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Trans-Tasman 2021 – it’s happening!

Trans-Tasman 2021 – it’s happening!

After the release of the Super Rugby Australia draw for 2021 earlier this week, which itself was on the back of Rugby Australia’s exciting new broadcast deal, RA and NZ Rugby have confirmed that a Trans-Tasman competition will also kick off in 2021.

With Super Rugby AU kicking off on 19 February and delivering 22 games over 12 weekends, the Trans-Tasman Tournament (TTT) will feature an additional 26 games over six weeks, commencing 14 May with the final being on 19 June.

The competition will feature all 10 Super Rugby teams with each Australian team to play each New Zealand team in 25 crossover matches before the Final.

All teams will play two home games and two away games as well as a ‘Super Round’, where all matches played in Round Three will be played at the one location, over the one weekend.

Kick-off times, dates and venues will be announced in due course.

All 26 matches in the tournament will be live and on demand, ad-free, through Stan’s new streaming sport package which will launch in 2021 in Australia.

A selected match during each week of the tournament will also be simulcast live free-to-air on the Nine Network.

Super Rugby AU Draw:

Round 1
Queensland Reds v NSW Waratahs, Friday 19 February, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Western Force v Brumbies, Friday 19 February, HBF Park, Perth

Round 2
Queensland Reds v Melbourne Rebels, Friday 26 February, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Brumbies v NSW Waratahs, Saturday 27 February, GIO Stadium, Canberra

Round 3
NSW Waratahs v Western Force, Friday 5 March, Venue TBC
Melbourne Rebels v Brumbies, Saturday 6 March, AAMI Park, Melbourne

Round 4
Western Force v Melbourne Rebels, Friday 12 March, HBF Park, Perth
Brumbies v Queensland Reds, Saturday 13 March, GIO Stadium, Canberra

Round 5
Melbourne Rebels v NSW Waratahs, Friday 19 March, AAMI Park, Melbourne
Queensland Reds v Western Force, Saturday 20 March, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Round 6
Brumbies v Western Force, Friday 26 March, GIO Stadium, Canberra
NSW Waratahs v Queensland Reds, Saturday 27 March, Venue TBC

Round 7
NSW Waratahs v Brumbies, Friday 2 April, Venue TBC
Melbourne Rebels v Queensland Reds, Saturday 3 April, AAMI Park, Melbourne

Round 8
Melbourne Rebels v Western Force, Friday 9 April, AAMI Park, Melbourne
Queensland Reds v Brumbies, Saturday 10 April, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Round 9
Brumbies v Melbourne Rebels, Friday 16 April, GIO Stadium, Canberra
Western Force v NSW Waratahs, Saturday 17 April, HBF Park, Perth

Round 10
Western Force v Queensland Reds, Friday 23 April, HBF Park, Perth
NSW Waratahs v Melbourne Rebels, Saturday 24 April, Venue TBC

Qualifying Final
Saturday 1 May

Saturday 8 May

2021 Super Rugby Trans-Tasman draw* 

Round One – 14-15 May 2021
Crusaders v Brumbies
Western Force v Chiefs
Melbourne Rebels v Blues
Highlanders v Queensland Reds
NSW Waratahs v Hurricanes

Round Two - 21-22 May 2021
Chiefs v Brumbies
Western Force v Highlanders
Hurricanes v Melbourne Rebels
Queensland Reds v Crusaders
Blues v NSW Waratahs

Round Three – Super Round – 28-29 May 2021
Brumbies v Blues
Hurricanes v Western Force
Melbourne Rebels v Highlanders
Queensland Reds v Chiefs
NSW Waratahs v Crusaders

Round Four - 4-5 June 2021
Brumbies v Hurricanes
Crusaders v Western Force
Chiefs v Melbourne Rebels
Queensland Reds v Blues
Highlanders v NSW Waratahs

Round Five – 11-12 June 2021
Brumbies v Highlanders
Blues v Western Force
Melbourne Rebels v Crusaders
Hurricanes v Queensland Reds
NSW Waratahs v Chiefs

Saturday 19 June 2021

**All kick off times to be confirmed & draw subject to change

  • kevinsons
    • Geoffro

      party on

  • whatwouldberniedo

    is it just me or is this provincial season infinitely better than super15/16/18? id be happy with this structure every year. we just have to find room for a pasifika team and a Japan team. one in each of the domestic comps, then both in TTT.

    • Twoilms

      Unless it was an established corporate Japanese side (who would never leave their comp) i say no Japan side, ever. The Sunwolves were an abomination.

      Also skeptical of a Pacifika. I reckon the 10 established teams is the perfect number.

      • Mica

        Harsh – The Sunwolves put in some pretty good performances, and I reckon there fans were the best in the competition!

      • Hambone

        The sun wolves weren’t done right, but they definitely pulled a crowd and a few upsets along the way. But merging the calendars including them into a play off of some description would be the way forward.
        Great for Japanese rugby, increased ratings for all involved leading to some much needed necessary into the coffers.
        I would even like a life line thrown out to their national team to include in RC moving forward, build off their world cup success and keep the countries interest growing. Better for the international game as a whole.

    • Geoffro

      Dont know how many of the Jags are contracted for next year. Tahs probably need to have a bit of a sniff around,see if they can recruit a bit of experience

      • Reds Revival

        Guido Petti and Marcus Kremer would be a good fit for what they need.

      • Perth girl

        All signed up by the Force!

    • One thing that could work, if the money is there, would be to slightly tweak the structure once Covid is past. Set up a Pasifika conference if it’s possible (perhaps you could have Fiji, Samoa, Tonga plus islanders in Australia and islanders in NZ to make a five team league), and talk to Japan about aligning the timing of their existing league.

      Then the new TT could become a play-off between the four competitions. You could run this in lots of ways, but one obvious one is some sort of knockout 1-4 in each league in pools, drawn so that 1 plays 4 (but SR AU 1 might play any league’s 4) and 2 plays 3 (but again SR AU’s 2 might play any league’s 3). You could adopt the 7’s model and have a cup, shield and plate final, so you keep the number of matches up even.

      I’m not sure the money to get the pasifika players home for that is there, but it would be great if that could come to pass.

  • Ads

    This honestly seems like the best of both options. Well done!

    • Jason

      I would have preferred a crossover comp or something, where you take the top two teams of each and they play say home and away or something a little more robust.
      But this is getting there.

    • Reds Revival

      I’m with you. I like this version a lot. We still get all the local derbies as home and away games, and then only have to play each Kiwi team once before the final, and if they’re not good enough, then it’s an all Australian final again! What’s not to like?

      • Alister Smith

        If, down the track, it could grow a little, to be maybe 8 in each comp (not 8 Aussie sides – we probably have the balance just about right there) and then the top 4 from each half playing off, then I reckon that would work even better.

        But I am happy with what this delivers. I will certainly be trading in Kayo for Stan going forward (though I could probably survive on one FTA game per week).

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    That is so cool. Great to see both organizations put their ego’s to one side and sort this out. Good result for all of us

  • Jason

    I’d really rather it not. I’d rather a proper robust Super Rugby AU (like we had this year) then MAYBE a crossover competition perhaps the top two teams from each play each other.

    This feels like it’s the worst of both. You get a short meaningless Super Rugby AU followed by a short meaningless Super Rugby Trans Tasman competition.

  • Custardtaht

    Are those who aren’t for a Trans – Tasman competition, Trans Phobic?

    • Perhaps they just hate Tasmania?

      • Custardtaht

        That’s understandable.

        • laurence king

          Best place in the world

        • Custardtaht

          I had section commander who would agree with that. Every year he’d use his 6 weeks xmas leave to go searching for Tassie Tigers in the bush in NW Tasmania.

          The scenery in Tassie is amazing. Am hoping to do a flying holiday around Tassie next year.

        • laurence king

          You are invited to drop by. Cheers

      • laurence king

        Hey, that’s not a nice thing to say EP. But if there is hatred it’s out of jealousy and envy. Lol

  • LED

    I would’ve been much happier if this had been top 3 vs top3. Too many dead rubbers with at least 2 Aussie teams always not good enough. Dilutes interest.

  • Patrick

    Great idea and the super round sounds amazing

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