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TN9 Statistics: Wallabies v All Blacks

TN9 Statistics: Wallabies v All Blacks

Whilst the Wallabies went down again, making it ten in a row against the All Blacks, it was a great game of rugby and the Wallabies were very competitive.

It was good to see the Wallabies pressuring the All Black lineout which resulted in the All Blacks only winning 69% of their ball.

Possession was fairly even with the Wallabies starting possession 40 times and the All Blacks 37.  However the All Blacks retained possession for 128 phases compared to 108 phases for the Wallabies.  As a result the Wallabies were forced to make 178 tackles compared to 143 for the All Blacks.

Both teams missed a similar number of tackles with the Wallabies missing 27 for an 85% accuracy rate and the All Blacks missing 25 for an 83% accuracy rate.  The Wallabies dominant tackles dropped to only 17% this week and that allowed the All Blacks to make a significantly higher number of offloads in tackles.

The individual tackling numbers had some positives – Kurtley Beale’s 100% accuracy included a try saver on Nonu in the corner and David Pocock led the way with 18 tackles with Stephen Moore, Ben McCalman, Will Genia and Matt Giteau getting through a lot of work in defence as well.  Mark Chisolm’s numbers confirm that he had another underwhelming game – only 4 tackles made. 

Quade Cooper – what can you say – he missed 9 tackles of the Wallabies 27 – his technique needs a lot of work!  Of those missed tackles, 3 were misses where he was diving from too far away from the player but his biggest issue where he missed 6 tackles is making the initial contact and then falling off.  This leaves one of his team mates having to complete the tackle – he needs to get his shoulder into the contact and wrap his arms instead of trying to tackle with his arms as he is at the moment.

In attack the Wallabies made 11 line breaks to 8 and lost the ball 7 times compared to the All Blacks with 6.

At the breakdown the Wallabies achieved 8 turnovers (including penalties received) whilst the All Blacks turned over Wallaby ball 9 times.  Once again the Wallabies were a little slow in supporting the ball carrier going into contact.

Lachlan Turner had a great game and that’s reflected in the numbers with 4 of the Wallabies line breaks credited to him.  Kurtley Beale stepped up again this week and had no issues in defence but I was surprised the All Black’s didn’t send some high kicks at him – maybe they’re worried about his counter attacking abilities if he catches the ball and weaves his way through traffic.

Stephen Moore was very strong and I can understand why Robbie Deans didn’t see the need to go to the bench for Edmonds.  Nathan Sharpe was good again along with Ben McCalman.

The back line was well contained by the All Blacks with Quade Cooper only threatening the line three times and Matt Giteau twice.  Cooper, Gitean and Beale kicked really well in general play and that’s an area that has improved significantly from the June tests. 

I know there are some that thought Giteau had a poor game but I’m not one of them – whilst I was one of those calling for him to be replaced earlier in the year, now that he’s not playing #10 I think he’s been good for the Wallabies.

I’ve also seen the comments that Will Genia has been playing poorly and has been slow getting to the breakdown – well I must have been watching different games because I believe he’s had a good Tri Nations.  I wonder if there is too much expectation on Genia – he is now being heavily marked and this makes it hard for him to produce the blinding attacking displays we’ve seen previously.  His defence is still great, his passing has been excellent, his kicking is really good in general play and I see no problem with his speed in getting to the breakdown.  On Saturday night four of his passes ended with poor results and two of those were perfect but the receiver stood still instead of running onto the ball. 

Next week I’ll publish the stats for the speed of the breakdown over all the Wallabies games in the Tri Nations – I think many of you will be surprised how well Genia has been going in this area.  On Saturday night he was in position for 47 rucks and out of position or slow getting to 5 rucks.  Of those 5, he was on the bottom of the previous ruck once and the previous ruck occurred on the other side of the field twice so he really only missed 2 rucks.  Burgess has certainly improved his game in the short periods we’ve seen him but I think Genia is the much better halfback and can’t see Burgess being promoted above him.

I don’t expect many changes for the next test in Hong Kong – S. Faingaa onto the bench for Edmonds, Mitchell into the starting lineup for JOC with JOC moving to the bench and A. Faingaa moving out of the squad.

Then once the Wallabies hit Europe I hope Alexander comes back in for Ma’afu to bolster the front row.  Hynes may come into consideration but apart from that I don’t think Robbie Deans will be rushing anyone else back into the test 22.

With that team I can almost see the Wallabies getting by until the likes of Horwill, Palu, TPN and Ioane are fit.  Others like Davies, Chambers and Horne will bolster depth.  I say almost because the one area I think there is still a major hole is a partner for Sharpe.  If fit, Horwill is a shoe in but until then what options are there?  I didn’t see anything from Simmons to suggest he’s ready and Mumm and Chisolm have had plenty of chances to show they’ve got something to offer and apart from filling a spot on the bench it doesn’t seem they have.

The other area in which I believe a change is required before the next game is a new goal kicker.  I suspect Giteau’s flaw in his technique will keep returning when the pressure comes on, so it’s time to try someone else. 

During the break we’ll be bringing you regular reviews of the 2010 statistics for the Wallabies starting next week with my look at the speed of the ball from the Wallaby breakdown.

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  • Did you pick up any stats on number of early dis-engagements from scrums leading to tries?

    • Austin

      Stirrer – I’ve been having problems with my laptop screen and it went All Black at that particular moment so I must have missed it!!

  • The Rant

    i like to agree with you that Deans will hold on to turner and bench o’conner – but you don’t really believe that do you. Deans has serious wood for o’conner and I don’t see him dropping him. Turner may have earned a bench spot at AFingers expense.

    Can we get some slo-mo analysis on coopers tackling style – from what I’ve seen, it’s a serious technique issue – but one that comes from not having the guts to put his body on the line.

    Genia is a solid and calm half, which is exactly what we were missing for the last few years. Burgess has done a good job as an impact player, but he’s not in genia’s league.

    Can we also get an injury update on when certain people will be back – EOYT candidates?

    Cheers for the stats

    • Bobas

      Turner would be a world class player if he added one good step to his already world class pace and motivation.

      Turner et al will do wonders for the 7’s team.

    • Bradley

      I agree that Deans gets serious man crushes on players. But it appears that eventually it is not enough to stop the axe. Brown is a key example. How long were we all screaming for him to be dropped? But the Deans love was strong so he stayed for at least 5 games too many in the starting 15. But finally the love bubble burst and he was benched. Deans love is more of mad crushes over love for life.

      • The Rant

        o’connor scored 4 tries in the last 3 games, so he’s not going anywhere – no matter how much logic you want to throw at Dingo – like for example how much more sense it makes to have a utility like o’connor on the bench vs a specialist winger – or 2 inside centres like we’ve had recently.

        Theres a strong possibility that there will be a whole bunch of unexpected talent emerging next S15 and deans will get a few more man crushes and start playing around from scratch again leading up to the World Cup.

      • Garry

        …but it seems his love bubble bursts only after there are call for Deans’ head (because of it). To long for a international level coach.

  • Larno

    Re partners for Sharpe, I say you could do worse than look at the two older locks at the Reds, Samo and Humphries, as possible options.

    • Lee Enfield

      Whoever is brought into the squad as a lock needs to be 200cm+ tall. Our lineout looked its best when we had two locks at 200cm, having a 196cm lock leaves us vunerable. It is hard to form an educated opinion on Simmons at test level when he didn’t really get the game time to show what he can do. Simmons and Douglas seem to be the best options after Sharpe and Horwill, and those two will probably team up Horwill post Sharpe.

  • Preamble

    I agree entirely with this article. It’s hard to believe anyone can still rate Burgess over Genia.

    • Alex-A

      Completely agree, but Burgo has served us well off the bench. Possibly his hunger to get a starting spot makes him play better. Genia has shown to slow up in the last 20 mins recently (fitness from injury, or altitude?), and Burgo perhaps plays better against tired defences as he keeps the ball in hand a little longer. I felt Dingos management of the halfbacks was pretty good this 3 nations.

      • reggie

        I agree, having burgess playing well creates a healthy rivalry in that position and ultimately will bring the best out of both him and Genia. If Genia had no competition then it could lead to complacency.

  • Pedro

    Isn’t s.fainga still suspended for honkers? He should be based on quoopers precedent.

    • I think it was 2 weeks, not two tests.

  • Wow! Chisholm crap, Turner excellent! Whoda thunk it?

    • Bobas

      I still rate Chis over Mumm though.

      • Andrew

        Van Humphries, Ben Hand, Kane Douglas, Ben Mowen (same height, size as Mumm) – where do these guys rank behind Chis? Everyone of them had a stronger season than Chis and would make a far great impact in general play

        • The Rant

          mowen was a little hard done by to not even get a run in the Aussie B team I thought – he played some good rugby in the S14, but maybe that was just hero stuff and he lacks the grind work?
          There’s a lot of chat for Kane Douglas here – looking forward to seeing him in action next super season to see if it’s warranted.

          VAN was the man for the reds all season and the backbone of a forward pack, that was a bunch of nobodies, to cut it against the best: ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT HE WAS OVERLOOKED IN PLACE OF JISM, MUMSIE AND THE NEWBIES
          He should walk into Deans office and roll that ….

      • Garry

        @ Rant,

        Perhaps Van should walk into Deans’ office and roll with……a posie, and start their love own bubble. It seams this is the way to earn a WB spot these days.

  • Rick

    Genia hard to replace, he’s the real deal and captain in-waiting. Expect better things from him soon!!!

  • Bobas

    I think the main player we were missing this trinations was TPN, you cant replace his effort and impact.

    Digby and like Balexander were big too, But i just think TPN is a class above Moore and 12 classes above Faingaa and Edmunds.

  • Hmmm, confused…

    Penalties, how many did Git’s miss?
    Looking through your stats, 2? Is this correct? Thought he missed about 9-10 points.

    Also QC – 9 missed tackles! WTF!

    • Lee Enfield

      He missed two penalties and two conversions for a total of 10 Points.

      • Thanks Lee, checked the stats again… yup two conversions, 10 points.
        10 points… amazed that people are focusing on a scrum and NOT a woeful kicking performance (hasn’t he done this before? missed kicks to win a game?).

  • Bullrush

    From an AB fan perspective, one guy I think the Wallabies missed a lot was Cliffy Palu.

    I think 2 of the things the ABs do really well this year was:

    1. Dominant tackles. The kind that drive the ball carrier back and give some forward momentum to the defense. That’s what created a lot of half-chances at turn-overs and slowed down opposition ball.

    2. Breaking the first tackle. Guys like Nonu, Kaino, Mealamu, Thorn…these guys would create half gaps, get thru the first tackle, stand in tackles and off-load etc. This pulls other defenders in which obviously creates over-laps and mis-matches.

    A guy like Palu is hard to dominate either offensively or defensively. Ben McCalman brought a bit of this to the table and it’s what makes him so much better than Brown IMO. TPN will probably bolster this as well. For all the kill and flair you have in the back-line, the old adage still rings true….the forwards have to set the platform first.

    EOYT and 2011 will be facinating!!

  • As$wipe

    Your opinion is dellusional…………

    Turner had one great game…doesn’t mean he should displace JOC.
    I am not a big JOC fan for a starting position given that people like Pat McCabe, Fainifo, Rod Davies who can outsmoke JOC.

    Maafu is clearly unpopular but upon watching that full game over and over, his presence is exceptional. Four tackles against Nonu and great ability to maintain the ball in hand even at standing position. Switch TPN to a prop then, but please respect this guy. He just looks fat but he is very mobile. Rotate the front row btwn Alexander, Robinson, TPN and Maafu.

    I can’t wait for Horwill’s return but Peter kimlin definitely missed out. Drop Brown completely.
    Genia was on vacation. Bam bam was getting to the breakdown’s faster than he was. At one time you can see him standing at 12.

    Let’s drop QC to 21 and have Barnes gone. QC can inject his wisdom as a back-up impact player. Let’s bring Halaghahu, Lealiifano or Toomua. They can tackle and attack the line at will.
    I miss Mortlcok’s presnece and massive size at 13. Ioane will be gladly appreciated.
    Beale holds the 15 Jersey well but i must say, AAC at 13 is not a great nor good idea. Even worse is him at 12 and shit happens.

  • Denby

    I am not a fan of Ma’afu, the stats for this claim back up your statement that he is not a bad player in the open. Scrum time he is pretty poor. I would still drop him and give Weeks a try. If he is injured go old school with Baxter (Yes, I know he is unpopular) he did well against England a while back.

    QC is a bit of a mixed bag. I think bench him and bring him on in the second half when players are tired, until he learns to tackle. I like Barnes, put him in the side for Gits. Drop Fiangaa, both are rubbish. Bring in an extra winger, two inside backs on the bench is stupid. Toomua is alright, would like to see him have a crack again Italy maybe in the second half for QC. I do not mind Halangahu, he is solid in defense but not very creative in attack, a good strong runner. He is like A. Fiangaa but with heaps more talent.

  • Bullrush

    It would be great to see ‘metres gained’ to gauge how effective the ‘carries’ are.

    Too bad there is not really any stat that can show how well a scrum consistently performs either. Games like the first Test vs England where the scrum got taken apart are pretty rare.

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