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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursdays Rugby News sees Samu Kerevi staying Red, The Rebels conduct a review, Women’s World Cup Bid and Jordan Petaia inspired by his roommate.


Samu Kerevi Reds v Brumbies Super Rugby Round 3 2018_Sully_011

Reds fans can sleep a little easier with reporting that Kerevi is keen on signing a one-year extension with the Reds.

Last week the Daily Telegraph reported that Kerevi was considering leaving the Reds and was in deep contract talks with the ACT Brumbies.

Now it appears that he will be in Queensland for at least another year with Fox Sports sources claiming he is keen to repay the investment the Reds put into him, along with wanting to play in 2019 World Cup.

With Quade Cooper, Karmichael Hunt and James Slipper still contracted for 2019, though unlikely to play, it would be hard for the Reds to offer Samu a long term lucrative contract.

Kerevi would be a strong addition to the Brumbies, who lost Kyle Godwin and missed out on luring back former Brumby Matt Toomua.

Brad Thorn would be fortunate to keep Kerevi for another year. He has developed a powerful forward back, but still requires some experience and leadership in the back line. If Israel Folau does sign with the Reds, players like Kerevi will be needed to help the Waratahs superstar stand out in a Reds jersey.

With nothing official yet, it is still a positive sign for the Reds if Kerevi does opt to show loyalty to Queensland, especially after the claims of an exodus from Lukhan Tui, Izaia Perese along with the three other exiles.



The Rebels have launched an integrity and welfare review after what should have been a celebrated season for the Melbourne club that ended in two acts of violence, with two players charged by police.

The first instance involved two high profiled players; with Amanaki Mafi accused of assaulting team mate Lopeti Timani with Mafi being charge by police. Both players were fined $15,000 before they left to play for other clubs.

Weeks later, rookies Pone Fa’amausili and Hunter Paisami accused of a violent altercation at a Melbourne night club that left a man hospitalised. Police charged Paisami and both players were suspended indefinitely.

In light of these events, Rebels saw it fit to review all aspects of the clubs approach to welfare and integrity.

Led by Rebels Chairman Paul Docherty, the The review panel will host figures from within the Rebels including coach Dave Wessels and player Jordan Uelese, as well as Rugby Australia’s head of integrity Gerard McEvilly and a multiple rugby and business administrators from Victoria.

“Violence has no place in our club, in our code or in our communities, and the recent behaviour by some of our players has been completely unacceptable. We have taken responsibility for that as a club and the buck stops here,” Docherty said.

“The Melbourne Rebels are a proud, values based club and we recognise that we have an important role to play as part of Melbourne’s elite sporting community to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and advocate for initiatives that promote inclusion and combat violence, social inequity and injustice.”

The review should be completed by mid October.



Rugby Australia announced that Newcastle and the Hunter Valley would be the tournaments location as part of the bid to host the Cup.

During the announcement, Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle stated she believes that Australia could bring in record-breaking crowds for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2021.

Castle said: “The Women’s Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle event in Women’s XVs Rugby and we will show the world once again that Australia is unrivalled when it comes to delivering major sporting events.”

Castle believes that hosting this tournament would be a major push for the development of women’s rugby in Australia.

“We have more women and girls playing Rugby than ever before and we continue to see double-digit growth in participation in both our Sevens and XVs formats of the game. Hosting the tournament would provide us with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase the best of the women’s game to the Australian public.

Fans can show their support for the bid online by using #READY #BackTheBid #Australia2021 or visiting

World Rugby is expected to announce the winner of the right to host the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup in November.


Brumbies vs Chiefs: The Chiefs' fullback, Damien McKenzie kicks another conversion.

SANZAR have named their team of 2018 with some interesting additions and omissions.

Twelve of the fifteen teams were represented with the Reds Taniela Tupou and the Waratahs Israel Folau the only Australians included. Winger George Bridge was the only member of the championship winning Crusaders squad to be named, with four Chiefs named.

Chief’s fly half, Damien McKenzie was named Player of the Year after he was the number one player for beating defenders, and scored 177 points.

To fully understand how all the rankings work, head on over to https://sanzarrugby.comwhere they explain the Opta index and how players are recognised.

The 2018 Super Rugby Team of the year

15 Israel Folau


Scored nine tries in his final eight games of the season, and made 11.4 carries per game – the most of any outside back (min 10 games).
14 Solomon Alaimalo


Made more clean breaks (43) than any other player, while only Taqele Naiyaravoro (1,478) gained more metres than the Chiefs’ flyer (1,447).
13 Anton Lienert-Brown


Beat 53 defenders, made 22 offloads, and was one of just three outside centres to make five or more clean breaks in a single game.
12 Michael Little


Finished the campaign with 22 clean breaks and 56 defenders beaten – a team-high in each category.
11 George Bridge


Scored a club-record 15 tries in a single season and gained the third most metres of any player in the competition.
10 Damian McKenzie


Beat a joint-high 74 defenders for the season, kicked 62/80 goals, and scored more points (177) than any other New Zealand-based player.
9 TJ Perenara


Was directly involved in 10 tries for the campaign (4 tries, 6 assists), and won 11 turnovers – four more than any other scrum half.
8 Akira Ioane


Beat a joint-high 74 defenders while no forward made more clean breaks (18) than the Blues back row, he also scored the second most tries of any forward (8).
7 Jean-Luc du Preez


Made 31 offloads for the campaign, four more than any other player in the competition.
6 Pablo Matera


Won 13 turnovers (five more than he conceded) and was one of just three players to average 10+ carries and 10+ tackles per game.
5 Lodewyk De Jager


Won 63 lineouts for the season, the equal third most of any player in the competition, including five lineout steals.
4 Brodie Retallick


Only two forwards (Marx, A Ioane) scored more tries than Retallick (6) this season, who also made 17 offloads and 106 carries.
3 Taniela Tupou


No prop forward scored more tries (4) or beat more defenders (24) than the Reds’ Taniela Tupou.
2 Malcolm Marx


Marx scored 12 tries – the most of any forward in a single Super Rugby season while he won the second most turnovers of any player (27).
1 Steven Kitschoff


Made the most carries (117) and beat the second most defenders (17) of any prop.


Who would you put in the Team of the Year?


  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    The SANZAAR team of the season really shows the ridiculousness of basing teams of stats. I’m not going to put out names that don’t deserve to be there, but I think it is pretty evident that some of the guys aren’t the best players in their position.

    I don’t think Samu is making the right choice for his career, but it is good to see a guy with loyalty and who believes in what Thorn is trying to do with the Reds. It would have been a bitter blow to that team had he left.

    Behaviour of some of the Rebels are only going to fan the flames of indignation from out West, where Force fans can justifiably point out that the off the field the Force have been stable and a positive influence for a long time.

    Getting the women’s World Cup would be great. Good to see RA going for this.

    • IIPA

      Agree the Women’s WC in Hunter would be great.

      I didn’t mind the SANZAAR team, at least they rewarded players who helped carry poorer teams ( like Matera – ok the Argies weren’t that bad, Little,Tupou and Ioane). And was happy to see Bridge get further recognition.

    • Missing Link

      The Force were no angels … Remember Matt Henjak’s right hook?

      Then again, they’ll use any excuse. The Rebels will learn from this, onwards and upwards into the finals in 2019!

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        I did preface that by saying ‘for a long time’. I agree though that the Rebels will improve in both behaviour and results. It takes an extended period of time to improve a culture, and I had thought that Wessels and the Rebels players seemed to generally be doing a good job on that front.

      • Keith Butler

        We’ve got our 10, all we need to do now is harden up our front row.

      • Dud Roodt

        Not to mention punting Quokka’s!

        • Hoss

          What, they punched the loosie for the Lions. Thugs.

        • Mitch Leach

          Every time they mention his name I think of Scot Fava and his new sporting invention!!

    • Braveheart81

      SANZAAR have a team of the week through the season based on stats. It’s pretty normal that it follows with a team of the season based on the same thing and plugging their stats provider.

      Plenty of rugby publications have “expert” picked teams of the season so it is not like that content is not available.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Yep, I do get that. It doesn’t change what I said about the silliness of picking teams based on stats alone. Especially those over a season where some players get the opportunity to play more than others due to injury.

        It is interesting to see how divergent many of the experts’ teams of the season/week are though. They’re often as divergent as the fans’ are.

  • John Tynan

    My only point with Samu – and as a Reds fan I’m glad we “hopefully” get him to stay – is that for all the ways that loyalty gets chucked around, the Reds are not the organisational role model for loyalty.
    I hate to say that a positive attribute is misguided, but let’s just say it’s importance is greatly overstated in a professional era.

    The Reds have shown no loyalty to coaches that they went on WORLDWIDE head hunts to recruit and made decisions presumably with their eyes wide open – nekminnit…….

    And while Thorn may not have any personal loyalty to QC, where is the organisational integrity to oppose one man’s view? Apparently the team is bigger than one personality – as long as it’s not the head coaches….

    So all this talk of “loyalty” in the modern era – absolute self-serving, Grade A horse shit

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate I agree but I think the issue lies more with the management and board of the Reds than the coach. Yeah he’s the one fucking QC over, although I’m not sure how being paid $600K a year to play club rugby is being fucked over – I’d take it in a heartbeat, but the reason that this has occurred is because the board and management got QC back on an unsustainable contract . I actually firmly believe in the coach’s right to pick the players he/she wants. They are the ones who live or die by their results so they should have total say in who plays where. get it right and they’re heroes, get it wrtong and they look for a new job. I think the way Slipper, Hunt and QC are managed over the next year is going to be really interesting. TBH I’m not sure that any of them would be offered as much money as they are getting at the Reds in any other club anywhere else in the world so I can’t see a lot changing myself.

      • Who?

        KRL, I really don’t see how anyone can say QC’s contract is unsustainable. It’s within the salary caps (past and future). It’s not his fault the coach has decided to be stubborn.
        Whilst I agree that it’s the coach’s right to pick and choose who he wants, generally, that’s done on performance. And if the coach doesn’t want someone who’s pre-existing (and remember, almost every single player in the squad this year was pre-existing to Thorns tenure – you can’t just sack all the contracted players when you’re stupid enough to sack your head coach), then they either have to continue to pay them or pay them out. What happens after Foley, Folau and Hooper sign 4 year contracts, if they get a coach who doesn’t want them..?
        The only reason this is supposedly unsustainable is purely extremely poor management compared to every other coaching takeover in history. I can’t think of any other situation where a coach came in, announced his squad, then effectively sacked three players the next week. And if you’re going to do that, let alone with some rather popular players, you’re setting yourself up for extremely intense scrutiny whilst under financial handicap.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I mean unsustainable in that I don’t think the Reds can continue to afford to pay a player such a high wage and not have him contribute. I agree it’s an issue and you are correct, if The Tahs get a new coach who doesn’t like one of the players already signed for 4 years then the same situation could exist and in my mind if the management are stupid enough to write a long term contract with nothing in it about being picked to play then they are the idiots that should be held accountable for it. I’ve been in organisations before where a coach has been told he must pick one or two players and it is not a recipe for success – any losses are quite rightly blamed on the lack of ability to play a certain way because of the imposition of the players on the coach. I think whenever a team changes a coach there are players who should be nervous and in a lot of cases who need to start looking elsewhere.

          While there will always be a debate about a particular player over another and who should play where, at the end of the day it is the coach who is responsible and I don’t agree that the decision should be purely on performance on the field. I think this is what has got Australian rugby in a lot of problems in the past. Players need to be measured against their total contribution both on and off the field and if a coach doesn’t believe the total package is right then he or she should have every right to not pick that player.

        • laurence king

          QC won’t be back to play Queensland as long as BT is coach and I think Cooper knows it. But currently, he is on a nice fat salary, gets to play the big frog in the small pond every week and when it’s over, he’ll just go over to Europe and ply his trade over there for a few years. Let’s face it, if being in the Wallaby side meant much to him then he would have went to the Brumbies and another thing, just for starters, he would do something about his tackling technique. If he doesn’t move to another franchise over the summer, then he’s lost me as a fan.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          mate I doubt that he’ll get another gig in Europe. I think it’s Australia or bust for him

        • Hoss

          Completely concur mate. I am not dismissive of the $600k, but it the wider scheme of things his refusal (reluctance) to accept a SR gig elsewhere during 18 will cost him a lot of $$’s in the future as he is forever tainted – barring a SR gig next year, i would imagine no one will touch him, not for big coin anyhow.

        • onlinesideline

          g’dy mate – you dont think a high level Pommy side would be quite interested in his skills / previous reputation or a cashed up Japanese team ?

        • Braveheart81

          I think he could probably play in Japan in 2020/21 but I’m not sure he’s going to be up to playing in the UK. I don’t even know he’s going to be the best 10 at Brisbane City in the NRC.

        • onlinesideline

          The bigger mystery is KH. Is he finished in Oz rugby completely ?

        • Braveheart81

          I think so. I can’t imagine any team is going to take a risk on him. They will look incredibly stupid if he runs foul of the law for a third time. Reputational risk is too great to be worth the reward.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          He played a few games for South’s helping them to the finals, and he’s playing in the NRC so one would imagine hell WORK his way back in.

        • Hoss

          üdvözlet my Budapestian buddy.

          For me – no.

          I think the by-product of QC’s banishment and seemingly self-imposed exile in clubland is that he has branded himself as inflexible and even ‘selfish’ to future employers – can i stress i do not blame him for the eviction from the reds, nor the desire to earn a lot for doing very little

          I completely understand he is on $600k and has every right to sit back and collect that, but i reckon this whole affair had a tipping point where goodwill and sympathy for QC has waned and now tipped the other way (great segway huh !!) – nearly against QC

          If ABC Rugby or club where going to swoop and reading these pages i understand the Ponies & Alliance have, then they would have done so by now. Nope, QC is now in the ‘discontinued item’ bin out front of the $2 shop – like a purple scrunchie from the 80’s or 3 day old bread – someone will buy it, but want a real bargain for the risk.

        • idiot savant

          where the risk in a purple scrunchie?

        • GO THE Q REDS

          From the way your talking I’m assuming you don’t realize the offers to QUADE were never serious. Not even close. It’s such a shame how the media…. including this site admittedly, don’t do Quade true justice with the FACTS. Just the other day one of this sites reporters flippantly spurted out inference that Quade had been on some sort of Twitter Campaign against Thorn and the Reds or something. And that couldn’t be further from the truth if you actually follow him and what he says(and I do) I truly feel sorry for the guy….. so many misinformed people with all the answers…..

        • GO THE Q REDS

          There will be 100s of teams tripping over themselves in regular season vying for a 10 of his calibre and his EXPERIENCE. Once Quades available or he makes it clear he’s open to international clubs…..itll be on

        • GO THE Q REDS

          And I’ll bet the house your wrong too. …. simple rugby economics do not apply here as he was never really on the market. Those clubs could not offer anything close to reasonable…… no doubt because of rosters already being full after a flood a force players……and the simply poor timing of the whole deal.(not Quades choice)

        • Parker

          May I suggest some stylistic changes to your interior and landscaping around your pool before I take possession? What! No pool?

        • GO THE Q REDS

          I’d bet house your wrong on that. Hell be a draw card that demands good cash for as long as he decides to play. You get paid for putting bums on seats no matter how good you are.. .. QUADE will always do that. .. well anywhere except NZ sadly.

        • onlinesideline

          Cheika basically benched him or dropped him over a 2-3 period. He knows even by going to Brumbies he would never be called up to be an integral part of side again.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I agree Olsl. People keep blaming BT but it was Cheika who brought him back and then dropped him for “Not enjoying” rugby.

        • Huw Tindall

          Bags the question…are all these coaches wrong and the punters right?

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Doesn’t really matter. Only the coach has to live with the consequences. I think the improvement in the forwards has kept BT going this year but he’ll need more next year I think

        • GO THE Q REDS

          Allan Jones isn’t amount them. He backed Quade in that Barbarians game and was repayed with some pretty good game management and a highly competitive and organized attacking barbarians team for a change… there’s that.
          AJ also made the point of congratulating Quade at the field, a few weeks ago after Quade Scored a couple and kicked 11 from 11, orchestrating a pretty impressive wooden spoon team into the finals this year. Allan Jones is certainly no smuck to have in your corner either. …

        • disqus_NMX

          Going by results, the coaches aren’t right. Not sure if the punters are right or wrong though :P

        • GO THE Q REDS

          And yet his defence is seen as his biggest(perhaps only) weakness. And in 2017 Quades defence stats were better than Foley’s. So at least that was enough to get him in the initial squad. And let’s not pretend Foley, Chieka or Larkham have been clearly justified, seeing as the wallabies world ranking, consistency and attacking cohesion has been in a pretty dark patch in recent years.

        • Who?

          Why should he take a pay cut to move to Canberra and then continue not to be selected for the Wallabies? If Cheika wasn’t picking him last year, why would he pick Cooper this year? Cheika’s decided (and you can tell this by his pattern of selection for a long time now) that Cooper’s not his man. That’s his right. But why should anyone believe that it’s a carrot to dangle in front of Cooper to get him to take a major pay cut to move house?
          Reality is Cooper’s not wearing Red while Thorn’s coaching, and he’s not wearing Gold while Cheika’s coaching. But he’s getting good money in his current contract, why not take that money?

        • Braveheart81

          Cooper’s never going to play for the Wallabies again regardless of who is coach.

          The reason to move to Canberra would have been to try and keep his career as a top flight rugby player going. I reckon it will be tough to do so if he spends another year playing club rugby in Brisbane.

          He’s completely within his rights to do what he’s doing but he’s certainly not furthering his career.

        • Who?

          We’ve discussed this before. I don’t think Cooper’s going to play for the Wallabies again, because I don’t think Cheika will move on before the RWC, it’s not guaranteed who’ll be there after the RWC, and by that point you’re starting to look towards 2023. And Cooper won’t be there (well, I don’t think he’d be older than DC in 2015, but he’d be right up there with the oldest 10’s running around, so it’d be unlikely). I just tend not to make things blanket ‘never’ statements without covering off the unforeseen. :-)
          We’ve also discussed his top flight career post 2019, whether he’ll have one, and I’m not sure he will. Moving the Canberra and taking a pay cut of perhaps 2/3 of his income in hopes of MAYBE gaining a contract at a slightly higher value… It’s a risk, and I’m not sure that the reward is worth the risk. He may be setting himself up with contacts for his post Rugby career right now – he’s got more time to do that than he has for most of his career, and he’s got more time to do that than many others in his contractual situation (i.e. income level and commitments).

        • Huw Tindall

          Will be interested in how he plays in NRC. His Brisbane club side didn’t make the final thanks in part by Cooper turning down an easy shot at goat in favour if an outrageous cross field kick that didnt come off. Didnt show mature decision making. NRC will be a massive step up from club rugby so we’ll find out soon. Personally I hope he rips it up but I don’t think he will stand out.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          Whatever….. It’s all sweet in hindsight as they say. That discussion was a MINT call. Executed perfectly only for the guy who caught it to put it on the dead ball line by inches. And I suppose your blame g his whole forward pack for barely taking a SINGLE line out the whole game? No seriously is that his fault as well? What about the 3knock ons in their 22….. Quades fault too? PAH.
          But wait… .the last Super game QUADE played, he won the game against top of the ladder Brumbies SINGLE HANDEDLY after slotting the winner after the final buzzer.

        • Kiwi rugby lover


        • GO THE Q REDS

          And if either of those coaching positions change soon, you can Garuntee Quade will at the very least be considered with the respect someone of his experience and calibre demands. Training squads, extended squads,Bench time, or helping the young guys coming through. I mean even Matt Tomua coming literally from the wilderness was BAM straight in taking the spot of a young 10 in serious need of guidance and more importantly, Game Time. Strange. ..

        • GO THE Q REDS

          Well for starters neither of the clubs that chased Quade made realistic offers. Not even close.
          And secondly the tackle technique of Quade has many benefits for a playmaker. He brings a player to ground while keeping himself IN play….. he plays a huge part organizing defensive structures when he plays. He’s also apparently the only 10 in the last 1million years who hasn’t suffered concussion issues from little guy trying to hurt big guy syndrome. He’s a smart defender. And please don’t listen to the media.. .. check the stats…. Quades defence is as good as any back in super rugby.

        • Who?

          “Stupid enough to write a long term contract with nothing in it about being picked to play.”
          This is key. Why should a player’s employment be able to be terminated by the coach just because he prefers someone else, or doesn’t want to use him? The player’s made a commitment to the club. They have a very finite career, they’ve set themselves up (it’s not cheap to move), and provided they meet their obligations – turn up to training and play whenever fit and selected, if not selected, attend in whatever other way is required (i.e. suits in the stands, or club land) – there’s no reason why the club should be able to sack them.
          Clearly there’s no requirement for Quade to play club rugby – Hunt wasn’t ‘required’ to play. The initial reports at the end of his suspension were that he hadn’t contacted Norths during or immediately following his suspension. And then they told him not to come in, but he’s still (as far as anyone knows, and given he’s going to play NRC for City, it’s fair to assume) being paid. So that makes it seem that Cooper’s commitment to his club – even just the fact that the two guys have maintained their training whilst banned from club facilities (which is arguably a perk in their contract as much as it is an obligation) – is actually just him doing the right thing by Rugby and himself, not a requirement of his contract.
          It’s fair that a coach should be allowed to pick and choose whoever they want. And that they’ve got the say in hiring and firing. But it’s completely unreasonable to think that they can breach a contract without good cause, that someone – anyone – changing their mind should be able to completely change a person’s life without any financial recompense. If you sacked someone tomorrow, you’d have to pay them out their entitlements. If you wanted to discontinue a contract – be it with your mobile phone provider, your bank, whoever – you’d have to pay penalty clauses. Why should it be any different here? It’s a contract, not a week to week employment situation.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I’m not sure I understand where you’re coming from mate. I think it is totally right that a coach pick a player he wants in the team based on what he wants not on why he was picked previously by another coach. That’s the risk of these long term contracts. Personally if I was coaching the Tahs, I’d get rid of Foley and find almost anyone else to play 10, I’d move Folau to wing and if he didn’t like that he could leave and I’d have KB as an outside centre or 15. Now lots of people will disagree with that and that’s fine but if I was coach it’d be my perogative. Having to pick someone to play because a previoous coach liked them would be bullshit.

        • Who?

          We agree that a coach should have the right to use whoever he wants. Where we disagree is that everything you’ve said basically says that, if a coach doesn’t want to play a player, then neither should they have to pay the player. They should be able to get out of the contract. And that’s wrong. There should be a penalty if either party wants to break the contract. Didn’t Daniel Andrews pay $1 Billion because he didn’t want the road that the Libs had just signed off when he took power in Victoria? $1 Billion NOT to build a road? This is the same deal – fine for Thorn not to play Cooper, but the waste Cooper’s contract is around Thorn’s neck, and it’s his fault. Especially when the rumours are that two other franchises offered partial funding to take Cooper off the Reds, and the Reds refused to make up the difference to the existing contract.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          No mate I agree that if a player signs a contract and the next coach doesn’t want him then he should be paid out. Absolutely. The paying out of the contract is the cost of the change

        • GO THE Q REDS

          And you’d be a stupid coach doing that if at the time YOU CHOOSE to take the job…. the players ALLREADY with contracts are worth so much of the budget that if you bench them, you then can’t afford to play who you want. Thorn will never live that choice down……seemingly booting a player he didn’t “like”…. that he knew already had a long term contract when he took the job and was worth too much to cover easily. Thorn was VERY lucky Jono Lance had the best year of his career.

        • 22DropOut

          “It’s not his fault the coach has decided to be stubborn.”

          Maybe it is? Why would BT think he is better off without a potentially world-class 10?

        • Greg

          sorry, this is a case where the CEO should be saying to the coach….

          listen mate, we are not spending that amount of money and not getting any return. Either you move him on or you find a way to work with him. As a top coach you should be able to get the best out of him.

        • Dud Roodt

          Agree totally.
          Even bring him in to train with the team at the very least! Better yet, sit him on the bench!

        • 22DropOut

          I agree.

        • Jack


        • GO THE Q REDS

          Yep…..when you take the head coach job you can see who you’ve got to work with, and how long for. There’s no surprises.
          So what I’m saying here is Thorn knew Quade had a long substantial contract… .took the job……benched Quade(because he doesn’t know how to coach him) and this single choice alone has a huge effect on hiring new talents.(amount other things) That choice potential could have cost us Kerevi…..and that would have been catostophic to this Red’s team atm.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Hey Mate. It is not just his contract. All of the Reds that are on RA top ups are all on the same contract. With the same clauses. I think in future they may be written differently. But QC’s is no different to any of the other Reds who play with RA.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          I doubt anything will change. It’s pretty rare to treat someone so professional poor as it appears Thorn has to Quade. This will be remembered for ever as the worst decision in Australian rugby history……at least till Thorns book comes out and we find out that Quade was actually bullying Thorn in the change rooms… …

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yeah possibly. Mind you I am 6’8″ and 130kgs. I have stood next to and spoken to Mr thorn many a time. And he scares the crap out of me.

      • Adrian

        KRL, I think there are moves going on in the background, driven I suspect by Castle.

        Slipper in the trial ✔️
        QC, KH in NRC ✔️
        Background things could involve an eventual pay out of Cooper (by RA), and RA facilitated moves by Cooper and Hunt.

        I could be wrong, but I think I’m right

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          That would be great to see mate, I think QC has a lot to offer and I was always sort of hoping that it was a bit of “Right I’ve shown him who’s boss so now he can get on board with the team” by BT but I think I’m dreaming.

      • disqus_NMX

        Going on results, BT should be looking for a new job. Reds went from 5th last to 3rd last this year. Back line useless. He’d be in demand as a forwards coach I’d imagine.

    • Happyman

      Funny thing about the loyalty card is that all clubs say its loyalty when they are resigning a player and when they want to get rid of a player it is all about business. I do know that Same K signed for a bucket load less money than he was offered overseas last contract so we cannot have any issues if he went elsewhere.

      For those with long memories I think BT may have just dodged the Phil Mooney bullet (When the Reds lost Berrick Barnes to NSW) that was a sign that quality players did not want to stay at the Reds. He lost his job to Ewan McKenzie after that which was a shame as he can coach and Ewan did the business.

      As a Queensland Reds supporter I would be most happy if BT essentially went to Hunt QC and Slipper OK boys we are hitting the reset button and if you are prepared to work hard to fit in then we are all OK.

      Honestly as a Reds fan I have no choice but if I did I would support another team.

      • onlinesideline

        Quade worked hard and not only fitted in but drove the team to once in generation success. Its just nuts.

        Hunt and Slipper Im pretty sure would get same treatment in other 3 clubs.

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Followed by a clear statement separating the fact that Quade actually did nothing wrong, certainly no Drugs……

    • Nutta

      John you are correct. Talk of loyalty is shite.

      The Reds, Waratahs, Rebels and Brumby are simply Franchises. They are business entities. They are not representative teams built around an engendered jingoism of local lads vs The World. At any one time there are just as many Qlders playing for NSW as anyone else. So it’s best folk quietly remember that. Funnily enough, it is one of my few sympathies for QC in that his Wobbly exclusion is publicly based on not playing ‘representative’ level footy so he can’t be considered for an elevated representation. But it is not representative footy in the first place. There were no trials etc.

      A Franchise is a business entity. It’s a logo with a P&L that delivers an expected ROI. And a logo doesn’t have a human emotion like loyalty. A player is human capital. It’s a mobile asset. It’s a contract. It’s a commercial arrangement. Anyone who pretends otherwise is just that – a pretender. All that said, to get maximum return on capital, an asset needs to be exposed to it’s optimal operating environment and for humans that frequently includes environmental stuff such as illustrated in Maslow’s hierachy of needs and other such models. But keep your eyes clear – it’s not about being warm and cuddly for its sake alone but is to do with having an environment that is conducive to getting the best out of an expensive asset.

      So chat about loyalty is garbage as an objective reality. But if it serves to get another 2% from an expensive asset then so be it. What I would say though is that I am continually surprised at a contractual/commercial level at the inherent looseness of behaviours in both directions (Franchise>Player as well as Playerr>Franchise) that in any other commercial environment would result in hiring/firings/civil-suits faster than I could blink. That brings me to the mistifiably unaccountable world of Player Managers but that’s a rant for another day…

      • Brisneyland Local

        Agree nutta.
        Cant wait for your rant on player managers!
        My view is that unfortunately player managers only exist because players are too dumb to manage their own business.

      • Simon

        The Australian Super franchises appear to combine the worst qualities of both a club and a business. They have the parochial jobs-for-the-boys attitude and amateur administration of a club, but the lack of soul and the harsh money-first priorities of a business.

        Perhaps this is why they are failing so badly in both respects. If they could reverse the situation, with the professional attitude and backroom skills of a business entity while retaining the heart and soul and collective identity of a club, they’d be winners. That seems to be what the Kiwi sides manage to do.

        • Jack

          agree with this

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Womens RWC in Australia would be friggen awesome. I really hope this goes ahead. It’d be so good for the game here. I refereed a women’s game a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. There are some very skillful ladies out there.

    Good to see Kerevi staying, I think he is a great assett but I also think he needs help with his decision making at times. Not sure who is mentoring him up there but Brad really needs someone to help with this, to me the biggest issue with the backline hasn’t been a lack of skills, it’s been players making wrong decisions at times that have created issues.

    SANZAR have just proved that like many of their decisions it has been ill thought of, has no basis of fact, doesn’t match reality and will upset fans rather than unite them. Prtty much par for the course as far as all the other stupid decisions they are making I guess.

  • A Dingo Stole My Rugby

    The highlighted team of the year stats are almost exclusively attack-related or about tries / points scored. Is that really all there is to rugby these days?
    I would have thought for the piggies in particular, but for all positions generally, the summary could have quoted some tackles made/missed figures, and some stuff for the low numbers about scrum and lineout efficency and tightheads won/conceded.

  • 22DropOut

    Personally I think that hosting the Women’s World Cup in Hunter Valley and Newcastle is not ideal.

    What is the motivation for doing it? To showcase the game and engage kids, particularly girls, to play? Surely we should be taking the games to places where our target audience can see the matches live, go watch the teams train, have teams doing PR in the communities etc.

    By all means showcase Newcastle/Hunter by making it the primary venue for the final etc but surely the major cities would help us achieve our goals? Seems like a wasted opportunity.

    • Braveheart81

      I would guess it is a fairly low budget event and they wouldn’t want to spend the money transporting teams around the country and instead focus the spending on making it the best possible event in a smaller space.

      I think this is very much a financial decision and is standard for the event. The entire 2017 event was held in Dublin at only two venues. On each match day, 3 games are played back to back on each venue.

      • Alister Smith

        It is reasonably close to Sydney, is an established tourist area with vineyards etc and has some good stadiums like the Newcastly International Stadium and possibly Gosford if they come down that far and also, from long distant memory, they had some good country grounds in the scone/musswellbrook area. They are probably not going to fill the SFS or the Olympic Stadium anyway so pretty expensive to book those venues I would imagine. I think its a pretty good spot for it I reckon.

  • andrewM

    “Rugby Australia’s head of integrity Gerard McEvilly”
    Has Gerard been on extended leave for the past three years?

  • Adrian

    Thanks Dylan

    You’ve been busy this week.

    Tuopu has been in every SR “team of the season” from memory, as well as this SAAANZR one.

    I think he’ll soon be a Wallaby starter, despite Kepu’s good form.

    For me, one option Cheika could think about is starting with a full-on heavy runners pack ala the 2014 Tahs. Cheika knows how to coach this style, and has the cattle for it.

    Put simply it is heavy runners one after another, driving the opposition back, then when the opportunity presents itself, offloading to a trailing Foley/Beale/Hooper, then on to Izzy.

    Tuopu, TPN, Sio, Coleman, Arnold, Timu would be ideal.

    Replace front row, Arnold and Timu at 50 minutes with a more mobile Kepu, Latu, Robertson, Roda, Tui, and then shift play constantly from side to side to tire NZ and allow our backs a bit more room.

    It probably won’t happen, and Timu probably won’t be in the 23, let alone the starting 15. This could of course still work with Tui and Rodda as starters, because the lynchpin would be Tuopo!

    I reckon though that it’s worth a try…

  • Nicholas Wasiliev

    Honestly, it’s been a chaotic time for Rugby Australia the last two years. But their approach and progress to improve the women’s game in that time has been nothing short of astounding.

    In two years we’ve gone from next to nothing, to having the uni sevens competition, the Super W competition, and a regular Bledisloe schedule against the Black Ferns that matches with the men’s. Not to mention off the field with our Wallaroos finally starting to get paid to play.

    The fact that the quality of Rugby is good in all those competitions, and that the sevens girls won Gold in Rio, Silver on the Gold Coast and have won the World Series in two of the previous three years shows that this investment is starting to pay off.

    Tip of the hat, Rugby Australia.

    • John Tynan

      The least you could do is post under your own name, Raelene…

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Good to see them get it right in one area. Just hope they manage to take that through into the men’s game

    • McWarren

      I wondered if a lack of old boy and club politics has a lot to do with the success.


      Problem is it needs to support itself. Winning everything isn’t enough if no one is watching. Be interested in how that part of the whole women’s rugby is going.. …

  • Patrick

    That is a hell of a front row in that team of the year.

    • juswal

      My neck hurts, just thinking about their power


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