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Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News

Thursday’s Rugby News looks at what’s happening with the Jaguares, ANZ redevelopment scrapped, The Orange Card idea and Ben Hyne is back in Canberra.

Are The Jaguares Out Of Super Rugby.

Jeronimo De La Fuente grubbers for his winger.

There has been talk everywhere about Super Rugby’s future. Rumours of South Africa leaving, new short term comps in New Zealand and maybe Australia and the end of the Sunwolves have all filled the news. Through it all there’s been nothing said about the Jaguares and one may have thought things were fine in South America but now American Rugby News is suggesting the Jaguares are not only out of Super rugby this year, as expected all things considered, but next year as well.

This from the article.

As of yet, no announcement has been made from the UAR or SANZAAR. The UAR did, nonetheless, release a gloomy statement last week in which it noted that options were being considered. It was clear then, and it is clearer now, that Los Jaguares are out of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby itself may also have concluded. In its place, there may be new-look domestic competitions for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There may, instead, be an Oceania competition and a South African one which would be followed by play-offs between top sides per region. Regardless of the format, there will not be an Argentine competition.

Argentina’s situation is thereby grave. Should Super Rugby resume ‘as normal’ then Los Jaguares will need to wait until 2022.

One option for the Jaguares to play in the South African competition but the cost may prove too high. A more cost-effective solution could be Major League Rugby in the USA, which of course has it’s own problems with disease and internal conflict.

The present and the future are very uncertain for Argentina. Players are being encouraged to take up offers from abroad. Player movement is inevitable, yet many will remain in Argentina. What to do with them? SLAR could be the best option on the table.

ANZ Stadium Redevelopment Scrapped.

Wallabies vs All Blacks 2018 Bledisloe 1 ANZ Photo Courtesy of Keith McInnes

The pandemic has put an end to the controversial $800 million redevelopment of Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.

Instead, the NSW state government is setting up a $3 billion fund for job creation in the state.

The NSW Coalition Government had taken its stadium plan to the last election, retaining power despite the best efforts of the NSW Opposition that had run a campaign of “schools and hospitals before stadiums”.

The rebuild of Allianz Stadium will continue — the structure was demolished last year — but ANZ Stadium will now remain in the same 82,000-seat configuration it has held since it was remodelled after the 2000 Olympics.

“Unprecedented crisis calls for an unprecedented recovery, and redirecting funding from Stadium Australia to job-creating infrastructure builds is the right thing to do for the people of NSW,” Deputy Premier John Barilaro said.

The decision could impact a variety of sports in the short term with both Football Federation Australia and Rugby Australia having identified a redeveloped ANZ Stadium as the centrepiece of their respective FIFA Women’s World Cup and Rugby World Cup bids.

Nigel Owen Backs Orange Card.

While there’s no rugby on a lot of people have had an awful lot of time to think and come up with ideas. some of them are even about rugby. One such idea that’s been floating around has been an Orange Card that sits somewhere between the Yellow and Red we have now.

The Orange card would see the player leave the field for 15 minutes and be automatically reported for certain high tackle offences. Crucially the play could also be reviewed during that time and be upgraded to a red.

But more importantly, the Orange card has the backing of refereeing rockstar Nigel Owen.

World Rugby claim that high tackles are more likely to risk transmission of the virus,  and hence the orange card being one of the recommendations being pushed by the governing body.

Now Nigel Owens, the game’s leading referee, is backing the card. He told the Daily Mail in the UK that: “I think it’s something that’s worth trialling and seeing how it works,’ said Owens. ‘An orange card has its place in the game for ones where it is such a tight 50-50 decision, but it is important we didn’t opt-out of giving a red card and use an orange as a safety net.

“If it’s a nailed-on red card, in the first or last minute, you need to still give a red card.”

“That would need to be thought through before it was implemented.”

“When I am refereeing a game I want to make those decisions myself. I wouldn’t want to send someone off on an orange and for someone else to upgrade it to a red. The decision has to come back to you as the referee.”

Ben Hyne signs with the Brumbies.

Ben Hyne has signed for a second stint with the ACT Brumbies. Originally stol signed from Queensland in 2015 Hyne made his Super Rugby debut in 2016 with serious injuries resulting in him playing five matches for the club before departing at the end of 2019. 

The 25-year-old joined the Sunwolves before the COVID-19 pandemic and has returned to the Plus500 Brumbies after it was announced the Japanese-based team were unable to compete in the new Vodafone Super Rugby AU competition due to international travel restrictions.

Hyne’s return comes after lock Cadeyrn Neville had ankle surgery during the shutdown period, which will keep him sidelined for the start of the revamped competition, with Hyne’s versatility as in the second row or as a loose forward, a valuable asset to the team. 

Plus500 Brumbies coach Dan McKellar said: “We’re super excited to have Ben back at the Plus500 Brumbies.”

“He’s a really well liked and respected member of the group and was playing some really great footy for the Sunwolves before the competition was suspended.

“Unfortunately Cadeyrn will miss the start of the new competition but we’re confident Hyney will be able to help fill the role.

“Ben’s had to deal with a number of serious injuries early on in his career but the resilience he’s shown is something we value at the Brumbies and we’re looking forward to having him contribute once again to our team.”

Ben Hyne
Position: Lock/Backrow
Date of Birth: 3 July 1994
Place of Birth: Rockhampton, Australia
Super Rugby/Brumbies debut: Round 15, 2016 – vs Queensland Reds
Super Rugby Caps: 7

  • Huw Tindall

    Bugger me the daily news is back! Signs things are returning to normal post lockdown! Saw another article about the rules they will trial in Aus Super this year. Basically the NRC trial rules from last year plus they may get a bit shirty on the scrum clock (but nothing radical). All good things to promote attack play, opening up the field, and rewarding endeavour. July cannot come soon enough!

    • Sorry Huw, the news is only back when there is news and I have time. But hopefully we are getting there.

      • Huw Tindall

        Ah well I appreciate whatever we get! Things starting to heat up again and even RA starting to communicate regularly and with some sense of plan. Gutted about the NRC but curious to see what they replace it with.

        • Ed

          Could be tough for RA to communicate regularly with a good chunk of their news team out the door today.

        • Huw Tindall

          My heart went out when Beth Newman wrote the article about RA redundancies which included herself. It’s a real worry as marketing of rugby in Australia has been ratsh!t for years. If you’re not a fan you wouldn’t know the Super Season had kicked off. It’s terrible. Last good bit of work was the original ARC advert (still a classic) and before the the ‘What do you wanna be? A Walla-Wallaby!’.

    • Ed

      Huw, I don’t understand why the laws need to be tweaked to promote attack. Japan at the RWC played some damn attacking rugby under the current laws and our TT neighbours play an attractive form of the game.

      • Huw Tindall

        Lots of stats about the state of the game now and everyone parrots about minutes in play, which have gone up, but stoppages are rampant and the minutes in play are dull with one out hit up and recycle for 10 phases and minimal territory a thing. Among other things they show that modern attacking rugby was a bit of a fallacy with less tries from set piece attack (bar 5m lineout maul which is virtually cheating) and counter attack tries the key scoring opportunity. When it’s better not to have the ball in hand you know it’s not rewarding to run the ball! Watching games from the past during lockdown I reckon they are objectively better than the last 5-10 years. What has improved, however, is individual player skills which is great to see. Love a tight 5 player putting on a step and pass!

        • Ed

          You reference set piece attack but is that bias due to being an Aussie? We have been overly reliant of set piece to attack from, which exposes us with better defences set now to stifle them. We keep hearing about our great attacking backs but we are still poor at recognising opportunities on turnovers.
          I agree that individual player skills have improved – in the forwards. I reckon the skills of our backs are inferior to what wore gold in the first decade of professional rugby, who were more rounded players. Instead the Oz media and some supporters gibber on about ‘X-factor’ – great in one or two areas and deficient in the other areas.

        • Huw Tindall

          Prior to defences taking over games everyone relied on set piece and set plays to an extent. Australia just had a reputation early on for being the best at it. When we didn’t adapt to the counter attack focused game we clearly suffered and that’s all on us not having the coaching nous to adapt (not just a Chekia problem by the way).

          With you on the skills. Our backs have been generally too one dimensional in certain areas e.g Kerevi (passing) or massively deficient in one eg. Beale (defence). I feel a base line of skills is the minimum entrant regardless of how special you are in a particular area. You probably have to be as good as Folau was to break this general rule and even then you can only afford one x-factor player in a backline.

        • Ed

          I agree Huw. There was an analysis of the 2005 Tri-Nations where we were the most structured of the three sides (no suprise with Eddie as coach). Part of the analysis was we scored all bar one of our tries off first/second phase ball, while the NZ and SA were the opposite.
          There was an article in the Grauniad around 2018 that stated we continued to try to keep playing the multi-phase game and the players were reluctant to learn how to play off turnovers.
          All I want from any Wallabies side this season is to have a plan B.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Sully, thank you very much for getting the news back. Us GAGR’s are truly grateful. BL’s random thoughts whilst imbibing a blacksubstance with cafffeine:
    – Fox news is reporting that Dan Carter is signing for the Auckland Blues.
    – Dr Evil has backed Dave Rennie. A wonderful quote by Eddie: ““He’ll galvanise the team and they’ll go back to playing some really good rugby. That’ll lift some spirits at Australian Rugby and then if the board can sort themselves out, if they can get all their leather patches in the right places, they might be all right.
    The track record shows there’s been a fair degree of complacency in Australian rugby.” Love it!
    – The Reds are still a shit fight. No hope for small mercies.
    – My money is on the Brumbies for what ever will happen out of this season domestically.

    Well I am glad we are back even if partially. Again Sully we appreciate your efforts.
    I hope all of you other GAGR’s have survived this period well. And like me havnt been effected by the three “Unks” of Covid. I.E. After the Covid period you will either end up a Hunk, a Chunk, or a Drunk! In BL’s case, a Chunky Drunk!
    Over to you!

    • formerflanker

      I think Eddie is deliberately goading RA into decisive action. He is an Aussie after all.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Of that I have little doubt. I wonder if that is half the reason he didnt touch them with a ten foot pole after the world cup

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Mate, welcome back. Going to be an interesting competition this year and it’ll be good to see all the Aussie teams against each other as a sort of trial for the end of year tests – if they go ahead. I’m thinking that if Rennie does indeed pick on form there will be some big changes in the line up.
      Interesting to see Dan back, how he works in with Barrett could be a good thing and wouldn’t you wish for those sort of questions to resolve.
      Managed to stay away from the chunk with some pt but drunk is up there.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yeah I am lookng forward to it starting up again. Been having to watch Mungo ball, as that and UFC are the only sports on. Except for horse racing which really isnt a sport in my book.
        I hope Rennie picks on form and plays players in position. Which leaves a big question potentially about Hooper. But being a Kiwi, unlike Cheika the Asss clown, he will actually have a game plan and a back up. So we should at least there alone see some improvement.
        I have started back gymming and riding. So stating to ware off the chunk. But by god that bloody fridge called to me everytime I walked past it.

        • Yowie

          But being a Kiwi, unlike Cheika the Asss clown, he will actually have a game plan and a back up.

          Firstly, the thought of a Wallaby coach having a game plan gave me a warm, happy feeling – thank you.

          Secondly, surely Cheika is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon in international coaching (please only once!). His replacement “having a game plan and a back up” is as much a factor of being “anyone else with an ok coaching CV” as it is a factor of being a Kiwi (as much as they produce talent over there).

        • Brisneyland Local

          I am glad I gave you a warm happy feeling.
          Yes I am sure it is a function of Rennie being a proper coach that he will actually know what he is doing more than being a kiwi.
          The Kiwi thing, is more that he will have been brought through a system that has educated coaches. Unlike Australia.

        • Yowie

          Ew, on reflection I should probably have phrased that differently.
          Agreed Re better coach training systems.

    • Keith Butler

      Fortunately BL the gyms in Taswegia are opening up again – limited to 20 with the usual social distancing- so my days of a chunky drunk will be over. Never be a hunk though not at 67 anyway. Birthday yesterday. Good to see the Usual Suspects back in action. Hoss on the horizon riding to our rescue with wit and wisdom.

      • GeorgiaSatellite

        Happy birthday, KB.

    • Huw Tindall

      Brums are so professionally well run it’s hard to argue against backing them for Aus Super this year. Case in point is snapping up Ben Hyne after the Moodogs officially bowed out. Great savvy purchase and shows the rugby department is switched on.

      • Who?

        To further emphasize the importance of Ben Hyne, they’ve signed him when they’ve lost a lock in the short term (Neville, injured). What’s Thorn done? Because he’s lost TWO locks… And Hyne’s an old Qld Country lad – Thorn should’ve known about him.

        • Huw Tindall

          100%. Brums should be a model for the other franchises to learn from.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep Huw very hard to argue there. Great pick up on BH. I am dissapointed we couldnt somehow squeeze the Moondoggies in somehow.

  • palndrumm

    Orange card seems a bit redundant to me – I’d rather they just give the ref the option of asking the TMO to review any yellow card offence to assess whether it’s worthy of an upgrade to a red. Would mean that instead of everyone standing around looking at a bunch of replays on the big screen trying to decide what card to give, the ref could just give a yellow and everyone else could get on with the game while the TMO reviews the incident. I know Nigel said he’d want to make those decisions himself, but the on-field ref has enough to keep him busy – sometimes it really is best to delegate things to those with the time and resources to do them properly.

    • Yowie

      I don’t think “yellow, orange & red” cards go far enough to cover the spectrum of on-field mischief.

      At the re-commencement of games I want every referee to have access to the Bunnings colour sample card isle.

      Every player will need to know that the referee pulling out the card for “Taubmans Premonition” (sort of a pinky-grey if you’re not an interior decorator) means “Player probably about to start some sh!t – Referee keeping a close eye on player for the next few phases”.

      It couldn’t be simpler.

      • Andrew Luscombe

        Cards don’t have to be only for mischief. Too much stick and not enough carrot. The refs could run around holding up a green card constantly to indicate play on.

        • Yowie

          At the end of a long career, some Northern Hemisphere referees could sell their “green – play on” card in mint condition.

      • Damo

        Trust Nigel Owen? Sure can.

      • Who?

        Except that the punishments doled out would vary by the season. This year, all the punishments would be ‘Colourbond Monument’. Which would be doled out to everyone wearing a jersey that didn’t match that colour….
        There we go – first All Blacks jibe of the new news feed! :-P
        Surely you all knew that Monument is matte black..? They’ve advertised it enough, had it in the block, in new schools….

        • Yowie

          haha – only this year?

        • Who?

          They rename colours often enough that there’ll be a new form of that particular hue with a different name soon enough. ;-)

      • Keith Butler

        Could get very confusing if the ref is colour blind.

    • GeorgiaSatellite

      Could be confusing. They may have to reconsider half-time fruit intake.

  • formerflanker

    Why is stadium infrastructure a poorer option for stimulating the economy than “job creating infrastructure builds”?
    Surely the building of a stadium involves a vast number of professions, trades, and labourers plus materials suppliers which provide jobs.
    Or perhaps the decision is more about politics than has been mentioned.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Everything is politics.

    • I guess they are trying to keep smaller businesses in business rather than large ones.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Correct. It is about distribution. Or dispersment factors.

  • ForceFan

    Good to see you with the by-line Sully.

    • Yowie

      Ben Hyne has signed for a second stint with the ACT Brumbies. Originally stol signed from Queensland in 2015

      Agreed. Love your work.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully and great to see you back. I’ve been hanging out for this to start up again. While I wouldn’t wish C19 on anyone and feel sad for the Jaguars I do think there has been a need for a revamp of SANZAAR and the RC for a while and so good to see it being forced as it was obvious the muttons running the show were way out of touch with the fans and players on the competition. Sad how it’s happened but glad it has. Unlucky for the Jags but with the travel and the abysmal refereeing that was so regular in their home games I won’t miss them that much. The biggest loss will be the Argentinian test team as without the Jaguars to provide them some ongoing training I think they’ll start to slide again.
    Good to see Ben back and another smart signing by the Brumbies. Not sure why they are able to do so much better than the Reds and the Tahs when it comes to getting players but bloody glad they can. I think they’ll be hard to beat this year.

    Personally I’m not tied to the orange card. It will only work at that level where they have TMO and replay anyway so the chance of it coming to the Subbies grade here in Sydney is likely to be very slim. IN my mind referees just need to make a call. Yeah we make mistakes at times but just make the call and move on, the worst issue is when we don’t make a call and people just don’t know where we sit. Most players I’ve refereed accept the odd bad call as part of the game and move on well.

  • Damo

    Yawn…stretch… Welcome back all

    • Damo

      And obviously out of practice as I hit the post button too soon. I was about to add how good it is to see that rugby in various forms is on the way back as we lift our heads from the CV shadows. It feels like it’s been months… hang on, it has been. My biggest achievement has been to get through it all without watching one minute of E motor racing in any form.

  • Hoss

    Good afternoon fellow jobkeeperers, affluent ones not needing it and all those following the orange one ‘make America hate again’

    Well we’re back and Sully a big thanks from the Ponderosa and especially my staff who have been lucked with my complete attention on our business sans rugby. They actually passed a hat and crowd funded to get rugby back in again and keep me completely distracted. They actually raise $6.3 million. But after consultancy fees spent on how to distribute the funds, marketing, board costs and leather patch purchases RA spent that and $1.2m further and are, in fact, now further in the hole.

    Nothing much to add other than Rugby at a local level mirrors the complete cluster fuck that abounds at National. The Newcastle wildfires have been told they’re ‘getting 12-15’ Kiwis imported to make them ‘competitive’, a bill for supply of a bus and fuel for participation in games and a 12 month guarantee only to play in the Shit Shield. You really couldn’t script this stuff.

    Brave new world my arse. Eat, self-interest, repeat.

    Hope you are all well and have done as well as you can in these unusual times. It could always be worse. We could be living in the home of the brave and land of the free. Well ‘free’ except for the curfews, military presence and looming chance of civil war. Just when the world needs leadership we get The Orange One and Asia’s own ‘Batman’. Maybe rugby’s problems aren’t that bad after all…….

    • Yowie

      …and Asia’s own ‘Batman’.

      Imagine what Jet Li could do with a Batarang and all the other cool kit.

      • Hoss

        I can hear the voiceover and trailer now……just when you thought it was safe to go back to the streets……the president of law and order v Batman Ping in a contest to see who can kill more of their own…….coming to a cinema near you soon ‘Fuck Sticks – the movie’

        • Yowie

          Is the studio saving Boris & Dom and their fine work for the sequel?

    • Keith Butler

      Welcome back Hoss.

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