Win a 3D LG TV with the green and gold rugby tipping competition

Tip TRC, Win TV!

Tip TRC, Win TV!

The G&GR Tipping Truck. Not for sale.

The only thing better than the Wallabies winning The Rugby Championship is the Wallabies winning The Rugby Championship AND you winning the G&GR Tipping Comp.

Once again we’ll be running our comp through SuperBru. You should be able to join directly with this link, or use the details at the bottom of this post.

We’ve got a cracking prize to give away, a prize that will make watching replays of the Bledisloe Cup returning home to Australia in 2012 even sweeter. The good folks at LG Australia have donated a 47-inch 3D TV, which will go to our tipping comp winner!

Comp Details

LG will deliver the TV to any address in Australia.
Overseas players may enter, but will have to make their own arrangements to collect the prize if they win the comp.
I think the TV is this model, and will confirm this in the next few weeks.
In the case of a draw on SuperBru the winner will be decided over an additional one-off tipping event to be run between the joint winners shortly after TRC at G&GR’s discretion. G&GR reserves the right to alter competition details where necessary.
SuperBru competition league details are:

Pool name: Green and Gold Rugby
Pool code: pithlawn

How good is this?!?! Get in it to win it!!

  • RugbyReg


  • mickeyc

    I Wish LG had donated one for the 2011 Super Rugby season.

  • suckerforred

    Done! This is going to be hard……

  • Damn. Just joined and last. Only way is up.

  • Lee Enfield

    Forget the TV, I want the dump truck. I can use it to pick up my toys when I throw them out of the cot when Robbie delivers us yet another season of mediocrity.

  • AngrySeahorse


  • ash

    In! You’d be crazy not too.

    Lee; I plan on winning the TV, then throwing a beer at it in celebration of Deans’ ineptness.*

    Wish me luck!

    * May not actually happen, not only because I almost certainly won’t win, but because not only would I rather not waste a good beer on a perfectly good TV, but I’d also much rather lob it at Robbie himself.

  • Stu Bee

    Robbie is the mole.
    Sent by broland to infiltrate aussie rugby Bledisloe or Brodisloe

  • Well done to -eke- taking out the big prize, and thanks to LG for providing it!

    Blog post will follow soon. I may even use the tipping truck again


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