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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s rugby news has Israel Folau backing Marika Koroibete, 50 test caps for Israel Folau, Simon Cron to coach Aussie u20’s and All Blacks criticism deserved.

Folau Backs Koroibete

Wallabies fullback Israel Folau has backed Marika Koroibete’s potential as he makes the switch to Rugby Union.

Koroibete has been included in the Wallabies squad but it remains to be seen whether he will play a test match whilst on tour.

“He’s an exceptional player,” Folau said.

“His speed and natural talent is all there. Just having a quiet chat to him, I think [he’s] trying to learn the similar things to what I was learning when I first entered the game and I’m sure over time he’ll get the hang of things and I think the best way to learn is just playing and going out there and play.

“When he gets his opportunity to get game time I’m sure he’ll learn. That’s the quickest way he’ll learn, as much as he does, in and around training.”

50 for Folau

Israel Folau is expected to earn his 50th test cap against Scotland this week after making his debut for the Wallabies in 2013.

Folau reflected on his time so far in the Wallabies jersey.

“Looking back on my journey it was obviously different starting out playing Rugby League and I didn’t think my career would turn this way in going down this track and playing for the Wallabies,” he said.

“To get the opportunity to play for the Wallabies one time was probably a memorable moment in terms of my Rugby career.

“I just look back and I’m grateful for the journey that I’ve come on. It’s been a good one.”

Cron Signs with U20’s

Northern Suburbs coach Simon Cron has been signed as Australia’s new u20’s coach.

Cron is the nephew of All Blacks scrum coach Mike Cron and won the Sydney’s Shute Shield competition with Northern Suburbs this year.

Cron will be joined by Queensland’s Brothers coach Carl Marshall and former Wallaby Nic Henderson as assistant coaches.

“I’m very excited to be given this opportunity to coach Australia’s next generation of potential Wallabies,” he said.

“The U20s competition involves the best Rugby athletes from around the globe and this is something myself and my fellow coaches in Carl and Nic are really looking forward to getting stuck into.

“As part of that we must develop players who can step up into the Qantas Wallabies, Super Rugby and Sevens to compete on the International stage.”

Ab’s Criticism Deserved

All Blacks assistant coach Ian Foster says the All Blacks deserved to cop some criticism following their historic lose to Ireland.

Foster labelled the performance as “too predictable”.

“I think it is fair based on the Irish game. I think the Irish probably found us a bit predictable too,” Foster said.

“We struggled early in terms of ball supply and we were not able to paint some pictures that we needed to paint.

“So when we did eventually get the ball we did become predictable.”

  • Gottsy

    Wow that 50 for Folau has really snuck up on me. I hope it doesn’t take another 50 for us to learn how to maximize his potential!

    • jamie

      I think he’s missed one, maybe 2 tests since he debuted?

  • harro

    Great news on Simon Cron. Along with the Northern Suburbs win he did a fantastic job with the Rays in the NRC this year. We need more good coaches.

    What a quote from Ian Foster, ‘…we were not able to paint some pictures that we needed to paint.’ I miss Peter de Villiers

    • muffy

      Rrrug-bee iz a contect spowrt (spoken in my best Pieter de Villiers exsent)

    • Thoms

      His next stop will be a European side no doubt unless a Super Rugby job is lined up.

  • Bay35Pablo

    I think Cron is a good coach, but I cannot help but think ARU has a horrible habit of rushing people into jobs like this. Every player, coach or ref is always the next Great Gold Hope, and is rushed in to work their magic from the last level they were successful at to the next level up. But there is a big step up from Shute Shield and NRC to international level even U20s.
    Sometimes it works, but often it fails and everyone stands around wondering how it all went wrong.
    Players, coaches, etc take time to season. Look at NZ, where they usually do their time at NPC and then assistant Super Rugby level, to season them up. Cheika had to go overseas and get his spurs, like a lot of our coaches seem to have to do, as we just don’t have the number of pro spots here to provide opportunities to all. And we waste some of them on people like Dicky Graham despite him having no runs on the board at all …..

    • Happyman

      Cron has done plenty of time in Shute Shield and they have also appointed the Brothers coach from up here in a U20 role. As much as I hate the Filth they are to be congratulated on getting all of there teams into finals in Brisbane this year and taking out the prems. So they must be doing something right.

      There are some really good coaches at the lower levels who are much more capable than those paid by the state unions.

    • jamie

      Now now, Dicky graham served his apprenticeship at the force, who were very, ah, (what’s the word where you get a participation medal and that’s all?) competitive, or something.. His Win/Loss record is pure ARU gospel

    • Xaviera

      Cron is a great get – I hope we can keep him. His work at Norths, not just with 1st grade, but throughout the club, has been extensive. Similarly, albeit with only a short preparation, he did really well with the Rays, especially when they lost some serious cattle to early season injuries. He’s a top shelf talent and I’d love to see him stay in the Australian system. If he gets the U20s with enough time, they may well pleasantly surprise.

    • His move to the U20’s is a good next step up from NRC. He’ll probably have two or three years there (as Thompson did) and then go to assistant coach at a SR team. That’s bringing him along at a nice steady rate, not making him the “next great gold hope”.

      In the last three years we should have made the semis or finals at least twice so I’m glad to see the change to the coaching staff.

  • McWarren

    One thing that struck me with the Ireland win was their kick chase defensive line. It was well organised, straight, evenly spaced and moving forward as one line. Any counter attack opportunities really had to be earned. Their well placed kicks also helped the chase, not too deep, not to short and high enough for the defensive line to get organised and move forward at a fast but consistent pace. They don’t have anyone charging out of the line trying to make the big hit, or panicking because they aren’t sure where everyone else is. I think if all teams take anything from the Ireland win it is that basic rugby played well will beat the even the AB’s.
    I don’t know much about Cron but I wish him and his team all the best. The U20’s is such a good concept and a great platform for players. With the right coaching it can really provide a some depth to our SR teams.
    After all my rage about him going on the tour, and I still think its a bit iffy, but I had nearly forgotten Marika was on tour. That must mean we’ve been talking rugby rather than politics. How refreshing.
    Well done Izzy, its been fun to watch.

    • Missing Link

      good analysis to nullify one of NZ’s biggest strike weapons

      • McWarren

        Could you forward this onto the ARU, I’m looking for a career change.

        • Missing Link

          I’ll txt “Check” now and put in the good word for you :)

    • Kevino

      Agree with the kick chase, it lead to the last try as well. Put the AB’s under pressure on close to their goal line and found a opportunity to force a scrum.

      Have to say it, Simon Zebos chase, leap and catch has to be one of the best of all time. No way Ireland have been able to get the ball back like that. He really committed everything in that game.

    • DK

      The Wallabies have a good chase, problem is the kick part…

      • Xaviera

        Did you not watch the Welsh Test? Hodge was very active with his kicking, including a monster 22 to 22 effort from a free kick, plus DHP kicks too. All of a sudden we have variety from different parts of the field, and that will only improve as combinations improve.

        • DK

          Agreed, we were very good for that 1 game. Having the kick options looks like it helps a lot and I’ve always though that there is no substitute for a good distance kicker (Andrew Walker come to mind) If you miss touch at least your 70m down the field.
          Hopefully we find some consistency with our play and this continues for many more than just 1 good game.

        • Xaviera

          Don’t forget it was only his second match at 12, so it will take a bit of time for it to be seamless, but I liked what I saw. One of the many reasons Australia was a great rugby team in the early 80s and again in the 90s was each team had some blokes who could really hoof the ball, whether it was Campo (whose torpedo punt was a thing of beauty), or Roger Gould, Chris Latham, or Matty Bourke, and that’s even before we consider the 10s and 12s. So the big boots in those teams weren’t actually the 10s, and some of the 10s weren’t renown for the size of their kick, although they may have been crafty kickers e.g. Mark Ella. It’s all about balance and options, and we seem to be developing both.

      • McWarren

        I disagree mate. It might be enthusiastic but it is disorganised and crooked. Too many gaps which can be exploited by simple steps or offloads. Either a winger or backrower come charging out of the line, or we try to cut off the inside pass by bending the line. We need to keep the line straight, well spaced and moving forward, not be tempted to move up on the inside.

  • Thoms

    Cron is a great appointment. Glad we’re keeping him in Oz.

    • McWarren

      ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! Only joking, its a good appointment. I like seeing domestic success rewarded with a domestic job.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Congratulations on Folau for his milestone. That’s pretty cool and really good to see.
    I must admit I like the way the AB’s have accepted the loss and moved on.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      Yep. Even as a Wallaby fan through and through, who is sick and tired of being flogged by the tongue pointers, I have to say that their no excuses attitude is commendable. Small wonder that they are the best Rugby playing nation on Earth.

      • Pearcewreck

        Yeah but, it’s easy to accept the loss and move on when you only lose once a year.
        See how they go if they loss a few in a row.
        But it won’t happen, so we will never know.

        • Simon

          If they lost a few in a row, it would be the closest you would ever see to a NZ revolution.

    • Nutta

      Said someone smarter than I: You learn more through defeat then you ever do through victory if you are but open to the lesson.

    • ozrugbynut

      Much easier to do when a loss is an aberration, and you are comprehensively outplayed through the match. This says nothing at all about nz rugby. Until they encounter setbacks a la 2007 consistently we cannot comment with authority. I suspect they would react like anyone else.

  • The Jackal

    The much maligned Nick Phipps also reaches 50 Tests this weekend. Congrats to him as well. Players reach these milestones so quickly now sooooooooo many Tests each year

    • Keith Butler

      Very good point. Back in the 1970/80s when I was playing you probably had to spend 10 years injury free to accumulate 50 caps. Just the 5 Nations (no Italy) and one game Nov/Dec against either the Wallabies, Boks or All Blacks. Not a lot of player burn out them. Mind you we played 30 -35 club games a season plus county championships so still ended up playing straight through from September to May.

  • Adrian

    SMH has posted Wallaby team, with only change to run on side being Genia replacing Phipps.

    SMH quotes Cheika as inferring Mumm will be on bench,…along with Phipps. Rest of bench not named.

    He has Cheika talking about different finishing options, …whatever that means. It could mean different locks on the bench I think,…or maybe Mumm as a lock replacement….who knows?

  • jamie

    The Ull Blucks made 12 starting changes to their side. Even without their best XV on the field, I’m feeling quite sorry for Italy right now.

  • Dorothy Ball

    Looking forward to seeing all of you in beautiful Georgia in June for the U20s. Going to see Georgia v Japan on Sat and v Samoa the following week. Should be great games.

  • Haz

    England and SA teams out if anyone is interested. Looks like it’s going to be absolutely brutal with the boks picking a back 5 of Etzebeth, de Jäger, Alberts, Whitely and du Toit.

    M Vunipola, Hartley, Cole
    Launchbury, Lawes
    Robshaw, B Vunipola, Wood
    Youngs, Ford
    Farrell, Daly
    May, Brown, Yarde

    Mtawirara, Strauss, Kock
    Etzebeth, de Jäger
    Alberts, Whitely, du Toit
    Paige, Lambie
    De Allende, Venter
    Combrinck, Le Roux, Pietersen


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