depth knowledge of player capability so it would be up to each country to determine viability for each position include #2

    • Haz

      I think you’ll be fine on the points front.

      The only difficulty that could arise if you get a medium term injury to Moore and a short term to TPN. Then you’d have to consider which one to send home but it’s unlikely. As Ledesma said Argentina used to do it and they never had any problems.

      With Wales I’m not so sure. They used the 3rd hooker spot to take a journeyman second row as injury back up for AWJ and I’m not entirely sure that the cover is there.

      Either way I can’t understand why the 2 hooker risk is acceptable for Wales and Aus whilst Eng are excluding Hartley because of him being banned for the Fiji game yet sit there and watch the lineout fall apart because there are no other hookers that can throw in England….

  • st saens

    Bloody Australians trying to devalue the penalty goal because they have such a lousy scrum. Oh hang on, it’s the Welsh…great idea that.

    • npivag

      The Welsh are not known for having a good scrum at all.

      • Haz

        They’ve consistently had a strong scrum for the last x years. Adam Jones, Gethin Jenkins etc

  • Teh Other Dave

    The same Josh Lewsey who benefitted directly from England’s field-position-and-penalty-goal game plan?

  • Barry boy

    Until Nick Phipps demonstrates he can consistently do really basic things like throw a conventional pass that hits a target, then I got no interest in hearing anything from him.

    • Braveheart81

      You should send the ARU a list of players who you think are qualified to be put in front of journalists or used in ARU videos.

      • Pedro

        My list would just contain the name Honey Badger.

        • Braveheart81

          Seemingly Barry boy’s list wouldn’t because it would have nothing to do with their media abilities and only be relative to their on field ability as perceived by him.

        • Tomthusiasm

          Folau should do audio books to treat insomnia.

        • The Slow Eater

          Poster Boy for the ARU.

          Ah fuck it, he couldn’t do any worse than Abbot or Shorten so we should make him PM

    • qwas

      Good onya Barry boy. What do you think of Abbott? I reckon that’s also barely relevant enough to bring into the discussion

  • Guy

    “Welsh rugby taking a lead in the world game” for trialling try scoring rules… Umm, what’s the NRC? a stick of cellery?

    • Bay35Pablo

      “Well you can’t rely on those antipodean chaps to run a REAL test of these law variations old chap, wot! I mean they have hard tracks, bountiful sun shine, and don’t play 3/4 of the season up to their bollocks in mud, wot!?!? How can they possibly say that’s proper rugby?!?! I mean, next thing they’ll be trying to claim they came up with the whole concept of the Rugby World Cup, and that WE in the northern hemisphere somehow tried opposing it?!?!?! Really, the impertinence!!”

  • Hambone

    how good are the argies going to be, tip of the hat to all the boys heading home to kick off their super campaign…

    • Tomthusiasm

      I think they have to head home in order to play for their national team don’t they? But yes, basically the entire Pumas team up against the three other SA teams in their conference. I would back the Argies to top that conference.

    • qwas

      Too good potentially. They should have 2 teams

  • Who?

    Just coming to the realization I don’t get to watch the Eagles game… Can’t find it on FTA. For a game at 9:40am on a Sunday morning. What a joke!

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      How about phoning around to see if any of the clubs in your area are open at that time and showing it on one of their big screens?
      Meantime I’ll be sitting back with my Foxtel watching the pregame chat, the game itself and the post game excuses. Love my Foxtel.

    • jamie

      It should be. Aren’t all Wallabies test matches on FTA?

      • Who?

        That’s what I thought… I thought they were on the anti-siphoning list.
        Why should I have to pay $80/month to watch maybe 4 games per month..? And I’m not taking my 10 year old to the pub on a Sunday morning! Rugby clubs? I’m president of my club, none of the clubs round here have the cash to pay for Foxtel.

        • Brendan Hume

          I’ve already called it with the family – it’s Father’s Day, if I have to go to the pub to watch the rugby I can!

    • The Slow Eater

      Totally agree. It’s a bloody disgrace. How many channels does 10 have – surely at 9.30 on a Sunday morning they can slot it into Channel 1 or 11.

      I just got Foxtel – they had a no lock in contract deal so for $50 a month for the World Cup period you can see any game, and then drop it straight away. It’s not right for the worlds 3rd biggest sporting event but that’s how it is unfortunately.

      FTA are playing themselves right out of existence

      • Who?

        Is it FTA, or is it the ARU, and Fox..?
        And if I were thinking of spending $100 for the RWC, I’d be more likely to spend $70 for one of the legal, paid, online streaming services…

        • The Slow Eater

          I could be wrong but I think FTA have the rights and its up to them whether they decide to play it

          What legal service would play the RWC games?

        • Who?

          Haven’t looked for RWC, but know that there’s an option for 6N’s, ECC (both), Pro12, etc… Then there’s ‘grey’ options (breaking terms and conditions but not laws).

  • muffy

    I am really pleased to hear the Scott Sio is going to have a crack at hooker. It would strengthen the scrum andhe’s no slouch around the park. If he can successfully convert, I think that might be a great thing. It would put TAF under a bit of pressure!

  • Chinese Dave

    To be fair to England Rugby, it seems more like the journo is hypothesising rather than there being any actual story here.

  • Haz

    Yeah I don’t think that’s coming from England at all

    Tbh most people in England are pissed that Aus and Wales are happy to take 2 hookers yet apparently taking Hartley as our 3rd hooker is “an unacceptable risk”…

  • Tomthusiasm


  • Matt

    Yes, Folau would be a better option at fullback than Slade, but not sure why you think that is particularly surprising.

    I doubt Folau would make the bench of an ABs side given his relative lack of versatility compared to a utility like Barrett (for example).

    Folau is a terrific player but in my view Ben Smith is slightly stronger overall.

  • Tomthusiasm

    Folau on the right wing or perhaps in the centres, jeez he’d look good in black too.

  • Tomthusiasm

    Black isn’t a colour.

  • 15 and counting…

    Time to take your medicine pal. You can treat that deep-rooted bitterness.

  • Tomthusiasm

    Who told you about their secret training techniques? Do you think that the Wallabies will try and take this on board too? 50 shades of Nathan Grey?


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