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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News delves into, RA’s big offer, To’omua happy at 12 and, World Rugby fiddling with eligibility again and guess who benefits.


Super 8 Is Not Your Uncles Film Camera.

After Kiwi Rugby said ‘We’re having this choice footy comp next year cuz. All our humble boys are in and a team from a yet un-named island with no player or coaches or management, maybe one, at a push two, of your teams could come play? And Australia said ‘Yeah Nah, good luck with that.’ Things have been pretty quiet… Until today.

RA Ceo Rob Clarke announce the deal they’re offering for next years broadcast rights.

They include;

  • A domestic or Trans Tasman Comp
  • A Super 8 comp
  • The Rugby Championship
  • Wallaroo’s Tests
  • A State Of The Union Comp
  • Brisbane’s Hospital Cup
  • Sydney’s Shute Shield
  • Premier Schools matches
  • and a National Club Championship

Not a bad little package is it? RA are happy to split the rights if necessary.

The domestic comp could be the five Australian teams or could include the five New Zealand sides if they indicate they’re interested before September 4.

Clarke said Rugby AU would not be budging on its commitment to field five Australian teams going forward and “D Day” was coming for New Zealand Rugby around its desire for a trans-Tasman competition model or otherwise.

“We have put a deadline for broadcast submissions of the fourth of September and before we enter into any final negotiations with a broadcast partner this has to be settled,” he said.

“So D day is coming.

“We can’t make much longer on the whole trans-Tasman competition decision.

“That has been going on now for some considerable period of time and I think it is only fair on the broadcast discussions we are having with potential partners that we are able to give them as much clarity about what the future looks like as soon as possible.”

If New Zealand opts against agreeing to a trans-Tasman competition with five Australian and five New Zealand teams, Clarke said Australia would continue discussions with Japan and also the Pacific Island nations around having teams in Australia’s tournament.

“It’s five Australian teams, you can guarantee that,” he said.

“We are in detailed discussions with the Japanese rugby union about potential involvement of Japan in any future competitions and indeed the pacific, Fiji and other nations in the pacific, are always looking to get involved.

“Having the Drua involved in our National Rugby Championship paved the way to show just what they can do both on the field and the engagement with fans and that’s something we’ll look to explore as well.

“There will be options into the future but at this point in time, we’ve said there are five Australian teams and we’re happy to go forward on that basis.”

Super 8 is the top two sides from the Australian, NZ, South African, one Japanese and one Argentinian domestic comps. There is no indication if anyone has heard of this idea before today’s announcement but, I like the idea, It’s almost like Super Rugby in the early 90’s with more travel.

The State of the Union comp would be based on Rugby Leagues State Of Origin games and appears to only include Qld and NSW for now.

Eligibility criteria for that game to feature a Queensland and New South Wales representative sides will be released later in the year Clarke said, with a view to encompassing as many players as possible.

“It’s no more complex than really what has happened in other codes where there will be your state of birth or possibly where you played your junior rugby,” he said.

“There may be some other little caveats around but it will be very much building on, in the first instance, NSW versus Queensland and the 130 years’ worth of proud history that those states have had playing rugby against each other, bringing that to the fore.

It’s this interstate clash that Clarke hopes will be a carrot for a free-to-air broadcaster.

“We know that porting broadcast rights have seen some challenging times in both Australia and in other markets around the world,” he said.

“That said, I think rugby has an enormous amount to offer a broadcast partner and not just in the quantity of content we know have available as part of this rights package but the quality at every level from grassroots all the way through to test matches.

“We do know the rugby audience typically is a very defined audience with the ability, spending power to actually get behind the game and I think that has a lot of attractiveness to a range of broadcasters. I’m naturally an optimistic person so I’ll say I’m hopeful we’re going to get to a great result, I’ll let you know in a month’s time.”

Clarke said a “number” of broadcasters had shown interest in acquiring rugby rights.

“As I said right at the beginning, we need to make decisions in the best interest of rugby in Australia and we have had wide-ranging discussions with a number of organisations, both here in Australia and overseas,” he said.

“I don’t want to go into specifics obviously but I’m confident that there are a number of interested parties based on the three months’ worth of work I’ve done up to this point.”


To’omua happy at 2nd five

He might be super keen on the Wallaby ten jersey but the Rebels Matt To’omua is happy to jog out wherever he’s needed for his club side and even went as far as to say ‘It was a great selection call’ when talking about his shift to inside centre to accommodate Andrew Deegan and flyhalf.

The tactical decision by Dave Wessels proved a coaching masterstroke by Dave Wessels as the Rebels surprised the ladder-leading Brumbies 30-12 in the wet.

The Rebels out-kicked the Brumbies and forced them into uncharacteristic errors with their pressure and simple game-plan of playing the ball at the other end of the field paying dividends.

But even in attack, the Rebels looked more slick with To’omua predominately at second five-eighth.

Predominantly because for the Rebels’ opening try, it was To’omua who jumped into first-receiver before passing on to Deegan who with quick hands sent Reece Hodge in to score out wide.

Two hours after that opening try To’omua and Wessels were sitting next to each other under the Leichhardt Oval grandstand, but there was no kicking the coach’s legs under the table with the playmaker more than happy to play his role.

“No, as much as I like making it about me, it’s not about me,” the 30-year-old veteran of 52 Tests said.

“No, to be fair, I came in and I sat at the 10 number and I was like ‘shoot, move over’.

“It was a great selection call. You look at Deegs how he played, I thought we moved the ball better at the back there.

“I’ll play the role that we need to play. We’ll take 30-12. It doesn’t matter what position you’re playing. At the end of the day, Billy Meakes was playing flanker and we’ll play anywhere if we get the win.”

While To’omua said the new competition structure allowed for head to head battles each week, he added that playing a part in your side’s success would have the dual benefit of pushing your case for higher honours too.

“He’s (Rennie) probably been watching all of them as well,” To’omua said.

“One thing that’s great about Super Rugby AU is there’s five teams so you’ve got four people you’re competing with for a spot really, so it kind of becomes simple if you’re looking at that equation.

“In terms of Wallabies stuff, it’s quite motivating for a lot of the guys, obviously Dave keeps a close eye on that. There’s a lot of little side stories and I think the main story for us is the little piece that we’re putting together in terms of really building into the year and trying to get a win there.”

World Rugby Drop The Ball On Residency

World Rugby has voted to defer the implementation of its five-year residency rule for 12 months as a result of the COVID 19 claiming the pandemic constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Rugby union’s global governing body voted to extend the residency period from three years to five in May 2017. The rule allows a player to become eligible for another nation provided they have not represented the designated ‘senior’ representative team of a union for which they qualify on different grounds, such as birth.

The original cut-off date for World Rugby’s adjustment, marked for December 31, 2020, has now been pushed back to December 31, 2021.

Edinburgh loosehead prop Pierre Schoeman is an interesting case due to the change of date. The destructive scrummager arrived in Scotland in the summer of 2018 from the Bulls franchise in South Africa.

Under previous guidelines, he would need to wait until 2023 to represent Scotland. Now, the South Africa Under-20 international would appear to be free to do so in 2021.

“The World Rugby Executive Committee approved an adjustment to regulation eight (eligibility) in July to combat the exceptional disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic on the necessary residency criteria for players wishing to qualify for a national union,” said a World Rugby spokesman.

“Currently, the residency criteria is due to increase from 36 months to 60 months on December 31, 2020. In order to be eligible on that basis, players must meet the residency requirement and have represented their union before the cut-off date.

“In light of the exceptional circumstances caused by the ongoing pandemic, the executive committee, having consulted with unions and International Rugby Players, determined it was appropriate to extend the 36-month residency requirement set out in regulation eight to December 31, 2021.

“EXCO confirmed that a player must meet both the 36-month residency requirement and have represented the Union on or before December 31, 2021, otherwise the player will fall under the 60-month rule.”

In May 2018, before officially joining Richard Cokcerill’s Edinburgh, Schoeman expressed his desire to play Test rugby.

“I’m going to work my flipping ass off to get into the Scotland team,” he told BBC Sport. “If it takes three, five, seven years, I don’t care.

“If I’m good enough and get the opportunity, I’ll be honoured and humbled. That’s a big goal of mine.”

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully, personally I think Toomua at 12 is a better option anyway as I do with JOC but I guess it depends on the 10 options and while the Rebels have Deegan I’m not sure the Reds have the option to play there.
    Interesting call by WR and something that will continue to hurt. However I really wonder if it’s that much of an issue and from what I’ve seen a lot of the PI and other tier 2 & 3 teams are ok with this as these players send much needed cash back home to their families.
    Interesting call by Clarke, not so much on the domestic comp as that was always coming, but selling a top 8 with no buy in from the other countries seems a bit risky and if it doesn’t get buy in does that put the whole sponsorship at risk?
    I think the State of Origin is a good idea but not sure anyone outside of NSW and QLD will care much about it and it’ll be interesting to see how the Rebels, Brumbies and Force deal with players who are eligible but who they need uninsured for their team.
    I think going from the current NPC to national club competition is a big mistake as you now have nothing between club and Super level and I would have thought the way the young guys have come through this year it would have been obvious that the competition between those levels is of huge benefit.
    I still hope that RA and NZRFU do work together on this as I still maintain we are stronger together.

    • Alister Smith

      I think you are right re: the Reds. JOC is best at 12 and their best 12 but also their best 10, Stewart has proven much better at 12 but isn’t a 10 or not their best choice. If they still had Lucas they might have been able to develop him as a 10 option, bringing him on in the latter stages of games and shuffling JOC to 12 to act as a guide. But they don’t have that option anymore. JOC probably has another 3 – 4 years so hopefully, someone will emerge that he can mentor.

      Not sure the insurance would be an issue if it is a genuine representative team. I imagine most players in both squad would be Wallabies contracted. It shouldn’t be any different to a

      If the domestic Super Rugby comp is going to be our long or medium term proposition (plus 2 or 3) then I can’t find a place for NRC. I could see its place if we only had 3 Super teams and were playing in the old Super 15 so that we could concentrate that next level of talent but, with 5 teams (hopefully moving to 6 domestic teams eventually) then I think enough of the talent that is good enough is being catered for.

      I am actually pretty comfortable now with NZ and Australia choosing different paths, particularly if there is an eight team championship across the region at the end. If both comps were 6 – 8 teams and both were able to include some regional teams (using enhanced versions of the current GRR teams plus a version of the Sunwolves as the basis) then we would have two very interesting comps and I would subscribe to both. Then we would still get to see some “traditional” match ups in the championships.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I personally think that the only competition worth watching would need both NZ and Aus teams. Bringing a couple of tier 3 teams to get thrashed each week would just devalue both competitions.
        While I can understand some frustration about NZ over here I think some people are taking this a bit far. I don’t think either Australia or NZ rugby can grow without each other but I think Australia is more vulnerable than NZ and if we want the Wallabies to get better than 7 in World standings we need to work together

        • Dally M

          How would reducing the number of teams in Australia from the current 5, down to 4, 3 or 2 to play in the NZ comp grow Rugby in Australia, make it less vulnerable or improve the Wallabies? I think it would only do the opposite on all accounts.

          Now if NZ are willing to park the PI team until expansion and take all 5 Oz teams now, we might have something to grow and help each other. Otherwise i believe its is definitely better for Australian rugby to go it alone. With a base of 5 Oz teams + some other teams/countries mentioned there is the makings of a comp that is interesting to Australians, secures Rugby here in Australia and surely can’t make the Wallabies any worse.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          I don’t think reducing the number of teams in Australia down is a good idea and I think a 10 team Trans Tasman competition for 2021 is a bloody good idea. My comment above refers to the one by Alistair about bringing in GRR teams. I think if both NZ and Australia go totally local then both of the national teams will get worse not better. I don’t think that either country has a sustainable local competition that will provide the development needed to ensure the national team grows. I think Australia is in a worse place than NZ at the moment but long term I think both countries need each other

        • Dally M

          I agree, bringing in the GRR teams, apart from probably the Fijian one, wouldn’t necessarily be the best option, but there’s no reason why one of those teams couldn’t initially be like the Sunwolves, full of players from other countries.

          As for the Wallabies getting worse, I still disagree. With the right coaching, i just don’t see us getting worse just because we are not playing the Kiwi SR teams regularly. And the same for NZ, unless it was due to poor choice of coach or injuries.

          We are certainly better off financially together.

        • Reds Revival

          We’re thinking about this the wrong way. What if we said 5 teams from Australia, and say, 20 teams from NZ. Their talent would be spread that thin that they would only beat us by single digits!

        • Kevino

          5 Aussie
          10 Kiwi

          Aussie teams play each other twice,
          Kiwi sides play each other once
          Than a few cross the ditch games as well, that way the NZ teams are all worn out by the high intensity clashes and the Aussie teams get weaker games against each other to top the table and get the home finals.

        • Yowie

          and Suzie-the-waitress comes out of retirement to do the catering for the visitors’ team for the home finals.

        • Who?

          I think 5 and 5 first year would be fine, but if NZR is desperate to get that PI team supposedly backed by Hawaii involved, then there’s no reason why a GRR side or three couldn’t be added to balance the numbers. That has the advantage that a number of them are joint ventures with NPC teams. They’re not going to roll the Crusaders in the first season, but they’ll certainly take away depth from the existing teams, as guys who’d be EPS or clubbies as injury cover would be signed to the GRR teams, and unavailable when injuries hit the exisiting Super teams.

        • laurence king

          I tend to agree, but what was on offer from the Kiwis, the benefits were really going only one way. So really the ball is in their court, no pun intended

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          absolutely. Both sides need to grow up and stop being so stupid

        • Brumby Runner

          KARL, I don’t think it is a matter of growing up now. NZRU’s initial approach was very poorly thought out as it put an intolerable impost on RA to exclude one or more of the Aussie sides from the proposed competition. RA has responded now to effectively say that 5 teams is non-negotiable and has put forward a couple of options for NZRU to consider. The ball is well and truly in NZRU’s court to decide which way they want to proceed in 2021.

          I believe the RA position is a very mature one and encompasses a joint venture in a TT competition if NZ want that or has a fall back position if NZ can’t come to terms with all 5 Aussie sides in a TT.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          mate I agree NZRFU were dicks in their original approach but I think RA coming out with their proposal and giving a publioc deadline for a response is as much of a dick approach. FFS they’re grown people and they should just sort this out

        • Brumby Runner

          You don’t think that announcing the deadline was just their way of keeping faith with Aussie fans, and maybe even the potential broadcasters? We, on here, and I’m guessing on other sites as well, have been urging RA to make some progress with the broadcast deal for next year and to inform us of what is going on. Even one NZ fan in particular, going by the initials DAN54, has been quite vocal about wanting RA to put its position publicly.

          I think that’s just what they’ve done by announcing the deadline.

        • Dally M

          They have to set a deadline in order to move forward for next season & beyond.

          It’s alright for NZ who already have a TV deal which just needs to be renegotiated for their 8-10 comp & presumably they have already have done so.

          The longer Oz waits, the harder it will be to get things organised for our own comp if that’s what needs to happen.

  • Steve

    Good on RA for sticking to their guns re: 5 Australian teams. I for one am thoroughly enjoying that each weekend I am a winner. Either a) the Brumbies win, b) the Waratahs lose and Phil Kearns moves one step closer to completely losing his rag live on TV, or c) at least one of the Reds, Rebels or Force puts on a bloody good display and I can sit back and enjoy.

    Or at least, it was working well until last weekend. Hopefully I get at least one of the 3 for each upcoming round.

    Bloody good stuff.

  • onlinesideline

    greatttt news – anytime we remind the kiwis there is bid dog across the Tasman who aint taking any bites is a good day for me. If we cannot put our foot down on the field against them, at least we can do it off the field bwwwahaha – “3 teams” piffftt – who the hell do they think….

    I think the state of origin is silly. Hell ask most leagies and they also think theirs is silly. Yeah its been marketed well and is a success but 2 states representing all league players including kiwis and islanders who make up a sizeable chuck of the NRL. Its weird. I think its just broadcasting candy but has no justification re growth of the the rugby code.

    Question re Super 8 – IF we happen to do the trans tasman option with kiwis, will the Super 8 finals comp be the finals of the new tasman comp like the bledisloe is a comp within a comp, ie of the RC ? Thats weird to me because it involves saffas and japs. IF the trans tasman comp finals are SEPARATE to super 8 finals, it will ALSO be weird. It will be like a rerun of the finals just witnessed 4 weeks prior Thats weird too. Its a bit too much of the SAME level but just international version.

    Want I wanted to see was more of a push of the NRC. I suppose not having decided on the kiwis or not its very hard to shape the aussie domestic comps and their nature.

    I am really really hoping we turf the kiwis. An all aussie season, with Super8 finals and then Rugby Championship will be PERFECT mix of domestic and international, with the Super 8 finals acting as a barometer in picking players for national honours.

    • Damo

      Yes, the new broom at RA is already obvious and better. As per your comments and mine earlier there are plenty of issues to be debugged. However it seems clear that the Rugby Australia team now has a good hard edge and is firmly prioritising rugby in Australia.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      I think RA turfing the kiwis, and NZ turfing the Aussies is a mistake. I also think if RA tells NZ to stuff off about the TT competition then NZ will not support the Super 8 which will mean it won’t go ahead unless it’s a hybrid GRR which won’t help the development of Australian players much.

      • onlinesideline

        whos in charge of the super 8 btw ?
        maybe mate but maybe they both just want out at end of day
        I cant see it happening actually

        Re dev / benefits of aussie players playing kiwis – we have been playing you guys for 25 years in super rugby – can us aussies really say its paying dividends to the point that if we jump ship we are going to slip much more. I think its the reverse. We need to find out own feet.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Mate Australia only really started to fail when they stopped the development of decent coaches which led to the abortion that was Cheika. I still remember the heartache of the 90’s and early 2000’s when we never knew if we’d win and when the Australian team would bite us.
          Maybe you’re right and the Australian team does need to find its own feet but I think until there is a clear national pathway for coaches as players to develop from good club performers, through something to good Super performers and then into the national team there will always be issues. Regardless of the competition

        • onlinesideline

          yeah 1999 – 2004 was heavenly at times. I remember Fitzy getting rattled and ABs being ridiculed as team of old men.

          I giglled

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Yeah me not so much

        • Max Graham

          Coincidentally, the time we started to fail was the time when big overseas money took big chunks of our talent. There are two full wallabies teams overseas and not eligible. This is obviously the reason for the slump in our on field success.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          I’d suggest a reason rather than the reason. I think there were a multitude of things that caused things to go downhill

      • Brumby Runner

        Do you really mean that NZ would pass up the opportunity to test themselves against their only worthy competitor in world rugby – the Saffas, at this level before having to face them in TRC?

        • I’m not sure what Covid is like in SA right now, but pretty bad from the little I hear.

          I suspect that SARU will look at the mess of 2020 and no clear deal in 2021 and say “we’re going North mate. No silly time zones, and we’ve got a foot in the door with the teams in the Pro 14 anyway.”

          Add, say, 2 more there, 2 to the Top 14 and 2 to the Premiership or similar and wave bye to SANZAR, except for TRC. With a big chunk of SA money investing in the Premiership and Pro 14 at least, all kinds of weirdness is being discussed and that would be one that isn’t being touted around but that wouldn’t surprised me.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Maybe. The different time zones and cost of travel are likely to be against it happening anytime soon anyway. I agree they’d rather play each other than not but I don’t think it’ll happen next year

    • Perth girl

      Agree about the NRC, that was a great comp in the making but not supported by RA or NSW. Do a bit of research about Clarke, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, can a leopard change it’s spots?

      • onlinesideline

        As long as he is on our side and hes bringing a bit of street to the table he is very welcome as far as I am concerned. I’ve long said we need the brunching Mosman mafia to dissappear from the code replaced by a few unsavour mannered ockers. I may be wrong and often am but he doesnt come across as a Balmoral Beach for talks type. We need some mongrel.

  • Damo

    I hope the potential RA broadcast rights bidders don’t have a copy of the Macquarie Dictionary handy. If they do they might see a term in there ” pack a poo ticket- a mess; something in a state of chaos; randomly thrown together”. At first glance this package might look like one of those. I’m not sure that filling the basket with as many goodies as possible is the most marketable- i.e. appealing to the prospective advertisers- approach. Some of the elements in there need a lot of clarification as to how they might work and what value they hold. But… I have been proven wrong before.

  • Brumby Runner

    Good to see some developments on the makeup of Rugby 2021.

    I do have a question or two though. I wonder if the Super 8 competition has been discussed in private with the other Unions. If not, then it smacks of NZRU’s arrogance by the RA in this instance in deciding on others behalf what the competition will look like.

    I also wonder what happens with the players from the teams that miss the Super 8 while that competition plays out. Maybe a period of 6 – 10 weeks where they get no game time. Or is that when the club championship gets underway so they effectively go back to club rugby.

    All in all, a big improvement on the TT as currently proposed by NZRU.

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      Maybe the teams that missed out can play GRR…

      • Brumby Runner

        Probably the best solution I’ve seen so far.

  • Brumby Jack

    I would rather see a Possible V Probables match than a State of the Union game. We have the Reds v Tahs twice a year for that, just needs to be hyped up more

    • Too Little Too Late

      I totally agree, a selection game before the 1st test match would be a cracker.

      • Damo

        Back when things were less complex, we would have a Sunday afternoon Qld V NSW battle. An hour or so after the game had finished we would be standing under the Ballymore grandstand (there was only one) polishing off a few more coldies and over the loud speaker someone would read out the test team for the upcoming test- usually to be played the next week. Loud cheers or groans depending on the team chosen. It was definitely the test team trial, so it was always full on.

    • The Jackal

      Agree love to idea of some other high level domestic fixture but not NSW v QLD. It just excludes too many people. If you hail from WA, ACT, VIC or elsewhere you are just out, unless you played club footy in Brisbane or Sydney? It diminishes the game from the outset if you are excluding great players from it. Where do our large contingent of pasifika players play? Your first club. So Naisarani maybe to QLD but what about Koro? Fiji to NRL to Rebels?

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      My interest in SOO game will match my interest in the NRL state of origin. 20 years in Australia and never cared to watch it. I imagine it could be interesting for those that lives in NSW and QLD

    • Max Graham

      League SOO is worth $20m per game. Probables vs Possibles wouldn’t be worth 20 cents. Why do Oz rugby fans continue to push for teams and comps that don’t have tribalism? SOO isn’t about making it into the test team – it’s about hating NSW. P v P is what kids have because coaches don’t get to see them all play. Only the parents turn up to watch. This is why the NRC will always fail – teams like Qld Country are passionately supported by no one. I’m from Queensland country and couldn’t care less. No one cares. There are more online supporters than at the games. Give me Townsville or NQ and it’s a different story. That who I identify with. I’m a city boy, so why the hell would I be passionate for country? Every other sport everywhere understands this except us. We always want some contrived, meaningless event for some weird reason. Well, we say we do. We don’t turn up or watch them, which shows you the truth in three great sayings:
      – Buyers are liars
      – If I had ask what people wanted I would have built a faster horse
      – People don’t know what they want until you show it to them

  • Nutta

    State of the Union is different to Super.

    From my POV, State of the Union would be magnificent if it was about actual representation. That is, you play for where you come from. The best born of one area vs the best born of another. There is only one eligibility rule – where you were born. That’s it. No Greg Inglas specials. You qualify or you don’t. Full stop. But if that was the case, then surely there would have to be 5x team comp of Brisbane, Sydney, NSW Country, Qld Country and BaaBaas. Now THAT would be authentic, representative footy. But fat chance of that.

    Super footy brands are Franchises. They are about as ‘representative’ as your local McDonalds. Actually your local Maccas employs local kids so your local Maccas is even MORE representative than your Super Franchise.

    The base money-maker is Super. I’m not arguing that. It’s a commercial reality. But the chance to see a PROPER representative match played on blood-in foundations rather than on a contract price? I’ll go watch that.

    • Yowie

      Could we have a State of the Union series with NSW Maccas kids vs Qld Maccas kids?

      Different uniforms for each side obviously or the TV spectacle would be confusing.

      • Damo

        I’m sure you would get tries with that. Sorry…

      • Mortahs Incoming – custardtaht

        Imagine watching Big Mac drive through the line out and over the top of Nugget, at Ronald McDonald’s house.

      • Nutta

        Get the KFC gangs instead. I get the feeling they are more belligerent. And their fries are better.

        • Mortahs Incoming – custardtaht

          Or Hungry Jacks, the burgers are apparently better. Or go the whole hog and have a rugby Competition with teams from;

          Red Rooster

        • Nutta

          Macca’s would win on headcount. But if you made them combine to be the (say) West Dubbo Battered Savs vs North Wagga Dead Chooks, well, who wouldn’t watch that?

        • Yowie

          The Ipswich Fish & Chip Shop Owners might turn out to be long term pains-in-the-arse if given half an opportunity.

        • Nutta

          Ipswich Flake? Or Redfins?

        • Damo

          Please explain.

        • Nutta

          Something to do with Nick Xenophon/Xenophobia, some guy called Nic and some cash in a shopping bag or something.

      • Damo

        Also confusing would be the call from the crowd “get that clown off the field” Ref or Maccas mascot?

        • Yowie

          The Hamburglar has good body height for an openside flanker.

        • Nutta

          Pretty much wears the right colour as well.

          ‘Hands away Black7′

        • Yowie


        • Our Macca’s has a side entry too.

        • Mica

          Rubble, rubble, rubble

        • laurence king

          Will he have good rapport with the refs?

        • Yowie

          Better than Hooper.
          But that’s like saying “less crazy than Bobcat Goldthwait’s on-stage persona”

    • Gun

      I like it as well. It shakes SR up by providing two teams that aren’t seen week to week and creates the tribalism we’re after. I couldn’t back the Tahs in a month of Sundays (versus other Oz sides, but against the japies or the shaggers for sure) but Id be onboard with the ‘Fleet’. I couldn’t wait to see them rip into the deep northern rednecks.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      The trouble I see with it is it’s reinforcing the RA stance of anyone outside of QLD and NSW not really mattering and only put up with to try and get some additional money that can be spent on QLD and NSW. I know I’m a kiwi as well as an Aussie but I really couldn’t give a shit about a state of origin. I’d rather watch a Possibles vs Probables where players fro all states are picked as a trial for the Wallabies run on side.

      • Mortahs Incoming – custardtaht

        If we use the NRL state of Origin eligibility rules, then we can have Kiwis, Pacific Islanders and any other nationality play for the teams. Instead of calling it State of Origin, it could be called State of Identity, or Red V Blue v Colour Fluid, which is very PC and inclusive, as that way you don’t need to be born in a state, just identify has being from that state.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Which sounds like more of a possible vs probable

      • Nutta

        But Dude it’s precisely because the Kiwi’s don’t have states that perhaps it doesn’t resonate with your childhood experience. Australia isn’t a State. It’s a Federation of States. Deep down inside we are all quite bloody conscious of where we come from. Just look at the way South Aussies think they are sooo much better than everyone else to the point they have just slightly varied … everything … all rooted in the fact they were the ONLY non-convict settlement. The Western Wankers do the same periodically when they cavort about separatism. Look at how Palaszczuk is leveraging the whole ‘that southern filth’ parochialism right now off the back of Covid going into the Qld State election. Don’t worry, we all pretend it’s not there, but scratch just little bit and out she pops. Imagine Sth Island v Nth Island. That may get intense.

        • Yowie

          …the whole ‘that southern filth’ parochialism…

          Hang on. Are you saying there is another way to think about New South Welsh people and Victorians?

        • laurence king


        • Nutta

          Let’s not start on Taswegians.

        • No state rivalries or differences over here in the West Nutta.

          Just those damn Easterners…

        • Yowie

          Just send over your Little Creatures and Gage Roads beer, but otherwise stay way over there quietly.

        • No
          its our stuff, go away

        • Oh, hangon. How much are you offering?

        • Yowie

          $62 a carton at Uncle Dan’s mostly.

          A bit more by the pint glass.

        • ouch

        • For that you can have Fremantle.

        • Yowie

          Sold. Now to get through the Covid border and across the desert to take possession. My imperial headquarters will be at the Little Creatures bar.

        • Got a list of other suburbs I don’t like if interested?

        • Nutta

          I’ll have Freo. You can keep the rest.

        • Mica

          Tee Hee

        • Brumby Runner

          Is Little Creatures WA? If so, they’ve already come, seen and conquered in Victoria. Visited the Little Creatures/White Rabbit brewery/restaurant in Geelong recently. Great experience, and excellent beer – especially the White Rabbit Dark Ale.

        • Fired in Freo around 2000.
          On its way to world domination.


        • Yowie

          On the beer podcast I listen to, they talk about the time period “BC” (before Creatures) in terms of the time before the revolution in hop-forward craft beers in Australia.

        • Yowie

          I’ve heard of White Rabbit Dark Ale but haven’t tried it.

          Fark-it, if you insist I’ll grab some tomorrow night.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          So you’re agreeing with me that cutting out the rest of the rugby here isn’t a good idea

        • Nutta

          Yeh absolutely. Can’t be just red v blue. That’s why I would split it into 5 sides. But it won’t happen so waste of breath.

        • laurence king

          The main Island against the North Island. We Taswegians love a fight

        • Mica

          South Island vs North Island would be awesome. Only this is that Otago don’t like Canterbury much in my experiences with Kiwis. :)

      • Mica

        Would it be plausible to include Vic, ACT and WA in the mix for a true state of the union as Nutta suggests?
        What would the teams look like if this were the case?

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Yeah maybe but would that offer more than a possibles vs probables though? The trouble with having sides based on states is that if your 2 best 10’s for example play in the same state you can’t get them playing against each other to see who handles the game better. In a possibles vs probables you can.
          The NZ North Island vs South Island has the same problem and it doesn’t really offer much. The only good thing in NZ is that there aren’t another 6 states/territories being put off side for not being included

        • Mica

          Good point – I’d happily support a possibles vs probables game or maybe it could be incumbants vs. displacers.

  • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

    How did COVID impact residency requirements? A single season impact led to a two year delay? Can you smell the BS from the Northern Hemisphere?

    • Who?

      Totally agree Hannes. It’s not like people are changing their residency right now.

  • Hoss

    Absolutely THRILLED and excited about this, but poor form from RA for not providing someone to provide the customary Auslan interpreter in their release for those hearing impaired in NZ.

    I have attached the short version for our Kiwi bretheren in case you missed the live stream announcement



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