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Thursday’s top rugby headlines

Thursday’s top rugby headlines

Here’s your daily dose of Aussie Rugby news for Thursday 14th March.

Brumbies on the wagon

wheatman mccaw t shirtCaptain Ben Mowen is off the grog all season, but the rest of the team will be going dry as well until the team wins a game on their South African tour – where they play the Sharks in Durban this weekend. It’s down to the senior player group as to whether the team gets to wet the whistle.

G&GR readers will all know staying dry is a lot easier when Richie McCaw isn’t playing.

Elsom legal payout

Rocky-RenaissanceIt’s not just the ARU Rocky has Denis Denuto legal swerve on – a Japanese court has handed down a decision upholding former Wallabies captain Rocky Elsom’s contract with Japanese club Kobe. It means they have to pay him out of his contract while he prepares to play for French mega-club Toulon in the Heiny Cup and Top 14.

That’s what you get for messing with a Renaissance Man.

Injuries for Force

cummins verticalBed news for Force fans ahead of their battle in Brisbane on Saturday night – The Honey Badger is out as is Lock Sam Wykes. Skipper and frowny guy Matt Hodgson is also looking dodgy.

Are the Force still in with a hope?

Run for the hills!

I got this

I got this

In the face of an invading hoard of binge-drinking Poms, Robbie Deans has put himself forward as the nations saviour.

“It’s going to be an invasion of Red and we’re tasked with defending the nation”

Is your mind put at ease?

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Wallabies Watch – who do the citizens of G&GR see as goers for the green and gold?

Cooking meat outdoors – started by our own resident Meat Eater



  • Robbie looks like my 2 year old trying to do Fonzie in that pic…

    Oh, and it’s nice to see cooking meat outdoors get the gong, some cracking Braai shots in there from RSA.

  • petea

    how does rocky go from being one of the most respected players in world rugby to one of the biggest flogs in only a few short years. Watch out Toulon

  • Bay35Pablo

    As long as Robbie is banging golf balls into the green zone, and has “the troops” greeting the ARU top brass in t shirts and things, apparently they’ll be up there with our diggers’ standards of defending the country … :)

    Not sure if they have any hot tubs in Helmand province, but Sergeants Coops and Ioane should sort that out quick smart on their tour.

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