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Tri-Nations Tipping – Comp Results

Tri-Nations Tipping – Comp Results

Where all the tips go when the comp is done.

The Tri-nations are done and dusted for the year, and you all know that can only mean one thing. The Tipping is done too… Sure the All Blacks cleaned up, and enough has been said about that, but the really exciting thing is we get to name the winner of the comp. I was going to give everyone heaps with a brilliant walk of shame, but since we were about 2 points short of that, the Leaderboard:

1 TheRiddler 18.00

2 Crookie 16.75

3 brighton75 15.83

4 AGTpkt 15.75

5 Marto 15.50

6 Stumpy 15.50

7 Humey 15.00

8 RunningRugby 15.00

9 Jets 14.50

10 cyclopath 14.50

As you can all see, The Riddler is our winner, How he beat Batman finally, I will never know, but the numbers don’t lie.

Here is your chance mate, claim your prize and Brag away…

Also, I am debating the merits of running a EOYT tip, let me know if you think it is worth it.


  • RugbyRiddler

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, first of all I would like to thank my family for the support they have shown during the this epic exercise. I would also like to acknowledge Gilbert and The Cheat – without their efforts, this result simply would not have been possible.

  • Ham

    Damn! 11th.

    • I got to 8th with the win in Bloem, Tipping to avoid the walk of same cost me a place…

  • I came second … in last year’s EOYT tour. It’s my speciality. Bring it on.

  • Jets

    I would love to be involved in the EOYT tipping after taking it out last year.

  • Cheezel

    Well played Riddler, it wasn’t an easy comp to tip for. And thank you MrTimms for organising.

    The more tipping the better

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