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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News looks at Les Leulua’ial’i-Makin’s Achilles tendon, the Reds World tour, captain Hooper and Jordan Uelese’s hamstring.

Brumbies injury blow!

The ACT Brumbies Have suffered an injury blow before the new Super Rugby Season has even kicked off. Leslie_Leuluaialii-Makin has been ruled out for the season with an Achilles tendon rupture.

The tighthead prop was due to rejoin the Brumbies ahead of their round one clash against the Reds at GIO Stadium, but will instead undergo surgery on his injury.

The word on the street is James Slipper has put his hand up to play both sides of the scrum.

Brumbies coach Dan McKellar said the club would look at replacement options but it may mean a call-up to action for 2019 Junior Wallabies prop Bo Abra, who has been training with the team in Leulua’iali’i-Makin’s absence.

“Firstly we’re devastated for Les. He’s represented the jersey 50 times and is such a big part of the organisation and well loved by the playing group and staff,” McKellar said.

“As a club, we will be doing all we can to help support him through his surgery and our medical staff will be there to help him with his rehab in order to get him back on the field as soon as possible.

“We’ll be having a look around to see who’s available as a replacement but we are happy with how Bo Abra is progressing after training with our squad during pre-season.”

Brad Thorn’s Tour Mentality

Brad Thorn

My mate Jim Tucker, when I say mate I mean I sat next to him in the press box once but, was too in awe to say a single word to him, shows his usual insight when he talks about the crap deal the Reds got this year. I’ll let Jim explain.

Road warriors or road kill? The Reds’ no-excuses mantra will be tested to the full when Friday’s visit to Canberra starts a taxing 33,000km travel stretch.

The toughest first-up schedule for any team in Super Rugby awaits the Queenslanders, with three games on three continents to start the season.

Coach Brad Thorn sees the sunny side of tackling the Brumbies, the Lions in Johannesburg (February 8) and the Jaguares in Buenos Aires (February 16) as a three-game tour.

Look, I wouldn’t blame SANZAAR for trying to keep teams away from Queensland in February but, sending the Reds on a world tour for our weather is a bit rough. Coincidently it’s predicted to be 41 degrees in Canberra on Friday, 11 degrees hotter than Brisvegas.

Plenty hinges on a strong first-up showing on Friday night in a city where Thorn’s players have copped heavy defeats in 2018 (45-21) and last year (40-27).

The Reds showed some excellent cohesion in two good trial wins but so did the Brumbies in their 45-14 success over Melbourne Rebels in Albury on Thursday night.

Both sides are still putting together the final pieces of the pack.

Wallabies lock Izack Rodda (ankle) and prop JP Smith (knee) did not play a minute of the trials but their training has all been angled toward being ready to play in Canberra.

“I’ll be back into contact training this week so I’m looking to be ready to go,” Rodda said.

Added Thorn: “Izack probably could have played two weeks ago but we’ve been wanting to get him fully right for this game.”


Michael Hooper Could Be Longest Serving Skipper

Michael Hooper

Look, I’ll admit that when Michael Hooper first came on the scene I wasn’t his biggest fan but as the years have rolled on he’s grown as a player and a leader and earnt my respect.

If Hooper keeps the Captain’s armband under new coach Dave Rennie, and I think he should, he could pass both John Eales and George Gregan by the end of the year.

Not only does he (presently) fall short of these two legendary figures on the statistical front but on the affection front, as well. Hooper has never endeared himself to the Australian rugby public to anything like the same degree.

Why that should be is something of a mystery. New Waratahs coach Rob Penney was speaking as a knowledgeable if neutral onlooker when he claimed Hooper probably was the best player, or close to it, for most of those 46 Tests. No doubt his observation will anger many people but it is hard to know why.

The only awards that really count are those where performances are judged by peers and Hooper is one of only four players to have won the John Eales Medal twice, while he is far and away the most prolific winner of the Matthew Burke Cup (for best Waratah), with six.

Surely that puts to bed the question of his quality as a player. He is the most consistent and dependable member of the side, his work is deeply respected by his fellow players and, for good measure.

Wayne Smith goes on to list all the reason he thinks we don’t love Hooper and he nails it on a few like his part in the Kurtley Beale incident. And while I can see he’s a great player I’ve never really held him in the same regard as I hold Eales and Gregan. What’s your take on why that is.

Hamstrung Uelese

Jordan Uelese

Jordan Uelese is a great rugby player. Good enough to play a part in all five of the Wallabies World Cup games but, he has a problem.

He has only managed to start four Super Rugby matches in his three years at the Melbourne Rebels. Now there is news of a hamstring injury ruling him out for at least the first four rounds of this year’s competition.

Melbourne Rebels coach Dave Wessels has denied persistent ­rumours that Wallabies hooker Jordan Uelese was in such doubt for the season that the club had been forced to seek out a replacement player.

Wessels on Sunday confirmed Uelese was likely to miss the first four rounds of the Super Rugby season with a hamstring injury but said the club’s medical staff were confident the 23-year-old would be able to play after that.

“We have not drafted (former Waratahs hooker) Hugh Roach in as a replacement,” Wessels said.

Wellington-born Uelese came to Melbourne with his family as an 11-year-old and is one of eight Victorian players in the Rebels’ squad of 40.

He is one of five players ruled out of the Rebels’ opening Super Rugby match against the Sunwolves in Tokyo because of injury.

Flankers Richard Hardwick, Brad Wilkin and Josh Kemeny, and halfback James Tuttle, are all still in rehab.

The Rebels play the Sunwolves in Fukuoka at 14:45 on Saturday

  • Huw Tindall

    If Hoops played for anyone but the Tahs he’d be a lot more popular….

    Uelese has broken down more times than a genuine Polish Skoda from the 60s. There is something to be said for being less prone to injury. It’s as valuable as any skill. Some guys just seem built of glass and some of concrete. Must affect players value on the market.

    • Happyman

      Greatest ability is availability in unrelated news the best club Hooker from the Brisbane comp has gone to Melbourne.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      “Genuine Polish Skoda from the 60’s” That’s gold mate and as a mechanic from 76 – 87 before I joined the Army I am so all over that

      • Who?

        I should actually question that… Skoda’s Czech! Has been since the 20’s..?

        • Huw Tindall

          You’re right! No sure why I thought it was Polish. All former soviet block territories with reputations for shoddy manufacturing.

        • Who?

          I have vague recollections that they did air cooled flat 8’s in the 30’s… Or maybe that was Tatra? Not sure. Couldn’t be bothered Googling right now!

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          It’s all foreign to me mate

    • Keith Butler

      More reliable that the E German Trabant. Now there was a dream machine!

  • Mart

    Hate to say it But Harrison looked much sharper than Mack Mason. He hasn’t been given many chance But he hasn’t taken the ones he’s got.

    • Geoffro

      Tellingly,Tahs were on top with Will on,fell behind with Mack on then got on top again when Will came back on.Harrison seems to be more the goods.At least were over the Foley,Quade,Lilo era and excited to see how these young guys shape up

      • LED

        Harrison is noticeably more direct than Mason with the latter seeming to prefer not to attack the line and rather drifts sideways each play. However if there was anything that Reds v Waratahs trial showed me its that Isaac Lucas is even more direct than Harrison. The Reds 9/10 pairing right now vs the Waratahs are streets more dangerous – fast, slippery, offload in contact and mix up direct and wide plays. Because of this the reds backline is working and the Tahs backline is not. Even though the first half as even on the scoreboard, the Reds broke the line far more consistently and were dangerous at 9, 10 ,12, 13. The Tahs backline looked ordinary depsite lots of “names”. I also have to note that Gordon’s passing is very poor and is hurting their attack – being above players heads regularly and forcing them to stop in their tracks, rather than attack at pace.

        • Who?

          Nick Bishop’s article last week about Isaac Lucas and Harrison in the U20’s was very interesting… Worth a read. :-)

        • idiot savant

          I agree Harrison looks the real deal. Will need to absorb a lot of physical pain if he starts straight away. I’m not so sure about Lucas. He’s a damaging runner but I dont think he can unlock the strike power out wide as well as Hegarty. I’d prefer Lucas at 15.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          he’s got the Phipps disease. I always liked Phipps speed of pass but by hell he was inaccurate

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        So glad we won’t hear the endless debates about whether Foley or Quade should be there this year

  • sambo6

    I haven’t seen the Wayne Smith article on hooper…but I’m guessing he probably said things like:

    – his role in the beale thing as you mentioned
    – the fact that many have not regarded him as filling some of the core roles of his position, and pushing more well loved players (pocock, gill, mcmahon) out of position, out of the team or out of the country.
    – his clear association with the arrogant cheika demeanour with its us versus them mentality about those not in the ‘inner circle’

    One thing I’m guessing Smith didn’t mention…and I don’t want this be too personal…but fuck it, here goes…..Hooper may well be a top bloke when you get to know him, but unfortunately he’s got a really smug public demeanour about him, and it turns people off. It’s not like it’s unique to Michael Hooper, it’s just one of those things. Some high profile people seem likable, and others just dont. Look at the example of the public love for ‘our’ pat rafter versus the lack of similar adoration for little Leyton Hewitt. The overwhelming majority of people don’t know these guys personally, so it’s probably all bullshit; but for better or worse, hooper’s public persona comes across as smug and not wildly likable. Harsh maybe..but I think the reality…..

    • Who?

      Very fair call on all points. I think most have always acknowledged that Hooper’s a real footballer, they just can’t pigeon hole him in the usual KPI’s for any one position.
      The good thing for Hooper is that these things can be turned around. Lleyton did it. Kyrgios looks to be doing it. And I think we’ve seen pretty clear improvements in his captaincy and how he presents himself in the media over the past few years. Last year being his best on both fronts to date.

    • Wonky Donkey

      Yeah, Hooper’s interviews are to PC, media and PR trained. They are like drinking a Pure Blonde, boring.
      Give me a craft beer, an IPA or a stout.
      I want my captain with personality, character or an over priced beer made in a derelict petrol station outside of Wellington.

      It must be beer o’clock…

  • Steve

    Why that should be is something of a mystery.

    I can think of a real good reason Sully – The Wallabies keep losing. And losing.

    He might have been our best player through a lot of his time, but part of the deal of leadership is that you are responsible for a whole organisation’s success. So If your team isn’t doing well, it will always fall on you.

    I don’t think that’s a misjudgement, it’s just part of the deal – If you want to be judged solely on your individual performances, don’t be a Captain.

    • Brisneyland Local


    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Yeah having the worst record of any other Wallaby Captain isn’t something I’d be proud of. Still a better record than me though

  • Brisneyland Local

    Morning GAGR’s, welcome back to this new year of rugby. I hope you all had a wonderful break. I am eagerly anticipating a wonderful of rugby with hopefully a fresh leash turned over.
    Hopefully there is not a Cheika hangover effect.
    – I wasn’t convinced Hooper should be Captain for the last 2 years. I am even more convinced now. He has clearly demonstrated that despite his energy and commitment as a player, his leadership skills, EQ, referump engagement, and association with the Cheika regime make him the first person that should not be considered. Let alone his record as captain.
    – Gee that is a hard road for the Reds this year. But one thing you can be sure of. Thorns players will be fit. Bloody fit.
    Over to you GAGR’s and welcome back one and all.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Welcome back mate. Hope the holidays went well. I just hope Thorns also been working on their mental toughness as that’s going to be crucial as the season develops further. Agree 100% on Hooper

      • Brisneyland Local

        I dont think you would survive BT’s physical training approach unless you had some mental resilience as well. But I agree with what you are saying.I believe his “No excuses mantra” is removing that mental out that players may have in the back of their head due to the travel scehdule. Letting them know that that isnt an excuse, removes that from their mind.

        • Happyman

          Agreed although the most dangerous part is the walk from the Gym to the car.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Welcome back Happyman. Good to see you online. I think the scary bit would be being partnered with BT during some of the sessions. We called into ballymore over the hols and watched the boys going through some drills. BT still gets involved. Both lifting in the gym and on field. Bags not partnering him.

    • Keith Butler

      Nice to be back in the land of say the fuck you like. If the pre season games are anything to go by the Rebs could be in for a world of pain.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Good morning Mayor. Yep it is looking a little that way. The Reds are looking really fit.

    • Bernie Chan

      Only played trials so far…but McDermott/Sorovi, Lucas, JOC and Petaia looked OK in combo. Hegs better at fullback, and Daugunu n Speight (the ‘Flying Fro’) are decent finishers. Will matter nought if our piggies don’t get on the front foot though…

      • Brisneyland Local

        Very true. But am hoping for Qld the Preacher has worked his magic with the pigggies. Tongan Thor looking strong.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Hey Sully, welcome back and thanks for the write up. By hell that’s a tough schedule for the Reds. If they come back with 1 or 2 wins though it’ll be a big step forward. That’s a shit injury to Makin, I hope he gets over it ok. It will give others a chance to shine though so good and bad.
    I must admit I’m one of the people who doesn’t rate Hooper that much. Love his enthusiasm and work ethic on the field, I just don’t think he’s ever been that effective and is a very poor leader. Good on him for getting the games but I think it’s been more to do with the love of his coach than his ability myself.
    By geez Uelese has a rough road. I wonder if he just needs to review his training regime and get something that is more tailored to him. Lots of injuries must be hard to manage and I hope he gets over them as he can be pretty dynamic when he’s on form.
    Because it’s been brought up elsewhere, the name change is due to getting my Australian Citizenship on Dec 24 last year in Seoul. Still here serving until the end of April and just hoping I can get the rugby.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Stay safe old. Trippingover in on the DMZ shit faced will always get you hurt.

    • Gun

      Thanks for your work KARL and welcome to the nation.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Cheers mate

    • sambo6

      Ha…thought so. Welcome KARL…

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Thanks mate

    • Greg

      Congrats…. now can we talk about those cheating bloody all blacks!

      and Ruchie? Bloody Ruchie…. we need to talk!

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Thanks mate. Yeah I know it’s a struggle

    • Ian Rodger

      Seoul is a great city mate! Enjoy the korean bbqs and soju!

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Loving it mate. Soju is a laugh you can get anything from 40% to 5% and you don’t know what it is until it’s arrived. Korea is cool

        • Ian Rodger

          Haha had many a drunken night in Hongdae on that stuff when i was studying there.

    • Keith Butler

      Like the new moniker. Real tough on Uelese. Could well be due to his training regime. Looking forward to the big KO this weekend and I mean SR not the 6Ns.

  • Happyman

    Welcome back boys

  • Alister Smith

    Rugby is full of hyphenated surnames but it looks like we’ve got our first “underscore” with Leslie_Leuluaialii-Makin

    • Ads

      I thought Matt Dunning with that drop goal was the first “underscore”.

  • Hoss

    Well hello fellow GAGGERS !!

    The first blank sheet of digital paper for the season and i am pumped. I feel like Mozart, not the genius or ability part, just the financial destitution and raging syphilis bit…and the slide into insanity as well as i am pumped for the Tah’s season.

    I return to these hallowed pagers 25 kgs lighter, rested from a northern sojourn, although like James Taylor i saw fire and man did i see rain. 300mms in 6 hours at the Gold Coast that saw a 3am evac of our flooding accommodation – all part of the adventure.

    To my fellow Australians and American cousins impacted by the blight of bush fire i offer the Hoss family heart-felt support and financial contribution. Its a national tragedy and the scale is, for a simpleton like me, completely incomprehensible.

    It seems to me the best thing that we, in the great state of The Hunter Valley could also do is the commissioning of more coal fired power stations to ensure power supply to help in the rebuild of those impacted communities. I have started a twitter page #burnmorecoal, #fuckyeah to drive such an outcome. But, if i can find those fuckers responsible for the release of carbon and subsequent climate change impacts i will be ropable.

    Right, onto the important stuff and to paraphrase our great leader:

    – ‘how good are the reds going to be this season’
    – ‘how good are those ponies’
    – ‘how good will the battle for the spoon be between the Tah’s & the Frebels’

    New Tah’s coach is now ‘Dingo 2.0′. I hope Robbie Deans has clipped his nails, as when Penney’s lips moves all i hear is Deans-type speak (do they have a school that teaches same in Sheep-Lover Land ?) and we all know where a puppets hands go…

    Rennie – making right noises and how revolutionary that a Wallaby player will potentially be picked in position and on form…..that’s heresy to the last 5 years fanaticism we had dealt out.

    Roll on 2020 Rugby season, good luck to all Oz sides (i really like the Reds this year and credit to the Padre for sticking to his guns over previous years, me thinks he will get some pay this year). Ponies look like there steel selves, Frebs there as a token in GAYFL land and like my hairline will fade well into the background and my beloved Tah’s, well at least theres some new blood to get excited about, but Dingo 2.0 got well and truly rogered by that Prick Gibson and has the poisoned chalice next few years……sigh.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Welcome back old cheese. I am glad that my beloved Qld showed you its beauty and its harshness! We dont do things by half up here.

      • Hoss

        Still had a ball.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Well done on the weight loss. That is a huge amount!

        • Hoss

          15 to go mate. Lost 20 in 12 weeks and only 5 in last 12. Although i did have a traditional (bar open at 12) Qld holiday and the theme parks didn’t serve much in the way of healthy options, deep fried everything with chips in a deep fried cup, with deep fried side dishes and naturally i wanted to support the local economy…..I got a touch to used to the holiday way of life, coupled with pretty young 25yo-ish young ladies wearing not much more than a smile. I considered migration for a while, than i remembered its populated by Queenslanders and snapped out of it. Present company excluded of course.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Being not born of Qld I agree. There is the old saying:
          “If it is God’s country why did he fill it full of dickheads!”
          Yes the warm weather up here makes for some eye watering attire.
          I must admit I can tolerate the idiots now. The warm weather is much more conducive to a relaxed lifestyle. It never gets cold enough to make people bitter and twisted.

        • Yowie

          Make sure you don’t confuse Gold Coast people for Queenslanders in general. We actually have all kinds of different F-wits.

        • Hoss

          I wondered if you had day release yet…..

        • Yowie

          Under the parole conditions I’m allowed to use the internet as long as none of you are minors.

        • Hoss

          I’am from the Hunter, we are all miners.

        • Huw Tindall

          What’s you’re secret or is it just that you weren’t stress eating due to no Tahs or Wallabies games for an extended period of time?

        • Hoss

          G’day Mr UK.

          My secret – boring as bat droppings unfortunately, calorie counting via a great app and walking 5 days a week, that and changing my mind set around food. Wish it were more sexy, but that’s it.

        • Huw Tindall

          Fair play to you Hoss. That’s a great effort. When can we expect a profile pic change to you in a pair of Tahs budgie smugglers?

        • Hoss

          Treat yourself mate. Lie back, eyes closed, a glass vino, some Barry White and picture 4.5 pounds of Savaloy Sausage gently swaying in a mesh bag made from fine gauze, mmmmm

        • Keith Butler

          A bit drastic mate. Were you on the bourbon and water diet? Those last few kgs are always the most difficult to get rid of. The way you’re going it could be time to dust off the boots and sharpen the sprigs. I hear that the Tahs are after a dynamic 8. Age no problem

        • Hoss

          I am still about 4 kilos away from my playing weight of 118 – although at that former weight i recall less jiggling when i walked – still, beats the shit out of 140+kg

          Looking at the calendar i didn’t realise Bled III in Bris-Vegas is October 17th – WTF ? Are they playing a 20/20 Game as a curtain opener…it’s late in the year !!

          Having said that, the Gresham Whisky bar and the company of JT, yourself and Mr & Mrs Briz and the threatened attendance of the blogger formerly known as KRL make it a date not to miss i reckon.

        • Keith Butler

          Completely on topic are you applying for any Sports Australia grants to help out the Tahs. I have a direct line to Bridget. wink, Wink!

    • Who?

      Were you in a caravan park up here..?
      Hilarious – the Novacastrian goes to Qld, and this Qld resident spent a week back where he lived as a toddler, in Forster. Dragged the caravan down there. It’s such a gorgeous part of the world…….
      Funny that you’re excited about the Padre’s team – I’m much more fascinated to see who wins out of Mason and Harrison for that sky blue 10 jersey!

      • Hoss

        Had a beach front villa mate – same block as a tower of units, but separate (out the front). Three story jobby and it leaked from roof down. The internal stairs were a literal waterfall cascading down, came through down-lights, down walls, through a running a/c unit, through the tv and the scariest part – the electricity hadnt tripped yet !! Id heard the noise for a couple of hours but thought it all external noise,but……..got the better of me at 2.30am, put my feet on the floor in an inch of water, yelled to Mr’s Hoss to stay put, ran up got my boys and put them on my bed and then got out of dodge real quick. with the help of their fabulous staff – they couldn’t do enough for us. Had to move to room next door, which was watertight and empty. so we all got saturated in the shuffle, then moved too a permanent room next morn. ll All part of the adventure and we ended up extending our stay further so changed rooms again (4 times in 10 days), but the manager was awesome, helped out, checked on us, gave us a money back / off – so we’ve booked again for next year already.

        Looking forward to watching alot of young guys across all provences mature and establish spots. Poor old Mack Mason is a victim of Gibson’s and could be roadkill to Harrison who looks the real deal, as too does Harris the big young number 8 from last years U20’s. The young 7 from the West with the mafia name seems extremely talented – add to that a maturing Thor, 7A’s and co and this crop of nexters is a bit to get excited about.

        • Who?

          Should say – asked about a caravan park purely because of the flooding my wife saw posted on FaceBook. People with their caravans under at least half a metre of water…
          Glad the manager looked after you. :-)
          About the only way the Wallabies could look better right now would be if we’d managed to retain one or two guys who were coming into their peak. Thinking Rory Arnold… Maybe Latu. But we’ve got a lot of talent coming through. :-)

      • Neil Pocock

        Well Mason is now Injured right? Free kick for the others of is it a punch in the face because none will get a run with Beale getting the role……

        • Who?

          I very much hope that KB doesn’t go anywhere near the 10 jersey… Harrison should be given a good shot.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Welcome back mate. A great adventure and memories for life. Well done on the weight loss that’s awesome.
      I think the Reds are looking good but time to deliver as well

    • Greg

      Happy New year and 25 kegs! Great effort.

    • idiot savant

      How good is Hoss. Back to his coal fired best

    • Keith Butler

      The Golden Pen of the Hossman returns. Not a bad first effort. Warming up for greater things.

  • juswal

    Lots of talented and committed youngsters – maybe most of them – can’t cope physically with senior rugby. Muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments aren’t all created equal and will give way when belted repeatedly by fully grown adult training partners and opponents. It’s nothing to do with fitness or conditioning; it just means they’re normal humans.

    I suspect that’s Jordan Uelese’s problem: he’s not durable enough for the seniors. Nobody noticed because he went from under-20s to Super.

    • Who?

      Agree. Except it’s even more exacerbated because he really went from U20’s to Tests. He’s played more Tests at the RWC than he’s played Super games, total.
      The big risk for guys like Uelese isn’t that they won’t make it at the top level, it’s that they’ll be blooded too young, and cop a career limiting or ending injury before they’ve matured.

    • Keith Butler

      Spot on.

  • Brumby Runner

    Bo Abra looks to have some potential as a THP but I think both Sham Vui and Tom Ross would be ahead of him, and then there is always James Slipper who can play TH off the bench. In that case, Harry Lloyd would be an excellent bench LHP.

  • Greg

    Happy New Year to all.

    I look forward to doing it all again this year but do wonder what we will talk about…..
    – No Mr Folau
    – No Mr Cheika
    – No Mr Foley
    – No Mr Cooper
    – very, very sadly…. No Mr Pocock

    here’s hoping it is about the good coaching and good play and…..

    I am looking forward to it!

    • Neil Pocock

      Mate….. I’ll always find a way to talk about Rugby Royalty like Isreal Folou and Quade Cooper……two of the greatest players to grace a rugby field! As for the others…. good riddance…… close the door on your way out…..

    • Keith Butler

      Folau will always be news. Latest is that he’s signed a 1 year deal with Catalan Dragons in the RFL. In response Wigan Warriors have designated the match against the Dragons Pride Day in support of LBGTQI community. Honestly, you could not make it up. Last from me on Him.

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