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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News has Ned Hanigan hurt, the Aussie women’s 7s thumped, Tolu Latu back or something, and the Bill Puiver Cup

Hanigan Hurt

Ned Hanigan looks set to miss the next 3 Super Rugby games and the 1st test against Ireland after getting injured against the Crusaders.

It appears that Hanigan copped his injury after Scott Barrett cleaned out the ruck from the side Kiwi-style, which is to say illegally but not illegally because he’s a Kiwi and it doesn’t matter.

In the 52nd minute, Barrett can be seen coming in on the McCaw highway, hitting Hanigan as the Waratah was clawing at the ruck. Hanigan subsequently retired from the field.

“He [Hanigan] got cleaned out from the side just twisted his knee a bit, he’s pretty tender and in a brace coming back from New Zealand,” Waratahs attack coach Chris Malone said, according to the SMH.

Joining Hanigan may be Rob Simmons, who has a shoulder niggle, and Damien Fitzpatrick and Will Miller who both suffered concussion during the Crusaders game.

The Waratahs are facing the Highlanders this weekend, and Malone wants none of we wuz robbed chat.

“A lot of the commentary afterwards was about us letting such a good lead slip, but one thing I would say was in order to put ourselves in that position, there was some of the best footy that we played in a long time,” he said.

“The reality of the last two weeks is we had plenty of opportunities to beat both the Blues and Crusaders and that’s the disappointing thing. Some of the things we have displayed in those games were some of the things we were criticised for not displaying last year … the physicality we brought to the game, in going across there and showing what this NSW team is all about.

“We didn’t control the ball as well as we would have liked in terms of field position after the first 35 minutes so there things we need to look at. We had such a good start but now how do we put the final nail in the coffin.”

Latu Update

Tolu Latu says out of my way, Waratahs v Panasonic Wild Knights

It seems like everybody – Queensland Reds fans, Melbourne Rebels fans, ACT Brumbies fans, Western Force fans, the Rugby Report Card guys, the Dalai Lama himself – has been worried sick to death about the state of Waratah hooker Tolu Latu.

Well finally – FINALLY – there’s a bit of news, this time from rugby.com.au. Latu has been working hard, according to rugby Pravda, mainly by throwing heaps of balls n that.

“I’ve been watching him in the last couple of weeks, he’s throwing 200 balls a day and he’s making sure that when the door opens again that he runs through it,” said Waratahs assistant Simon Cron.

“The biggest thing for Tolu is a consistency of performance and it doesn’t matter who you are in our squad, we’re 1-35, you’ve got to be a consistent performer to open that door and I think he’s getting pretty close to having an opportunity where I think he can run through that door.

“It’s something I’ve been saying from the start and for him to get better at throwing, he’s got to throw.

“I’ve been pretty strict on the fact this needs to happen and we need self-motivated athletes, so they know it’s got to happen and the hookers all tick the box on that and they compete with each other.

“Tolu, I’ve been watching him closely in the last 2-3 weeks, and he’s getting those reps and as a result of that he’s going to get more consistent performance.

“He adds some things to us that we love, he’s great on-ball, he’s got a good body, but at the same time, there’s not a lot of guys wanting to share their jersey, the other two are going pretty hard at it.

“So, now his job is to take it off them.”

Aussies Lose

Charlotte Caslick and Georgie Friedrichs

The Kiwis have absolutely belted the Australians in the women’s sevens series leg in Vancouver, beating them 46-0 early yesterday morning. That’s 8 tries to 0.

Both teams were undefeated but the Kiwis, it seems, have legally defeated the Australians in a dominant performance.

“There was plenty of good stuff over the weekend and I thought there was some big improvements in many areas but we just got blown away in the end,” coach John Manenti said (via SMH).

“We just have to dust ourselves off. Our attack was far more clinical, our passing was better, our tackling was better other than falling off a fair few in the end there though.

“Some good exposure and minutes for our younger girls too. Page McGregor played half the game in the semi-final so there’s a heap of good stuff we’ll take out of that and a fair bit of hurt that will inspire us towards Paris as well.”

The Kiwis’ win means the competition gap is just 4 points 74-70 going into the final of the five legs. The final leg will played in Paris, in June.

The Vancouver leg was the first with Manenti as coach, after Tim Walsh’s move from the women’s to the men’s.

Bill Pulver Cup

Force v Rebels

The Western Force will retire to the bunk beds for 3 weeks, until their next hit out int World Series Rugby on 9 June – against the Rebels.

Coinciding with the June internationals, the Force-Rebels game, will be shorn of Wallabies. However, it will obviously be a bit tingly. But Force captain Ian Prior doesn’t think it will have any tingle.

“A lot of those players there are really close mates of mine, and I really support them in their careers and what they’re doing,” Prior told Fox Sports.

“We went through quite a unique year last year as a group, so there were a lot of special memories off the field and on the field.

“It’s going to be exciting to come up against them and test where we’re at as a team.”


  • Adrian

    Hi Nick
    I love the Pravda oblique, but who (apart from us) know its significance?

    I like the Latu bit too. More to the Latu story than meets the eye, …. sort of B grade QC story me thinks

    I really (really) hope he is resurrected

    • Parker

      Please elaborate on both points. You’re among mates here, No need for secrets.

      • John Tynan

        rugby.com.au’s own stories are a bit like the Chinese or Russian press…

        • Bobas

          Except for their Aussie abroad articles

      • Adrian

        No worries Parker.

        The Pravda bit related to the Official Soviet news agency during the Cold War. It was (in effect) owned by the Communist Party, and followed the party line. Rugby.com is owned by RA…and follows their line

        More on Latu later

  • Archie

    What a result for the Kiwi women… awesome stuff!!

    • Dud Roodt

      Probably cheated I’d say

      • Bobas

        They’re never offside, because the referee thought both try lines were theirs

        • Jeff Putt

          To be fair at 46-0 both try lines were theirs..

        • Bobas

          insert mcbain quote

  • Mart

    “the McCaw highway”…. brilliant

    I note that one of the many ‘ill discipline penalties’ from the Waratahs was coming in from side when they were attacking. It the Ref was consistent i don’t think there would be as much vitriol

    • Happyman

      I have often called it the Cantabrian gate operates at abut 270 degrees. I did check the Sanzar stats and after the Tahs were up 29 nil they proceeded to lose the Pen count 17 to 4.It is funny as a Queenslander I am not used to feeling anything but scorn for the Tahs however on this occasion I cannot help but think they have been shafted.

      • Mart

        jesus, i didn’t think it was that bad.
        Goes against the, ‘just take the ref out of the game by dominating’ ethos…. it was 29-0 that is dominating

        If it was flipped and the Crusaders got shafted like that, even i’d be saying geez that was a bit rich… and fair enough they are having a whinge

      • Archie

        I don’t understand why a penalty count is ever used as evidence of bias. I (admittedly completely bias myself) thought the Tahs were lucky not to have another card after giving away so many penalties on their own line under so much pressure. A dominant scrum/pack and the weight of territory/possession is generally going to skew a penalty count

        • Braveheart81

          Alternatively the penalty count could have been evened up a bit more if instead of Joe Moody scoring a try he was penalised and either yellow or red carded.

          Then there was the penalty try from the scrum where Matt Todd was bound to Tom Robertson and driving straight into him. That should have been a penalty to the Tahs.

          Lastly there was the lifting tackle on Michael Wells after the final siren which should have again been a penalty and probably a yellow card.

          That’s only a few obvious ones.

          There’s no doubt the Tahs’ discipline fell to pieces and they did some ridiculously dumb things but the refereeing was very one sided.

        • Greg

          7 boring in on the opposing front row was indeed creative…. but we need to move on.

        • Who?

          Not really mate, McCaw brought that back to the red and black jersey around 2010. Did it until the end of his career.

        • Archie

          Disagree. Ref gift d the Tahs 12 points ignoring a knock and an offside…

        • Mart

          haha good one, give em more cards…well played sir

  • Bobas

    Typical cheating kiwis injure Hanigan just enough so he can still be picked to run on in 6 out of form against Ireland.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Or a good deal for you guys so Cheika will pick a player who can play at that level instead of someone who has never stood up at test level

    • Brisneyland Local

      Pure Gold Bobas!

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Mate, I’m in Brisbane on the night of 30 May if you’re around for a beer somewhere. Staying in the CBD so happy to meet up at somewhere you recommend.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Doneski! I am in town that day, so will meet you for a beer and a steak, and man salad (chips).

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          awesome. email the details to jcmasher@me.com. be good to finally catch up. Anyone else around you are also welcome to join us

        • Brisneyland Local


        • Bernie Chan

          Brewski up beside the Caxton St hotel has about the best craft/boutique beer around (some really limited small batch imports too..) but it isn’t the place to guzzle beer…Plus there is a microbrewery opposite the LA Hotel at the top of Caxton St…food in both joints OK too….BLL probs knows, but Blackhide has some of the best steak anywhere.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    The McCaw Highway – Yawn! Actually quite good but I’m a bit over all the conspiracy theories going on so sorry.

    I really like that there is finally someone trying to get a player to improve and put in some hard times doing basic stuff that is core to his game and hopefully we’ll see the results when he finally gets back on the field. Now maybe the same can happen to Phipps with his accuracy and Foley with his field kicking. It’s going to be a hard game and I think this week against the Highlanders will be the defining game for the Waratahs. I didn’t expect them to beat the Crusaders but I also didn’t expect them to lose to the Lions and Blues either. If they beat the Highlanders this week they can probably still recover but if they lose this game then I think all bets are off and they may as well start playing for next year already.

    • Dud Roodt

      I’d love to agree with you KRL, but I just can’t be sure you’re not cheating while you’re typing.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        bahahwahahah Gold!. Mate, I almost snorted my coffee reading this.

    • Mart

      oh come on that was comedy gold….after a result like that you gotta be able to take the piss a bit

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Yeah it is good.

  • Anne Rutlidge

    Langford not Vancouver. Give the girls the respect of getting the location of the tournament right

    • Alister Smith

      I don’t think any disrespect for the ladies was intended…perhaps some disrespect for Langford?

    • Bobas

      Shut down the site

  • Keith Butler

    Please. I’ve yet to see a SR game where the majority of clear outs at the ruck are legal. Players coming in from the side, not supporting body weight, leaving their feet, taking out players out who are not part of the ruck. The list goes on and the refs largely ignore what goes on except when it’s blatently obvious. Really pisses me off. Either rewrite the laws so that anything goes or enforce the law to the letter.

  • HK Red

    “Ned Hanigan looks set to miss the next 3 Super Rugby games and the 1st test against Ireland”

    He should miss the 1st test against Ireland whether injured or not, and a few more until he’s Test standard.

    • Braveheart81

      I reckon he’d be in the best 23 currently. There aren’t exactly many options at 6. As it stands I think Pocock will start at 6, Hooper 7 and Timu 8.

      • Greg

        How can we not start Pocock at 7? I know… I know….

        • Braveheart81

          Easily our best backrow available involves both Pocock and Hooper whoever we pick as the third option. Put Pocock in the 6, 7 or 8 shirt if you like but it doesn’t change the way he plays in the slightest. Hooper is quicker so it makes more sense having him at OSF off the scrum.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate I disagree – it’s ok it’s a forum so we’re allowed to.

          I think having Hooper and Pocock on at the same time creates an unbalanced loose forward trio. Both play a quasi 7 role regardless of the number they wear and so your 8 has to try and cover both the 6 & 8 role and that’s just not possible. Every other coach in the world has a specialist in each role and I just can’t see that they are all wrong and only Cheika can see that it needs to be different.

        • Braveheart81

          Any “specialist” we have will result in a significantly worse backrow in my opinion because those specialists aren’t very good players.

          I think Timu is a definite starter now.

          With Dempsey and Hanigan injured it is a struggle to name a decent 6. Most of the people complaining about the Pocock and Hooper combination would choose a lock at 6 who has played somewhere between 0 and 2 Super Rugby games in the position but then moan that we can’t pick two 7s and need specialists.

          The reality is we don’t have those players.

        • Who?

          Samu? Rumour has it…

        • Braveheart81

          I really rate Samu but he is a pretty small 6 as well. I tend to think we’d still start Pocock Hooper and Timu and Samu might be on the bench.

        • Who?

          We started Hanigan/Hooper/Dempsey last year, so maybe Cheika will start Samu/Hooper/Pocock, and bring Timu on..? Honestly, I can’t pick the rhyme or reason of his loose forward selections… He clearly doesn’t believe in traditional roles.

      • Who?

        Really? I was horribly unimpressed from what I saw from both Hanigan and Hooper on the weekend. Neither went anywhere near winning the contact. Hooper was regularly carried 5+m by outside backs. Not their best performances…

  • StewedP

    The Kiwis have done us a favour it seems.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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