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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News has haka fines, a pessimistic Sonny Bill Williams, bad news for Warren Gatland and also bad news for Siya Kolisi (maybe)

Haka Hacks

Leave New Zealand alone! That’s the line from World Rugby, as the Guardian report that England are set to be fined for challenging the challenge.

Precedent was set when France challenged the All Blacks haka in 2011, and were £2,500 for getting close enough to the plucky little New Zealanders to whisper “Rainbow Warrior” to them.

France’s fine was for breaching “cultural ritual protocal”, according to the report.

England’s V formation, which had the tips of the V standing over the halfway line, was meant to deliberately “rile them up” according to Easter Island’s Mako Vunipola.

“[Joe Marler] said he got confused,” Mako Vunipola said.

“He thought he was supposed to go all the way around it and go to their 10. But because of that, he’s the one who has to pay the fine. He dishes it out a lot so the boys would be more than happy if he has to pay it.”

Aaron Smith also revealed that Owen Farrell was winking at him during the haka which, if true, makes Farrell much more likeable.

No To Gatland


Outgoing NZRU boss Steve Tew has nixed the idea of Warren Gatland becoming All Blacks coach, saying that one simply can not be British & Irish Lions coach and an All Blacks coach within 4 years.

Gatland is scheduled to coach the Lions on their tour of South Africa in 2021.

“I think to coach the All Blacks and the Lions in a four-year period would be impossible,” Tew told New Zealand’s Radio Sport (via ESPN).

The NZRU will set up a four-man panel to figure out the next ABs coach, according to the article.

Tew, who himself will be replaced by Mark Robinson at the end of the year, urged Kiwis to move on with their lives after the semi final defeat.

“This is sport. The best team won and it wasn’t us. I am very proud of this team and how they carry themselves,” he said.

“I think people should take a deep breath and let it go.

“Everyone is hurting. These are not easy days.

Drop Kolisi

Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi and Coach Rassie Erasmus

Fox Sports’ 3rd-best talking head Stuart Barnes reckons the South Africans should drop Siya Kolisi so the Boks have a chance against Brave Eddie’s Little England.

“Sometimes you have got to make substitutions and we took a captain off, that’s the way it is,” Barnes said according to Fox Sports.

“South Africa to win the World Cup have got to start competing better at the breakdown. They are going to have to turnover ball.

“Does that mean Malcolm Marx starts and the other question is can they leave Francois Louw out because Louw does that time after time after time.

“When you look at Tom Curry, Sam Underhill and Maro Itoje England have got a fantastic turnover game.

“It asks the question Siya Kolisi is a magnificent leader and he stands up for so much in South Africa, but I think Francois Louw is a better openside than Siya Kolisi.

“That poses an imponderable question for Erasmus.”

Barnes added that he wasn’t too impressed with Kolisi’s post-match comments, as he views South Africa’s general approach as too cautious.

“If Rassie Erasmus can’t say right we can beat England and get his players to believe in it all they are going to do is exactly the same. They are going to hope the old Springbok track of having a big pack and kicking their goals will be enough,” Barnes said, adding analysis to a rugby conversation much to the bewilderment of his colleagues.

“Kolisi said he was very pleased because we stuck to what we know best.

“That’s not good enough. If England had won in the manner that South Africa had won and they interviewed Owen Farrell he would have said, we are in the final, but that was rubbish. Eddie Jones they would have kept off the screen because his language would not have been repeatable.”

Sonny Side Down

Sonny Bill Williams post match interview

The Offloading One doesn’t think New Zealand’s post-RWC review will be too fun, saying that his teammates will need “bulletproof vests” as the NZRU wonders how they could lose to England as badly as they lost to the Wallabies in Perth.

“We went through the review this morning and some of the boys had their bulletproof vests on,” said SBW (via Fox Sports), who added that he was adamant to win the bronze medal so he could graciously give it away to some disabled kid.

“Now we’ve just got to get on with it.

“It was a little more stressful yesterday with my little one. Didn’t sleep well, she was out of whack.”

“It was a tough night, but there were some lessons,” SBW continued

“Straight after the game, I didn’t really want to play this week – but five or 10 minutes later I [offloaded] the script and thought how good it would be to get through this, play again next week and put those lessons into practice.”

Assistant coach Ian Foster echoed the Great Offload’s sentiments.

“It’s a chance to redeem ourselves,” he said.

“We have players and management that are hurting and we want to go out and show we’re better than that, and start this process.

“Energy levels might be low with the quick turnaround but there are players jumping out of their skin (to play).”

  • Steve

    Interesting chat about Kolisi – I don’t actually disagree that Louw might be the better on-baller, but Kolisi has proved a pretty impressive leader of late and dropping him could unsettle the team. I would be starting Marx.

    I actually think it’s going to be a really interesting game – The ABs were completely shellshocked with England’s physicality on the weekend, which the Boks of all teams might be able to match. It will be a matter of whether England can maintain their intensity from last week, and whether the Boks can improve their ball-playing and running game. They played like a one-dimensional team last weekend and they are better than that.

    I think it will probably be England cos Jones is a savvier coach than Rassie.

    • Patrick

      I agree with all of that.

      The Boks should not be so mentally shattered as the ABs were, and will not be so utterly smashed in the collisions.

      But I also agree that England will win because Eddie Jones really does seem to have the right plan for each match.

      • Bernie Chan

        A plan for each opponent eh…? What a cunning concept…

        • Patrick

          Yea I know, out of the box huh?

        • Yowie

          The Aussies have had that for the last 4 years.
          The trouble has been that it’s the same plan for each opponent….

        • Who?

          Wisemantel was quoted in an interview stating that Daly’s first try was a setup they already had in place but chose to use early intentionally against Australia directly as a result of their analysis of Australia’s defensive structures.
          Such a foreign concept for Australian Rugby! He says, whilst describing the work of TWO Aussie coaches!

    • onlinesideline

      I don’t know about that last statement. Footy is a funny old game. If Rassie succeeds in instilling some belief in Boks to have a running game crack and they go over for a couple of early tries, the Poms may panic and get the jitters that the big dream is slipping away by the minute.

      Its only natural they would have bought in to being favourites after the NZ win – this could be their undoing.

      Its a RWC final and the Boks have plenty of flyers and forwards who can pop pass and link up. Im leaning towards a Boks ambush TBH.

      How much experience have the Poms had with adversity during a big game like this ? They ambushed well last week but they could be the ones ambushed this week. How will they react ?

      Will be tight ! – probably get down to a breakdown penalty that some poor forward has to live with for the rest of his life.

      • Patrick

        I though South Africa were favourites before the tournament but England’s performance was very impressive.

  • Custard Taht

    Rule Britannia, marmalade and jam, five chinese crackers up the Boks arsehole, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

    At my age, I have more in common with a low swinging chariot, than I do a perky jumping Springbok.

    England 44 d South Africa 19.

    • onlinesideline

      South Africa 21 – England 14

    • While I think England will probably win, I’ll be shocked if the margin is that big.

      • Custard Taht

        The Poms are running hot and will be out to stamp their mark on the RWC.

        Saffas are a good side, but kicking it away will get punished severely. If the Kiwis couldn’t run with the Poms, can’t see the Saffas being able to do it either.

        • Maybe. That’s the first 80 minute performance the English have put together. Can they really do it again?

          And that Welsh style of play has beaten both the old look and the new look English side this year, so the Saffas could do it. I’m not tipping them as the likely winners but I won’t be as shocked as a lot of people if they do.

  • Brumby Runner

    So, the Bokke might be considering replacing their captain and No 7 with a player who is better at playing No 7? At least they don’t seem to wanting to play Loulisi by putting their best No 7 at No 8. No team in world rugby would be foolish enough to do that, would they?

  • disqus_NMX

    Am I the only one that is completely sick of the haka? I mean, I don’t have a problem with the little war dance itself, it’s quite moving, just like any rom com. It’s the bullshit about only the little island nations full of overweight savages being able to present themselves culturally before the match; and the bullshit about everyone else having to respect it. Your culture might be to do a little war dance, but our culture is if you come at us with a little war dance, then we will tell you to go get a dog up ya. If I was in charge of any test team, I’d be screw the fines, challenge it boys, do your best.

    • Custard Taht

      One could argue that the appropriate English cultural response to the haka, would be to form line and engage in simulated volley fire…..that or sit down and have a cup of tea.

      • disqus_NMX

        Ha ha, a cup of tea, lovely. I thought of the volley fire too, that would be classic. Two lines, one kneeling at front, one standing behind, fire, rear line advances, reload, fire…

        • Custard Taht

          Great movie and great scene.

        • onlinesideline

          Problem is most of our team is either Pacific Island heritage or Moari Heritage. Maybe we should do the haka back like Doug Howlett & Co did when the ABs played Munster.

        • disqus_NMX

          Well yeah, the volley line would be more for the English team. Aussies might have to resort to cracking out the bbq or a game of two-up whilst waiting for the actual war to start. I’m imagining the Honey Badger cooking up some snags with all the boys standing around with tinnies.

        • onlinesideline

          how bout just getting Delvine Delany to walk across the pitch


        • Custard Taht

          Or down a long back, at least that way we would have a legit reason for playing like we are drunk.

        • laurence king

          Played in a hockey team that did that. Always played a good first half

        • Custard Taht

          My best game ever was after a big night on rum. Got back to base around 0700 and was on the rugby paddock at 0800. My fellow forwards were abusing me at scrum time for how bad I smelt….pretty sure I was sweating pure rum.

          Should have bottled that shit and sold as Bundaberg Rum Devil’s Cut.

        • disqus_NMX

          ha ha true

        • laurence king

          Or blowing something up. My great uncle blew up a police station in Ireland in the 1916 uprising

        • Who?

          Apparently mine blew up bridges. :-)

        • laurence king

          We may be related! lol

        • Fair Play

          They are just counting your guns…

      • andrewM
      • adastra32

        The “moves of choice” for many has been a Morris Dance. Now that would get people’s attention…

        • Custard Taht

          That would be pretty amusing to see on a rugby field.

    • onlinesideline

      Greg Clarke : Good Afternoon Folks, welcome to the first of 3 Bledisloe Cup Matches
      First up the famous NZ Haka followed by the Wallaby response, the
      “Get a Wooly dog up Ya”
      Kick off – 3.15 AEST

    • Jason

      I have said for a long while, the Haka (and all other War Dances) should be done before the national anthems. Everyone else does their thing before the anthems, Ireland do their President handshake of death, Australia – welcome to country, South Africa recently did an african tribal thing too.

      If it’s an advantage, then distincing it from the kick-off would limit that advantage, if it’s a disadvantage then distancing it from the kick-off would limit that disadvantage; if it has no impact then why does it matter when it’s done before the anthems or right before kick-off…

  • Happyman

    As far as I am concerned the NZ Haka is just a choreographed sprinkler dance these days.
    The Tongan Fijian and Samoans at least have authenticity about them.
    I have often thought someone should go up and eyeball them. There is footage of a Tonga FIJI game where the both did it eyeball to eyeball now that was awesome. Challenge made challenge accepted.

    I have always been sceptical about respect bro better people make better all blacks. What bullshit they will pick players on ability first.
    In every sport the better the player the longer the rope.

    • Custard Taht

      If the Haka is to continue as a pre game dance for cultural reasons, then the only haka that should be allowed is the Ka Mate. The kapa o pango should be scrapped, as it has no historical cultural significance, being that it was written in 2005.

      • Happyman


      • joy

        I’d be looking at the origin and translation of Ka Mate before jumping to conclusions.

        • Custard Taht

          The Kapa o pango words I believe are rugby specific. I believe it talks about how awesome NZ is, how awesome the All Blacks are, how immense they are , their supremacy etc.

          Essentially, it is a typical team song but with choreography that is performed at the start of a game, instead of after a victory

  • Mishad

    Being an Australian and wallabies supporter living in South Africa, I go for the boks whenever they play anyone except us, and I hope they surprise all and take this thing out this Saturday. Head says otherwise but will be an interesting match.

    Given the political and social landscape in South Africa and sensitivities around ‘race’, omitting Kolosi from the starting 15 and the captaincy will have massive wider political and social implications. Such is a fact of life in South Africa these days. Erasmus has more on his plate than just the national team, he has to please a whole nation by winning their games but also careful not to disturb the wasp nest waiting to erupt at the slightest whiff of appearing to favour one skin colour over another. If Barnes is prepared to comment on who should start and to drop Kolisi he must also be prepared to state the elephant in the room regarding the wider implications of his suggestions. I suspect the south african tabloids will have fun today with his comments.

    • BigNickHartman

      are the racial quotas still officially in place? was wondering why marx was on the bench on sunday, maybe thats it

      • Mishad

        I believe there still is a quota system in place but Erasmus, since he came to take over the boks has exceeded that requirement and so now gives him slightly more freedom to select more on merit. But now that Kolisi has been selected for captain for a while now, any change to the status quo could cause more trouble than its worth. I’ve been working away fir the whole RWC (lucky to get sport channel offshore where I been working though!) and so havent got much info from on the ground back in SA about this. Although I did read a statement by Kolisi when a trade union went to court to overturn the quota system earlier this year – https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/sas-sporting-racial-quotas-challenged-in-court-20190306

        ‘He said racial imbalances could only be fixed by developing sport from the grassroots.
        “I would not want to be picked because of my skin colour because that surely would not be good for the team,” he said.”‘

    • Neil Pocock

      Yes I think it’s a shame the media doesn’t let the rest of the world know how bad it is in SA! I actually think the situation in SA is a sort of reversal of how it was in 95 when winning the World Cup was immensely important for the nation moving forward! Right now I don’t think a WC win would help SA, as it is moving way way in the wrong direction! It would be like patting a group of children on the back and encouraging them after they’ve just bashed up another kid!
      Don’t get me wrong, the players deserve it but when you have the USA passing emergency genocide intervention laws you know it’s a sad mess!
      Anyway I picked SA v Eng before the WC with a Saffas win but I think I’ll just come up short, with Eng looking the goods atm!

    • I’m not sure SA can win, but it’s worth bearing in mind that Wales have beaten England twice this year and SA have basically shown they can play like Wales but a bit bigger and harder…

      And they’ve beaten the new look England as well as the old England.

      So I think, as the AB did, they can keep the England scoring down, the question will be can England keep the defensive intensity up for the full 80 twice in a row? Since that’s the first full 80 performance under Jones I think, I have my doubts so I think this will be closer than many think and there’s a decent chance for the Bokkes. 55% chance for the soap dodgers, but not much higher than that, despite the hyperbole.

  • AllyOz

    I really can’t pick this game. We now know England can play a number of styles well and win, depending on the opposition. But the Boks kept their cards very close to their chests on the weekend. We know they can play differently too and play a little more ball in hand, they can attempt to bash the English forward pack into submission and then, with a 6 – 2 bench, bash them some more. I really wouldn’t be surprised with a result either way and I think it’s going to be a great game with a few surprises. Jones will have a plan for them (probably 3) and I am pretty sure the Saffers too have thought through how they can beat this England side.

    • Custard Taht

      It will either be Poms by plenty, or Saffas by a few….I’m going with Poms by plenty, Jones has them locked and loaded.

      • Patrick

        I’m going for Poms by a few

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      Whoever will try to play rugby will loose this game with Garces in charge. Expect a scrappy kicking contest.

      • AllyOz

        hope you’re wrong… expect you’re right :(

  • Bernie Chan

    Garces has the whistle for the GF, Poite and O’Keefe his Assistants…and in a reward for continued incompetence, Ben Skeen is the TMO!
    O’Keefe AND Skeen….. WR is taking the piss…

    • Patrick

      Ben Skeen was *much* better the last two games.

      • Bernie Chan

        Haha…reward for “most improved”?

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      Who makes these decisions – ridiculous. The final will be a boring and scrappy affair as both teams will play territory and try to milk defensive penalties.

    • Ian Rodger

      I think Skeen was picked by default. The other TMO’s are 2 poms and a saffa. So Skeen was the only “impartial” one left

  • What a joke. A fine for not standing there while the All Blacks perform a haka?
    Is this is international rugby or a celebration of New Zealand culture ?

  • Keith Butler

    England are fucked. Ben Skeen is TMO. Garces gets the whistle with Poite and O’Keefe the assistants.

    • Yowie

      Minutes from the World Rugby meeting:
      Q – “Shall we use all of our resources to create a spectacle of fantastic rugby for the World Cup final?”
      A – “Nah, we’re trying to break into the demographic of pedantic and/or incontinent fans that want a lot of breaks in play to resolve minor BS”

      • Bernie Chan

        Lyndon Bray (NZ) and Alain Rolland (FRA) are on the committee that chose the Referumps…says it all really. Bray was/is a bloody terrible referees boss.

        • Patrick

          Bray and Paddy were disasters.

    • Bernie Chan

      Don’t mind Garces as the Ref, but the other 3 are serial attention seekers…they all want to be the headline act. Other than being a ‘neutral’ ref, how can O’Keefe and Skeen get a GF on ‘form’? O’Keefe was one of the worst Refs in the Super Rugby season, and Skeen has been having a “Barry” in this RWC


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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