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Wednesday’s top rugby headlines

Wednesday’s top rugby headlines

Here’s our daily roundup of what’s hot in Aussie Rugby for Wednesday 13th March.

Confirmed: Phipps to Tahs

phipps rebelsThe Tahs didn’t want to announce the move until Saturday, but a mistakenly leaked press release from the ARU has confirmed that the Rebels and Wallabies half back has signed with NSW for two years. It follows speculation that Luke Burgess will be returning to Melbourne from France.

Phipps has no doubt been improving as a player, but is he the signing the struggling Tahs need?

Key changes to 6N Decider

Six_Nations_ChampionshipWales Captain Ryan Jones will miss this Saturday’s match with a shoulder injury. Also out is England Number 8 Ben Morgan, but back in is Lions hopeful Five-Eighth Owen Farrell.

Help yourself feel better about the Poms being in with a shout with this article on their greatest Grand Slam chokes.

Super Rugby hits half a million spectators

superrugby logoIt’s taken just 4 rounds for 500,000 people to get their arses to a Super Rugby match. As usual it’s the crazy Meat Eaters doing making up most of those numbers averaging 30k per game, where Australian matches average 19k (largely due to the Reds) and New Zealand matches 18k.

More Tahs changes signalled

Drew Mitchell hand off_AJFPhotography (crop) copy

Drew waves bye bye

The blood continues to run at the Tahs following the pounding on the weekend. It looks like Berrick “Sook Face” Barnes is back this week, but running with reserves has been Drew Mitchell, Ben Volavola, Sekope Kepu and Mitchell Chapman. Back in the 1’s appears to be Paddy Ryan,  Pat McCutcheon, Lakky Turner and Peter Betham.

Hot Topics on G&GR

Reds vs Force

The lastest podslam with Nathan Charles is ready to come in your ears

  • Nutta

    What am I missing? Thursday? I know I’m in Melbourne today, but not even the backward arsed Mexicans think they are a day in-front (or maybe down here it’s last Thursday still?)

  • ooaahh

    God help the Tahs if we pick Phipps over Burgess. He is downright ordinary and I wouldn’t have him in my second XV at school.

    • Richo

      Too late.

  • Starting to feel sorry for the Waratahs, clearly they’re being dragged down by politics and old school tie bullshit, and it’s becoming a graveyard for users of their Waratah to Wallabies insta-select card.

    Phipps signing (and the relatively few tears shed about it from either the Rebels or Waratahs) is a mindbender. Arguably the worst halfback running around in Super XV and he gets a ‘promotion’.

    • JimmyC

      Have you watched the Rebels play this year. Phipps has been giving it a red hot go. He got rubbished last year because people expected Genia. Well guess what he isn’t and either is anyone else. White at the Brumbies has been performing well but if you rank Frisby, Lucas x2, Snowden, McKibbin, Prior, Stirzaker and Mathewson’s play over the first four rounds higher than Phipps not many people will listen to your opinions ping forward

    • Barbarian

      I’m with Jimmy here. Phipps is a good Super Rugby player, and played well against the Tahs last week. He has a good pass and a decent running game. For some reason he seems to incur the wrath of every Aussie rugby supporter.

      Given our depth in that position is pretty thin I think it is a decent buy.

    • Rex Munday

      Occasionally I feel sorry for the Tahs. Then I think about it clearly for all of, I dunno, 5 nanoseconds and I return to disliking them intensely.

    • Rex Munday

      “Waratah to Wallabies insta-select card”


  • Stin

    Is burgo even Interetested in returning to the Tahs? Methinks not. Phipps is a Phool. I’m so depressed about this season. Ahhh. Why would they drop Vola out of the 22?! Betham is worth a go though. Ahhhh

  • The Big Lebowski

    That same talent scout who keeps putting Tom Carter’s photo on the selectors table each summer has really come up with a doozie this time.

    For mine, Brendan McKibbin has one of the better passes straight off the ground in the Australian conference (even Genia has let a step creep into his game). Why would the Tahs invest in Phipps?

    A one-eyed Brumbies supporter friend of mine often says that when the Waratahs signs a player his rugby playing ability is divided by two. Witness Adam Ashley-Cooper, Rocky Elsom etc (the converse is when they leave their ability is multiplied by two e.g. Ben Mowen).

    The Tahs will never win anything unless they get the selections (selectors) right.

    • Ooaahh

      hmmm that math don’t add up. If Mowen = Tahs x 2 then Rocky must = Tahs divided by 2. He was crappola for the brums… was it two games in two years??

      • The Big Lebowski

        Wasn’t Rocky at the Brums before the Tahs? And he was good then? (Maybe the Wendell Sailor/Mat Rogers years have blurred my memory)

        • Ooaahh

          Tahs then Leinster then Brums then Tahs now Kobe

        • JimmyC

          He is in France now. He didn’t actually play a game for the Japanese team.

    • Patrick

      Your brumbies supporter friend is right. That’s exactly what I said about Hooper going to the Tahs and why I was so upset about it.

      Australian rugby will never win anything as long as the Tahs are allowed to recruit from within Australia.

    • JimmyC

      I disagree about McKibbins pass. Too often it misses the mark. That is the tahs backs biggest problem and they did the right thing by punting Scott Bowen. I’ve seen Matt Lucas play in premier grade up here in Brisbane and for the u20s. He fires a bullet. Love to see him get some more minutes

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