Tr-nations Tipping Comp, Week 3 Update
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Tri-nations Tipping Comp Update – Week 3

Tri-nations Tipping Comp Update – Week 3

The Tri-nations tipping comp has been running since the start, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Springboks or the Wallabies. Now that everyone has played everyone, it is time for an update on how the comp is going.  The leader board for this week stands as:

1 TheRiddler 8.00

2 chriscullen 7.83

3 RunningRugby 7.50

4 bagolfer 7.50

5 Crookie 7.50

6 ChrisBob 7.00

7 brighton75 7.00

8 Stumpy 7.00

9 Humey 7.00

10 Ham 7.00

After the drubbing given to the Wallabies on the weekend, there is no Walk of shame, other than the one that should be taken by the first 15, or Joubert, depending on your viewpoint.

Anyway, there has been enough of that else where, get your tips in for this weekend, will the good guys prevail? You tell us…

  • RugbyReg

    Just to confirm that I am going for the All Blacks this week. Quite happy to be hall of shamed for it.

    • Gouldie

      Just to confirm that I am tipping the All Blacks this week. -fixed

  • Scarfman

    Damn! Just missed the top 10.

  • Jnor

    is it sad that I can tell that picture’s a volvo XC90? Soccer mum car is sadly appropriate as the wallaby express at this point.

    Here’s hoping such a comment looks completely stupid at about 7.30 saturday night…

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