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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News has an old favourite retiring, a postponed meeting, a determined Reds and an injured maddog McCalman.

Mumm Out


Dean Mumm has announced this season will be his last, with the veteran lock stepping down to a) go into insurance and b) walk to the North Pole for charity. Men and women up and down the country whose humour purely relies on making fun of other people, and running those jokes into the ground, are said to be devastated.

Mumm, who has played 124 times for the Waratahs and 57 times for the Wallabies, made the announcement at Allianz Stadium, accompanied by all his teammates.

“When you get to be the oldest in the team and at the back of the bus there’s probably only one way out and retirement’s something I’ve been working towards for a couple of years now,” Mumm said, according to the SMH. “I was pretty clear with Daryl [Gibson] and the boys, they’ve known that this was going to be my last year.

“When I left here in 2012 I never thought I’d play for the Waratahs or Wallabies again,” Mumm continued. “When you give it up and leave it you understand what it means to come back. Hopefully that’s something I’ve personified since I’ve been back and treasured the moments you do have in those jerseys.”

Asked for most cherished memory, Mumm said “I’ve been a Waratahs fan my whole life and I wasn’t here when they won in 2014 but that’s a pretty special moment for me. “I’d been involved in a journey before that. Ultimately I am a Waratah and will forever be.”

In his downtime, Mumm is planning to walk to the North Pole in support of Borne, a charity that raises awareness of premature births. Mumm and his partner lost two children this way before their first child, Alfie, was born in 2015.

“It was a pretty hard time for us,” Mumm said. “I can’t pretend it [the trek] is going to be easy. Leaving an Aussie summer going into minus 25 [degrees] is probably going to be a little different. I imagine when you finish it will be a great sense of satisfaction.”

It seems as if the Tahs will pick up Tom Staniforth from the Brumbies next year as Mumm’s replacement, as Ned Hanigan is “being sculpted into a high-class back rower”.

No Makeshift Meeting

Tatafu adrdessing hookers

The makeshift meeting that the ARU proposed in lieu of the EGM demanded by RUPA and the VRU isn’t going to happen, Fox Sports reports. However, the EGM will still be a fixture, although it requires a minimum of 21 days’ notice to organise.  It appears that this makeshift meeting isn’t going ahead because of scheduling.

The big point of this news is that there could be a spill of the executives mid-way through the June test series.

“The ARU is working on a date to be announced in the coming days, but it is legally required to give members at least 21 days notice before any general meeting,” says the report.

“If called this week, the SGM would likely be held in the lead-up to Australia’s second Test against Scotland in Sydney.

“While RUPA did not call for the meeting with the intention of challenging the ARU’s leadership — simply seeking more details on what is happening behind the scenes — there could be a push for a board spill or a vote of no confidence if other voting members are not satisfied with what they hear.”

As noted in the latest GAGR podcast, it’s been 7 weeks since Pulver et al. said it’d take 48-72 hours to cut a team.

Reds Wants Win

Queensland Reds Co-Interim Head Coach  Nick Stiles

The Reds were done by the Western Force last time around, and Nick Stiles ain’t having any more of it. Stiles also knows a thing or two about the Force, having been their forwards coach between 2011 and 2013 (Wessels was defence coach at the time).

“The Force will try to scrag Fris and do everything else possible to slow down our ball as the best way to nullify our dangerous backs,” Stiles told the Courier Mail.

“I know because I was once on the other side driving the chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, being dirty at the breakdown and getting away with what you could from the ref.

“The Reds too often rocked up to win it just on reputation. This match will be a good test of our growth as a team and preparing to the full to show the Force the respect they are due.

“The Brumbies have nearly got a two-game jump on everyone so it’s going to be tough to get that back [the Reds are 7 points behind] but the conference is still alive if we keep winning games.”

It’s also been revealed that Stiles has brought in Rohan Hoffman to ref the Reds during training, to help the Reds stop doing dumb shit during the game.

“There’s a positive to having a ref at training to hopefully help us make smarter choices defensively at the breakdown, going for the ball or counter-rucking,” Stiles said, also to the Courier Mail.

“There are also those annoying off-side penalties because if you have players not retreating half a step and being penalised it’s a lazy effort that is not acceptable.”

McCalman Out

20161002_0322_Ben McCalman during NRC 2016 Rd6 on Oct 2 2016 in Perth, Australia. Photo- Johan Schmidt Photography

On the Force front, Ben McCalman, who’s only managed one or two games this season, has been ruled out with a fourth injury this year. This time, it’s his permacrocked shoulder, and it’s five weeks.

This means McCalman’s going to miss out for the June series. ‘Maddog’ has seen several shoulder specialists, and will have surgery in an attempt to fix the troublesome joint once and for all.

“The best explanation I’ve understood from the doctors is the first time it happens, your body kind of reacts – it knows there’s an injury (to heal),” Wessels told Planet Rugby.

“But if that happens a number of times, the body starts to treat that fracture as normal. So the body hasn’t reacted and healed the fracture in the way we would have expected, because he’s had a number of repeats there.

“So they’ve done a couple of different medical things to try to shore that up and get a different response. I think, for the first time, we’ve finally got on top of what’s actually causing the injury.

“We’re pretty confident about that. We’re hoping after the Test break, he’ll be good to go.”

Meanwhile, Tomas Cubelli will join his teammates in Argentina, but won’t be playing against the Jags. Cubelli, still recovering from a knee injury, will instead play tour guide. That’s what the Canberra Times says anyway.

  • Kiap

    How is it that “the Tahs will pick up Tom Staniforth”?

    Isn’t there supposed to be a freeze on signing non-Wallaby players?

    • Miss Rugby

      Only for teams that don’t start with a W and end with an S. As long as they fit those paremeters they can talk to and sign who they like.

      • juswal

        Western Force now changing name to Western Fours

    • Braveheart81

      All the teams have been talking to players and working out the outlines of contracts that will now wait until they have certainty and can get approval from the ARU. Expect a flurry of contract announcements as soon as stuff is sorted out. Teams haven’t stopped planning for next year because they can’t get contracts finalised.

      • Chinese Dave

        No, only the waratahs would do that, the righteous Brumbies, Reds, Force and Rebels would never stoop to such behaviour. (Mind you, the Rebels probably wouldn’t, they’re too busy hoovering up all the drop-out Kiwis in NZ).

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Which is why they keep getting their arses handed to them

  • Huw Tindall

    Given the amount of hate directed Dean Mumm’s way on Australian rugby forums I expect this to be henceforth an annual day of celebration.

    Personally I think the hate isn’t due. Can’t blame a guy for getting picked and then by all accounts playing to the extent of his ability all the while being a top bloke off the pitch. Could ask for a lot worse representatives of the sky blue and green and gold.

    • Tommy Brady

      Any guy who plays a combined 181 games for state and country is the one celebrating the loudest. The lack of respect shown here by several individuals never skilled enough to even play 1 has not gone unnoticed. Some today will likely herald the news as positive. I would look at the current deplorable state of Australian rugby and be hoping any half proven guy would hang around.

      • Bobas

        Welcome to the internet, Matt Burke.

      • first time long time

        I can only assume you are just as unqualified as the majority of us, so why is your alternate point of view anymore valid?

      • Funk

        “I would look at the current deplorable state of Australian rugby and be hoping any half proven guy would hang around.” I don’t think these two things are mutually exclusive…isn’t part of the deplorable state due to many young up and comers leaving the country for greener fields abroad because they can’t get a shot due to half proven guys hanging around too long???

    • Funk

      I don’t think there has ever been any hate towards Dean Mumm, more so disillusionment and confusion as to why he was continually selected when there were players more deserving, who were playing with better skill and form.
      I have never hated him but I definitely questioned his selection on numerous occasions.

      • Bobas

        I’m in a similar boat as you.
        Although I loved making lame puns about his name. Sad to see him leave considering he’s our best lineout technician.
        I expect Sam Carter may inherit his “supporters” come next season.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I admit I’ve been one of his biggest critics on this site. But despite that I do recognise that anyone who has played as long as he has and represented his country with the passion he brings to the game is worthy of respect for that.

      I wish him well for the future and I hope he has a successful move on from rugby.

      • onlinesideline

        @kiwi – despite the fact that you said this yesterday ?

        “Thank fuck. Just 1 more season of being an innefective belligerent cock then” – doesnt sound like criticism but a personal attack and now you wish him all the best above ? – one day its that and next day its this ? – do I have a fair point ?

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Now that he’s retiring should we all forget his niggly off the ball nonsense, cynical penalties, mouthing off at the other team?

          He seems like a fine bloke off the field (despite the fact he’s going into insurance) and I wish him all the best, but that doesn’t change the fact that not only was he continually selected over better players for the Wallabies for both the Tahs and Wallabies, his discipline and behaviour have not been good.

        • onlinesideline

          oh cmon – with respect I would hardly say that mouthing off at the other team is considered bad behavour. This happens in ALL grades, right through to test matches. Have you ever heard close up what goes down at this level – its hapenning the whole match by all and sundry. I would consider it totally par the course – no reason to say anything negative about the bloke. The Poms and kiwis do it all the time in domestic and international matches. I agree he isnt wallaby standard but see absolutely nothing wrong with him on the field whatsoever – anyway everyone has an opinion.

        • Chinese Dave

          I’m with you on this one. If he was a better player it would probably be celebrated.

        • Keith Butler

          Can’t argue with your first sentence at all. Nice bit of blatant cynical play against the Rebs last week that should have had a yellow card but he got a shoeing on his arm instead which in my book was highly justified.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah fair but the ineffective belligerent cock is about how he plays on the field rather than him as a person. I can understand how it doesn’t look that way so fair call. I admit I don’t like the guy, but it’s based on his on field play because that’s all I know about him. I hear he’s a good guy off the field and I certainly respect his length of service. I just don’t like how he plays

    • first time long time

      Too right!!! I hate Cheika for making me hate him!

  • Nutta

    I am no Tarts fan but thankyou to Mummy for your service. Still my favourite face-planter of all time…

    Benny Boy – I think your done ol’ mate.

    Brilliant, innovative thinking by Stiles to employ someone to help with stopping dumb shit. Quite likely it’s an audition for taking on the same role in and around 29-57 Christie Street, St Leonards. Although I suspect an axe, shovel and lots of plastic bags may be required more then a whistle.

    • Andrew Luscombe

      Yellow card for tipping in the tackle?

      • Nutta

        A lot of the Refs I had in my final years would have carded him because it frightened them. Law 6.4.a – the Ref is sole judge of fact law & score. I judge this as brilliant.

  • McWarren

    1. Walking to North Pole for premature births
    2. Sticking up for the players at the Force and Rebels
    Just how does that morally equate to going into insurance?

    Thank god he’s retiring I was starting to like the guy.

    In all seriousness, well done Dean and good luck for the future.

  • Brisneyland Local

    I am siding with KRL.
    I wish him well in retirement, I thank him for his service to his country and to rugby. BUt it doesnt change the fact that he was an annoying fuckwit on the rugby field. Have never met him off it, so wont comment on it.

  • Pearcewreck

    Never knew about Dean Mumm’s personal struggles with losing 2 unborn children.
    That would be an extremely tough thing to go through.
    And well done to him for raising money (and awareness) for the Borne charity.
    One can only respect him for that.

    • McWarren

      yep, Rugby dims way into the background when you think of those struggles. Well said PW.

  • Adrian

    Mumm is often blamed for this and that and even for being selected because of his perceived “connections”.

    His father was on the ARU board or something.

    The reality is that he is a good all round player, a good lineout exponent, and a great on field coach/mentor of inexperienced lineout jumpers and throwers

  • Adrian

    Classic case of board room evasion by the ARU re the EGM

    They were never going to hold the meeting.

    This sort of thing happens a lot in the corporate world, where there is no significant “public interest”. There is a “public interest” here, but it’s been brow beaten into exhaustion.

    The same with cutting the extra team. It will eventually happen (or not), but by then, everyone except lawyers will be resigned to whatever. The lawyers will go away too, if money is used to (legally) buy acquiesce.

    • Braveheart81

      The EGM is going to happen. It has been called. It’s an interim unofficial meeting that isn’t happening.

      • Adrian

        Yes, your absolutely right.
        I meant the informal meeting, but somehow got carried away and wrote EGM

    • Chinese Dave

      Well, you see, there’s a scheduling problem. Poor Billy needs to have more coffee with his mates to line up the next underserving job to underperform at.

  • Brumby Runner

    With Staniforth, you’ll get a young bloke who plays with a lot of controlled aggression, who is especially good at lineouts whether on own throw or the opposition’s, is good at disrupting mauls, and a very effective tackler with the strength to hold an attacking player up to form a maul. Doesn’t usually make as many metres with ball in hand as I’d like to see. All in all, I think he is more like for like with Skelton rather than Dean Mumm.

  • Rebels3

    On a completely unrelated topic, i read the other day there is rumors that Liam Gill might be on the move to Lyon. Possibly a chance to get one of our best players back? Rumor originated from Gavin Mortimer the Top14 Journalist

  • Rob Malcolm

    Don’t think the Force will bother Frisby, he’s already slow enough

  • Rob Malcolm

    That was an unbelievable fend on good tackler.


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