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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s rugby news has no Matt Giteau at Wallabies training, Hayne reacts to no offer from the Waratahs, Laurie Mains slams the Springboks and the Chiefs receive a boost.

Giteau Still Missing

matt giteau

Matt Giteau is the only main overseas based player yet to join the Wallabies ahead of the Rugby Championship.

Toulon have reportedly threatened to not honour contract payments if he goes and plays for the Wallabies

Drew Mitchell, Will Genia, Quade Cooper and Adam Ashley-Cooper are among 40 squad members already training with the Wallabies in Sydney.

Uncapped players in the squad include Waratahs prop Tom Robertson, Rebels forward Lopeti Timani and Western Force recruit Bill Meakes.

The Wallabies will soon move their training to the Central Coast to continue their preparation for the Rugby Championship.

“The only reason I’ve returned from France is because they finally followed through on my request to have camp on the coast,” Adam Ashley-Cooper said.

“I am always proud and honoured to say that I was born and raised on the Central Coast. The people, culture and beaches are some of the best in the world.

“I know Wallabies players love getting out and about around the country and visiting towns out of the major cities, but I guess this one is extra special from me because I’m returning home.”

Hayne Responds

Jarrad Hayne’s manager Wayne Beavis has responded to the news that the Waratahs will not offer Hayne a Super Rugby contract.

Beavis says Hayne is still open to switching codes but all offers will be considered.

“We never talked to the Waratahs, we only talked with the ARU and we remain open to all offers,” Beavis said.

“When the time comes, I will sit down with Jarryd, put all the offers in front of him and he will make a decision then.”

Hayne is still a good chance of returning to the NRL with his former club the Parramatta Eels but Beavis has revealed that “there has been no formal offer from Parramatta”.

Mains Slams Springboks

Former All Blacks coach Laurie Mains has criticised South Africa’s quota system saying the Springboks days of being “top competitors are over”.

“When I coached over there I could see the reason for it (a quota system),” Mains told

“It was a genuine attempt to create opportunities for the black and coloured players and I respected that, because there hadn’t been big numbers of them.

“The ones that are playing at the top level now are getting the advantage of what happened in the late 90s, early 2000s, when they first brought in this system at Currie Cup level.

“It no longer needs to be there, it should now revert back to the best players get selected because all of the players in South Africa in the last 15-18 years have had opportunity to develop.

“It should go back to straight merit selection and then we would have a world power in South Africa again.

“You can’t go on forever favouring the position of one colour against another.

Boost for Chiefs

The Chiefs have been boosted by the inclusion of Sam Cane for this weekend’s must win clash against the Hurricanes.

Cane was ruled out of last week’s match against the Stormers due to concussion.

“He’s bounced back really well,” Chiefs coach Dave Rennie said.

“We thought it was pretty minor and he was grumpy that we took him off but it was the right call and we’re confident he will be ready to go.”

Stephen Donald has been ruled out with a shoulder injury whilst All Black Seta Tamanivalu will return from a knee injury.

“Seta will be pretty important. He’s a big man who carries hard and he draws a lot of attention so it’s nice to have that option with Beaver (Donald) being no good.”


  • John Tynan

    “If you play for the Wallabies I’m going to pay you!!” said the colourful comic book owner.. (looks like you missed a word in your Giteau story, Hugh. 2nd para?)

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Yeah not sure about that paragraph. Honouring contract payments doesn’t seem like much of a threat to me, I’d be happy for someone to threaten to pay me. Maybe the issue is that if he plays and gets injured then Toulon won’t pay him until he can play again and that is something that I think would prevent these guys from making themselves available for the wallabies.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Just read this on a NZ news Site. Apparently it cost him over $250K to play in the World Cup and with this tournament being longer he would lose even more. With a salary of $1.9M you’d think he could afford it but I can also understand if he decides not to play. If he got injured in Australia his loss would be even more and maybe it’s time to let him go as he’s already given a lot to the ARU.

      • muffy

        There is a cirtain colourful comic book owner doing nothing to change my mind that he is an A grade knob – allegedly
        I dont care who you are, but losing 500K would be too much for anyone. Hats off to him turning his back on 250K, but 500, thats a step too far.

        • Square-eyes

          You can hardly blame the “cirtain colourful comic book owner” for this, if he’s just enforcing a contract.
          The ARU have moved the goalposts since last year by allowing overseas players. That probably wasn’t a factor when Gits contract was signed.

        • muffy

          Except you are incorrect, he has done it to Gethen Jenkins and Leigh Halfpenny. Countries with long standing arrangements.
          His reasoning then was that the June series are only friendlies. He hasn’t even bothered to give a reason for the Rugby Championship, just more threats, using his wallett to get his way.
          Like I said, hes not doing anything to change my mind.

  • Christopher

    Question – who pays to fly and house all the overseas based players? Obviously the ARU. thats some decent bikkies if there is no intent to have them in the 23? Also do they have contracts with the ARU that rely on them playing? Point being if AAC has an ARU contract then gets injured playing in Europe, misses the RC – is the ARU still paying him?

    • Train Without A Station

      They are sponsored by Qantas and have hotel sponsors.

      If they are paying anything, I highly doubt they are paying what you and I are paying off webjet and hotels combined.

    • Braveheart81

      The overseas players have no ongoing contracts with the ARU. I believe they are paid something to attend the camp like everyone else and then get match payments like the other players. If they aren’t fit to be selected then they don’t get paid.

      • brumby runner

        I have no idea about the arrangements with the o/s players and I don’t doubt your explanation per se, but I wonder if there is a basis for your belief. If there is no contract, how are they compensated for injury time away from their primary contract etc?

  • Brisneyland Local

    Has anyone got any news on QC?
    Great picture of him and Willy G back together a few days ago!

    • Train Without A Station

      Training with the Wallabies in Sydney.

      Cheika’s trying to get him to go to the Tahs I bet!

      • Wendy Wills

        No way. Firstly, I’m sure Quade has more loyalty than that, and secondly, he wouldn’t want to sit on the bench behind Foley, which is what he would have to do! Go Reds, Go Quade!!

    • Nick

      Quade’s looking darker than Will Genia these days. Been getting some serious rays. Also,his head appears to be twice as large as Will’s. Haha.

  • Tim

    Would love to see Lopeti Timani in the final squad but as per normal he will get dropped at the very first opportunity he can. Its a shame about gitz he and genia would be the only two i would bring back from overseas

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Good on Main for having the balls to speak out although I guess we all now won’t have long to wait for the declarations of racism to start. I agree with any changes to a system that prevents people moving forward whether it be from race, gender, religious affiliation or anything else but it has to be balanced with the requirements of the overall system. Pushing people into positions where they are unsuited or unable to perform because of their race, gender, religious affiliation or anything else creates more problems than it solves. I think setting up a system so all players are able to get the same coaching and opportunities as anyone else is a far better approach. If a player’s good enough, like Habana, then they’ll get in anyway. I think Main has a good point and a false quota with nothing behind it will see South African rugby decline and that will only make things worse for those players pushed into a position they aren’t ready for.

    Go the Hurricanes! Ardie will prevent Sam Cane from being the impact player the Chief are hoping for.


    • Sideshow

      Only 10% of the South African population is white. If they really jumped on board with inclusion then South Africa would dominate world rugby. But they don’t, because of entrenched racism. Main’s position basically says, screw it, let’s just make it a white sport in SA. He is either naive, or racist. The current quota system recognizes this and says no.

      • Muzz

        It’s hard to have a good grasp on the situation without being familiar with the issues at play in South Africa. But the quota seems like a top down approach to change which will not necessarily benefit anyone much. I think Mains has a point in saying that plenty of developmental effort has gone into the black community since the 90’s and this is resulting in more high level black players. It may be best to have a concerted and sustained program to develop young and emerging black players so that many of them are genuinely in a position to challenge for a Springbock jersey on merit.
        And Sideshow I think saying Mains is racist is drawing a long bow as he raises some valid points. Just because the key issue is race does that automatically make him racist. I don’t think so but people are quick to play the race card in situations like this instead of having rational discussion.

      • Paul

        I don’t really see how what Laurie Mains has said is naive or racist. He is speaking as an expert and a person with first hand experience having coached in South Africa – and acknowledged that there was a need for the quota system when it was first introduced.

        I think it’s a bit harsh labelling someone racist if they call for selection based on merit. Surely that is the opposite of racist. Wouldn’t selection based on the colour of your skin be racist?

        • paul

          Sorry but at know point have I accused Laurie Mains as being racist.

        • Paul

          I’m replying to Sideshow. Not you.

        • Sideshow

          Reverse discrimination is not racism. It’s a policy to combat entrenched racism. It attempts to break down the racist attitudes by encouraging the white supremists to invest in black and coloured rugby development with enough resources that enough top level non-white players are coming through so that the quota system is being filled on merit. If it isn’t being filled on merit, then not enough resources have been invested. So if you want your beloved national team to do better, then you have to try harder and be more effective with your development resources. It’s pretty simple. So if someone like Mains says it should be dumped because there aren’t enough quality non-white players coming through, then he either is too naive to understand the purpose of the quota system, or he is racist.

        • Paul

          I think Mains point is that the quota system has been effective and non-white players are coming through now and therefore it is not needed anymore.

          But I guess you are one of these people who label everybody as racist unless they agree with your point of view.

        • JJJ

          As far as I can see the quota system has no exit strategy. At some point (if not already) it’s going to be racist. At some point you are systematically denying generations of South Africans chances for development and advancement based solely on race, the very thing you are claiming to be fixing.

          I’ve no doubt that at this stage it’s less about correcting injustices and more about easy political gain.

      • paul

        I make no pretense that i have any knowledge of SA’s political issue’s, however i can see the irony of trying to sell,
        ‘You can’t go on forever favouring the position of one colour against another.’
        to the black population of SA

        • Sideshow

          It’s called reverse discrimination. There’s nothing new about it. And yes, there is a level of irony to it.

        • MM

          Nothing “reverse” about it, its discrimination.

    • Happyman

      Hi Kiwi I tend to agree with you from the outside looking in the South African Provincial teams are pretty well integrated a national team should be about putting the best teams that are there to represent your country. The amount of players that are playing overseas speaks to the impact that the Quota system, is having. I think that Sout Africa seems to be mature enough that they don’t need this going forward.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Thanks mate, I think the issue should be focussed on the opportunities for integration at the lower level so that there is equal opportunity for all the good players to grow. Love that it appears to stop SA world domination of rugby – loss of credibility right there.

        • Happyman

          Yes the ugly spectre of self interest. If the SAFA’s ever got there stuff together we would all be well and truly in trouble. If they all start playing like the lions we are going to struggle. Fortunately the Bulls and Stormers seem locked in the past.

    • Lindommer

      How many white players are there in the Saffer soccer side?

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Don’t know and don’t care. I have no interest in a game where cry babies pretend they’re injured and the supporters act like Twats

        • first time long time

          Lol, That is sportism at its worst/best!

        • Keith Butler

          Great picture.

  • Gavin

    Unless the ARU is moving the Force to Western Sydney there is no point in signing Hayne

  • Seb V

    The inclusion of Timani in the squad will have a lot of G&GR posters happy!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      absolutely. Although we’ll be even happier if he makes the cut

      • jamie

        Kiwis like playing the best? ;-)

        Timani is a serious bloke to handle.

    • Tim

      love Timani!!!!

    • GoMelbRebels

      C’mon, LT is the man! Put him in green and gold, wind him up and watch him go!

  • Tim

    Thoughts on that team? Not going to lie it would be pretty amazing but doubt cheika would ever pick it

    • Dud Roodt

      Cubelli might be a step too far for him to include in the squad

      • Tim

        hahaha yeah it would be lovely having a decent 9 tho

    • Andy

      LLF shouldn’t be near the team. Terribly overrated imho

      • Seb V

        I like Lilo, but I thought he has struggled with form this year. Actually the last 2 years now.

        • first time long time

          I like him too.
          The game he played at 12 against the AB’s in Mckenzie’s last match in charge was a absolute blinder.
          He just hasn’t been able to reproduce it regularly unfortunately.

        • Tim

          the best number 10 in our comp is the western force 10 but he wont be picked

        • Braveheart81

          I like Jonno Lance both as a player and a person but he played 6 games all season and the Force won one of them. Claiming he is the best 10 in Australia is pretty unrealistic.

        • Tim

          force only won 2 games. If you watch the force vs Brumbies his kicking game and decision making put the Brumbies under so much pressure which almost saw them pull off a victory. Its a bit harsh saying that his bad because his team is bad. He has an average backline to work with not super stars like the other teams have such as the brumbies or the tahs.

        • Braveheart81

          Yes, they only won two games. I rate Lance’s playing ability and thought he played some excellent rugby in the NRC last year and then the start of the Super Rugby season before his injury. All I’m saying is that it’s a big stretch to say he’s the best 10 in Australia. There’s not a lot to back that up.

        • Tim

          I agree but at the moment our number 10’s are like our seconders (before the june test) they are all average and even poor yet Cheika wont pick anyone else but foley and christian lealiifano, no depth is being built

        • Andy

          I like him too. Seems like a decent chap but makes way too many errors. Thought he was good a few years back but hasn’t come really come on. As much as people seems to dislike Foley (likely a Tahs thing) he still creates more opportunities than any other 10 in Oz. sure he isn’t as reliable as we’d all like with the boot but he still is the best option at 10.

        • Pedro

          just seems to have lost a little pace, he was never a quick player but had decent acceleration.

          Interestingly though he is Australia’s best goal kicker at super level.

      • jamie

        His super form has been Reasonably good IMO. Disappointed in his wallaby form though.

  • jamie

    Unless there is a push for black/coloured players to play rugby, a 30% quota just doesn’t work. Things like this have to be started from the bottom up. There’s no quotas for a certain amount of white players in any basketball or athletics teams in S Africa is there? I know the history and why there is a quota, but Im fairly certain I remember reading that there is something like 90% white rugby players in south Africa’s club and non professional system.

    Let the best player play. I wonder how a player of black skin would feel knowing there is a better player in his position, but he was left out because of the colour of his skin. A little Guilty perhaps? I would.

    • Paul

      50% of the squad must be made up of non-white players by the 2019 World Cup.

    • Square-eyes

      If you “know the history and why there is a quota” then you know that it’ll likely be easier to find a white rugby player who knows there are potentially better players out there denied the opportunity to play because of the colour of their skin. Ask them.
      The SA Govt has asked the national rugby association to sort it out. They probably assume that they’ll put pressure down the way to get the regions/districts/clubs etc to sort out the lower layers and grass roots. After all, they know rugby better than the govt.

  • Stirl

    So the question is, after almost two decades, has the quota system been effective enough that the problem it was brought in to fix, is now fixed? Mains appears to believe “yes”.

    The official SA govt view is “no”. Is this opinion or is there solid evidence behind the smoke and mirrors?

    In truth, the SA govt view looks justified.

  • BookiesMan

    Laurie Mains is a bit out of touch. The SA powerhouse has long been knocked down.
    SA are behind a lot of teams in world rugby now and are destined to fall further adrift. This is NOT to do with any quotas.
    1. SuperRugby is not so Super no more. The competition has been diluted to have a lot of pants in there – at least 2 in each group, apart from NZ
    2. Cash – players are off to Europe in much the same way software developers used to be – by the planeful
    3. Rugby development – SA cant keep up with NZ and Eng in terms of funding for their local big teams and their national side. More and more players will choose to be developed outside SA.

  • BookiesMan

    Bath name Todd Blackadder as director of rugby with Tabai Matson head coach


  • Big Ted

    I see what you did there…I like = Kudos

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    I think it’ll be one starting then the other coming on later. Going to be hard to handle

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Absolutely. Not in all ways, especially the leadership that McCaw brought to the game, but in some ways they bring more. Cane is a better fetcher and Savea is more dynamic with the ball in hand


Wallabies, Waratahs and Northern Suburbs supporter. Twitter: @Hughadams01

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