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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News looks at a big move west, The Cheetahs may get shafted, the Pilecki medalist and, Thorn’s big decision.

Western Force Sign TK!!!!

Photo by Tom Offer

Yes, You read correctly. Tevita Kuridrani is closing up the house and moving across the country to Perth to play for the Force!

It’s the second signing news this week with Kyle Godwin recommitting to the west after a serious tilt by the Waratahs to turn him into an east coast elitist.

Kuridrani is considered a veteran these days but at 29 he has plenty of rugby left in him and for me, leaving the notoriously slow starter out of the Wallaby squad was a big mistake by the new coaching staff.

The Force also secured captain Ian Prior last week and earlier secured the arrival of former Wallabies prop Tom Robertson from the Waratahs

“I’m really excited to be joining the Western Force and being in a new environment,” Kuridrani said.

“I played with Kyle Godwin at the Brumbies, so I’m looking forward to playing alongside him again.”

Force coach Tim Sampson was thrilled to announce Kuridrani’s signature.

“We are delighted to have secured a player of his calibre for next season,” Sampson said.

“Tevita is a class player and has contributed immensely to Australian rugby over the years. I remember watching him when he first came onto the scene as a youngster in Brisbane and suspected then he was a player who was going to go all the way.

 “The discussions I have had with Tevita, he is very excited about moving to Perth, knuckling down and starting fresh at a new club.”

“It has been a true honour to play for the Brumbies, a club that gave me a chance to play Super Rugby, and to live out my dreams.”

“Leaving my family in Queensland to come to Canberra was difficult, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made.

“I will cherish the memories I’ve made at this club forever, and I just want to thanks everyone who has made my journey with the Brumbies so special, not least the Canberra community who always made we feel at home here.

“While I’m sad to be leaving the club, I feel the time is right for me in my career to have a fresh challenge and I’m excited for my new opportunity with the Western Force.”

Are the Cheetahs Shafted Again?

Junior Laloifi forces the error

Back when SANZAAR decided that despite everything they’d told us 18 teams really wasn’t working for them and Australia would ditch one team and South Africa would move on two. After an *cough* extensive *cough* review RA decided to ditch the Force and the SARU found a home for the Cheetahs and the Kings in the Pro14. At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea and wondered why RA didn’t try something similar with Japan. But that’s another story.

Now, with what looks like the end of Super Rugby as we know it the SARU are making noises about moving their four Super Rugby franchises to a revamped Pro16. Yep, you got it. 14 plus four does not equal 16. And that’s because South African rugby wants the Kings and Cheetahs quietly step back and vanish into the hedge like that famous Homer Simpson meme.

According to Netwerk24, the Free State’s class of 1975 has now written to SA Rugby to express their concern about the Cheetahs’ future and to suggest that the national governing body select just three Super Rugby franchises to join the Cheetahs as the four South African representatives in the PRO tournament.

‘If not that, then the Currie Cup has to determine who the four best teams in the country are,’ former lock Ross van Reenen wrote. ‘Or are the other franchises scared of Cheetahs?

‘After the Super Rugby fiasco a few years ago when the Cheetahs were shown the door, the team had to find their own way and had to fight for the opportunity to play in the PRO14. Now they want to take that away from them too?’

‘We strongly feel that the Cheetahs deserve the right to play in the PRO16.’

Tupou Wins Pilecki Medal

Want to know what the most impressive thing Taniela Tupou does?

It’s not his scrummaging, and it’s not the 80-minute efforts, it’s not the running lines or the bullet passes to put wingers away, and it’s not the amazing speed he pumps out of his massive tree trunk legs.

Nope, it’s that he does all that while chewing gum! Seriously, how doesn’t he swallow it every game?

Now, because of some or all of the things mentioned above Tupou has won this years Pilecki medal as voted by his fellow players.

Being chosen by your peers as the best on-field really is a humbling experience and I’m sure Taniela is standing ten feet tall right now.

Crowned the Vodafone Super Rugby AU MVP this season, the frontrower added the Reds’ top award to his list of achievements in 2020 following a Grand Final appearance with Queensland.

The award is named after the late legendary Queensland prop Stan Pilecki – the state’s first centurion.

Tupou polled 302 total votes across 17 games, edging out Queensland captain Liam Wright (204 votes) and Lukhan Salakaia-Loto (188 votes) in third.

Due to Wallabies commitments, the award was presented in the Canberra changerooms last Saturday evening following the Reds’ Grand Final loss to the Brumbies at GIO Stadium.

Reds head coach Brad Thorn said: “Well done to Taniela. This is great recognition for him after a standout season with Queensland.

“To be voted as the best player by your teammates is an honour valued most in a team.

“In my opinion, Taniela is a world-class tighthead. He outclassed his opponents this year with some dominant scrummaging. What he does on the field is freakish at times for someone his size. He’s got a damaging combination of both power and skill.

“Off the field he is a humble man with a big heart, and as a group, we couldn’t be more proud of his achievement,” said Thorn.

Along with the Pilecki Medal, the Reds presented two other awards, with Harry Wilson named Rookie of the Year and Liam Wright recognised as best displaying the Spirit of the Reds.

Brad Thorn Still Undecided.

Brad Thorn

Let me start by stating that on the slim chance Mr Thorn is reading this,

Please Don’t go!

Brad Thorn took apart the Reds, stuck in a bit of heart and a little soul and then put them back together again, better in every way except maybe their lineout.

But the big thing is the jobs not really finished yet. The Reds seem to be on the edge of something but they just aren’t there yet and to walk away now might allow the next coach to do a Trump to your Obama. Nekt Minut the affordable care acts gone and heart operations are off the table.

Three more years should do it, Mr Thorne. We’ll crowdfund a lineout guru if that helps?

After the Final loss against the Brumbies, you know that time when you make life changing decisions, Thorn was asked about his future here is what he said.

“I’ve just been worrying about this at the moment,” he said.

“But now that this has come to an end, I’m sure there’ll be chats and what-not going around there.

“But it’s not really something to talk about now, mate. We’ve just come from a pretty big game.”

So not really much of a story actually.

  • theduke

    Thanks as always Sully for your words and effort. Your intelligence and passion are an inspiration to us all.
    (Wait for it, there’s a big butt coming….)


    Brad Thorn can tell his story walking. I support the players at the Reds but I will not get back on the Reds train until he’s gone.

    Not trying to rehash old arguments but wanted to show not everyone in onboard with keeping BT.

    • Of course you’re entitled to an opinion but my guess is you’re in a pretty small minority.

      • theduke

        Entirely possible! And a lot of people have moved on.

        But if I didn’t take things to heart, what’s the point of being a sports fan?

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Love that last sentence. Absofriggenlutely mate.

        • You changed my mindset with that last statement.
          Thorn can bugger off… bloody useless

      • Alister Smith

        It is hard to comment without knowing what was exchanged between Thorn and QC in the past. Did Thorn say, I want to take this in a new direction, will you be part of it? and QC said no? Did Thorn, after spending time with the squad as an assistant make an assessment that QC wasn’t going to give him what he was looking for. The thing was, they hadn’t won very much over the 4 years before Thorn took over, so something had to change

        In any case, whether or not it was the right decision in the past, it is the right decision now, QC is 32, he has had a few injuries and Japan is probably the right place for him. It would eventually have been time to move on – it might have happened a season earlier than many would have liked but it eventually needed to happen. On the other players, Karmichael Hunt, I think the Reds hands were tied – they had given second chances – it was up to someone else if they wanted to give him a third. It has worked out OK for the Waratahs but, if given an option on KH or Hamish Stewart I would personally sign Stewart. James Slipper – I think there were two positive tests, one that was only revealed later, so again, the Reds gave a second chance, it is up to someone else to give the third. He was going through some tough shit but he was also captain, the setter of the standard, so if you are trying to establish a culture and the bloke who sets your standards twice breaks the standard, and you keep him on, well it calls into question the standard. There were other blokes that went as well, but none of them has set the world on fire wherever they ended up.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Sully, I am with him on it. I withdrew my corporate sponsorship (had been one for 10 years) of the Reds. But I am not pissed only with Thorn as he is only part of the issue. The whole reds operation is a bit of a debacle to be honest. Their handling of corporate sponsors and members prior to this year has been nothing short of crap. My nephew was a member of the squad and was treated appallingly by the Reds, and especially Dan Herbert (of note he speaks reasonable well of Thorn, but says his imposition of religous views on players was not to his liking).
        So we may be a minority but we have strong views.

        • Yowie

          Credit to Reds marketing though. On my way in to work this morning I saw a bus fully covered in Reds and NRC advertising, including “2019 memberships available now” (true).

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep, that about sums them up. Not only was I a coporate sponsor, we held a family Platinum ticket! Every year they would come up with new ways to spell our surname and 3 out of 4 members of my families names. Each year we would ring up and correct it, then they would find new ways to spell things. I know this is a minor point, but attention to details matter. Even my corporate sponsorship came back with the wrong spelling twice. Then they double billed. Just incompetence all round!

        • Yowie

          FFS, wouldn’t it be easier to just copy & paste the corrected info from the previous year?

          Those sorts of errors make me lose my mind. It has taken someone more effort to make a mess it it than the effort it would take to copy & paste (or have a machine process it).

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep, and that really started to piss me off.

        • Hoss

          Easy Wowie – to err is human to forgive……

        • Yowie

          …to make the same error repeatedly despite being told repeatedly – you must have been a junior employed at my workplace, apparently.

        • Hoss

          Yep. Stayed at a former Quarantine Station in the Manly area for a wedding recently and from checking-in – to check-out the next day is was a completely shite experience. You know its not going to be any good when they cant find your reservation (made online months earlier) and then they ask ‘what name did you use?’ – i replied ‘the one i was born with and had for over 50 years’. Gets better the list was alphabetical and my surname starts with an ‘A’ (for arsehole) and they still had trouble finding it….They had no trouble finding me when i gave an unfavourable review on trip advisor though – nope, no problems getting me then.

        • Yowie

          Qld hospitality has a policy to New South Welshmen similar to the French hospitality approach to the English.

        • Alister Smith

          a wedding at a quarantine station during a covid pandemic – how utterly appropriate.

        • Kevino

          Mate that’s poor,

          But having a surname the same as the Reds 10, I can tell you that a lot of bug company website still don’t accept as a character in my name.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep I have a first name and a last name with a different spelling than the ususal. So I guess i have to blame my parents!

        • Hoss

          I don’t know mate Epiphany Moonshine is a lovely name and you wear it so well.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Fucking Hippy parents! ;-)

        • Nutta

          Not Hippy’s. Hillbilly. Moonshine. Not Moonlight. The Epiphany bit is the hallucinations coming from the Ethanol 3.

        • Yowie

          I thought alcohol-fuelled epiphanies were more along the lines of “the barmaid thinks I’m hilarious and is clearly in love with me” or “kebabs are great”.

        • Nutta

          No the first one is clearly a case of alcohol fueled delusion.

          The 2nd one is a ongoing condition that I suffer from even when sober. The struggle is real. And there is no help line.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I thought it was from the tomato plants that they were smoking. Well at least they said they were tomato plants. But they never bore one single tomato.

        • Damo

          Mate, notwithstanding where you know who took our national team in the last few years, this country remains a very prominent player in what is one of the few truly global sports, popular across all continents, including the monster Asian markets. Two world cups won, one more successfully hosted.
          That the collective administrators of the game in Australia consistently fail to deliver on the responsibilities and opportunities presented by rugby in the country just does my head in.
          The quality management required continues to be stifled by elitism, cronyism, cross border partisanship and poor recruitment. Marketing & promotion of the game is at the forefront of this failing. It’s very sad for the individuals involved, but I’ve got a feeling that following the mass redundancies earlier in the year at RA HQ we probably won’t notice the difference.
          Some might argue this is harsh. However the proof is in the pudding. In your business you would make sure no one got the names of a key stakeholder wrong. And Yowie’s bus ad story is a joke- just not funny. And at the national level, successive administrations have allowed the code to slip onto life support- before we had even heard of Covid 19.
          I remain optimistic as ever. I’m hoping that Covid is the catastrophe we had to have and a catalyst for a reset. We need that to happen.

        • Brisneyland Local

          My employees, know their stakeholder register by heart. They know who they are, how their names are spelt, their partners names and their kids names. They learn them, as their interactions with them is what makes my companies sucessfull. My employee’s pandered to their bosses love for the Reds, but would often say, these are the most incompetent C^&( we deal with, why are you sponsoring them!
          The only answer I could give, was that I was a tragic!

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Spot on Damo. This all needs to change if Australian rugby wants to continue in the professional era without all the current controversy

        • Yowie

          And Yowie’s bus ad story is a joke- just not funny.

          Just to be clear – it is absolutely true about the bus. I think it was a private bus (eg owned by Qld rugby?). Not a council bus.

        • Damo

          ‘a joke’ as in it makes a laughing stock out of the Reds marketing department.

        • Yowie

          All good. I thought you meant that, but just felt like clearing up any ambiguity.

        • Frosty morning

          BL, I’m a long term Brumbies member and I can assure you that they are equally as incompetent.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Aus Rugby administration at its best!

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      I think Thorn is doing a good job by putting culture first above any player no matter how big your name or pay deal is. If it can be sustained the long term benefit will be significant.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      What I don’t understand is why? I know a lot of people didn’t like the way he kicked out QC, Hunt and Slipper but when you look at where the Reds were and where they are now, what exactly is wrong with what he’s doing?

    • Hoss

      Hows the weather in Japan Quade ???

  • Steve

    Good luck to TK out West. Been an amazing servant to the Brumbies.

    Seconded that leaving him out was a mistake. Before the final Will Greenwood on the UK commentary described him as a ‘big game player’ and he’s proved it many times over.

    • sambo6

      as an aside…how much more pleasant is it listening to Greenwood and Lynagh speak in measured tones at halftime/fulltime than being stuck with the aussie lot (who I loved as players, but the commentary is banal)……

      • Steve

        A hundred times over Sambo – But who needs knowledge and unbiased commentary when you can have tired cliches about backs vs forwards?

        • sambo6

          Turn it up steve…..:)

  • Nutta

    Lately I am somewhat bemused by the general feeling that K’train is an old man and passed his use-by. His is dead-set in his prime right now. Ignore/drop/forget him to your own detriment, particularly when centres seem to have an uncanny ability to cripple themselves at the moment.

    The Forcies seem to be building a good posse. Certainly with Twiggy backing the place up and with the balls to start his own comp in the face of being fed bullshit (and yes I am still utterly fkn seething over NSWRU & SRU keeping Twiggy shut out of western Sydney), at least working for him you know you will get paid and have some footy to play if at all possible – all the while wiling away the afternoons in a balmy Freo beergarden. Yep, that sucks surely.

    Yarpie rugby – alongside movie villains and mercenaries, their most valuable legitimate export is rugby players. Ignore them and their politics. It’s poison.

    Brad Thorn – is a Qlder. Through and through. It would signal a return to the darkest days of self-interested myopia if the Pinko’s discard Thorn. Hire a bloody lineout coach. Jezuz I’ll go up once a week and put them through some simple, timeless basics to fix it if it’s that desperate. But allowing that fella to go and in doing so gently unravel the squad-growth of the past few years and you are either certifiably mad or clearly working to another agenda other than the success of that franchise.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Frank Bunce played better rugby in his late 30’s than he did earlier and while he may have lost a yard in pace he demonstrated on Saturday that he’s still got more than some who have been named. I guess the whole old age thing is something is personal too mate. I think he should still be there as well.

      Agree 100% on Thorn. I really don’t understand the hate he gets, he has pretty much been straight up and said what he was going to do and then done it. Not sure why that’s such a bad thing.

      • Steve

        The old ‘30 is the limit for a professional athlete’ was always bullshit but especially so in the modern era of nutrition and sport science.

        The average age of the top 100 tennis players has been on a steady march higher for 30 years.

        In pure ‘physical’ sports (cycling, athletics etc) there is an objective standard of performance and there is no such barrier, whether it be the marathon or the 100m.

        It’s one of thousands of heuristics that are ripe for the trash pile IMO.

        • Alister Smith

          I think the 30 year age limit is possibility more to do with the “old” style professional, who was only semi-professional, and, when you got to 30 you might have needed to look at other options to support yourself. I don’t think it should apply now but I think players that don’t look after themselves and players that don’t change their games to adapt to the different physical realities of being 30 or 35 versus being 20 or 25, well I think they will struggle.

        • Steve

          That’s a good point – Arguably those seeds are sown early in a player’s career as repeat injuries seem to bite back down the line.

          TK for example has had a low-injury career and (touch wood) looks good to kick on another 5 years, but would any of us bet Petaia is going to make it to that stage?

        • Alister Smith

          I am not sure if we will see Petaia play again this year. It is really interesting when you consider that young bloke Suali. Imagine if we did pay $1M a year for a 16 year old and he then spent two years on the sideline injured. Hopefully Petaia can come through it because the glimpses that he has given at the highest level suggest he is some sort of a footballer.

        • Moz

          Speaking of Suaalii, what is the latest with him? I heard from someone that the South Sydney contract had not be finalised, as his family were trying to put in some additional clauses?

        • Alister Smith

          Yes that was last I heard, Wayne Bennett said he didn’t think they would fulfil some additional demands that the family had made. The news reports say he wanted a 5 year deal but Souths were only prepared to sign him for 3. So Bennett said, at the moment they couldn’t reach an agreement but didn’t rule one out later down the line.

          I personally think he should look to do a short term (1 – 2 year) deal with the ARU to go directly into the 7s programme. It is going to be a little less demanding potentially on his body (compared to a Super Rugby AU or Super Rugby South Pacific), it means he can achieve one of the unique things that only rugby offers as a contact sport – to compete at an Olympics (and maybe win an Olympic Gold Medal), he will still develop and grow in skills that are transferable to either game, he will get a good introduction to professionalism and international travel etc, he can train with one of the Super Rugby sides and play for the U20s as well and, at the end of it, he will still only be 19-20 with a 10 – 12 year career ahead of him. Compare that to someone like Kalyn Ponga who, during that first season at the NQ Cowboys, got a few games on the wing and some games for the lower grade team.

        • Moz

          Thanks for that. Interesting how it all seems to be breaking down for him at the moment. Maybe he needs to achieve something before making the huge demands!

        • Alister Smith

          Spot on

        • Ulrich

          With the exception of the back-row, most can play up to 35 at least. Flankers etc. can also, but ask a guy like Schalk Burger how tough it can be when you throw your body into everything all the time.

        • Alister Smith

          Richie McCaw made it to 35 I think. Not many played harder than him (though he didn’t play domestic rugby against the big packs that Schalk would have). I think the English backrow that one in 2003 were all over 30.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Richie Porte, 35 yo .
          3rd in the tour de France.

      • Tomthusiasm

        Thorn reminds me of Mark Hammet at the Canes, cleaned out popular players and rebuilt the team, which would go on to win a title after his departure. It’d be good for Thorn to stay on though.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          I don’t think he’s as much of a cock as Hammet. Hammet has failed in every team he’s been with and I note he’s been fucked off by Otago now aswell

      • Nutta

        Guess who is facing a reserve grade GF on Saturday? One oh-so-funny pundit commented the team pic looked like a mob of happy young tearaways and Gandalf. Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

        • Mica

          Good luck Nutta.
          You might get lucky and get a wet GF.
          Music to the ears of an experienced (old) prop…..

        • Nutta

          Maybe I’ll get a Force contract?

        • welcome to the desert

        • Reds Revival

          This post takes on a completely different context if GF= Girlfriend.

        • Mica

          Yet equally relevant and factual

        • Played a country game couple of years back where the 9 10 and 12s combined age was 126 years.
          You’ve got years left I’m sure.

        • Alister Smith

          I played in a game for Narromine 3rd grade with a 62 year Kiwi shearer at 8 and 56 year old at 10 (former Sydney first grader). So you’ve got some time left yet Nutta.

        • All over at 30 years eh?
          If we added our hooker to that it was 184, maybe not elite level but..

        • Alister Smith

          Yes that is something – so 66? and on hard Australian grounds – that is some sort of achievement.

        • You are from NSW aren’t you :p

        • Nutta

          Obviously many years ago I once played in one country forward pack where my 22yrs and the open-sides 20yrs dragged down the pack average to 34… there was some bitter and twisted snarlers in that mob I promise you.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Go you mate. Good luck for the game. Having surgery on Thursday so no more refereeing for me this year. Pity would have loved to have refereed one of your games mate

        • Nutta

          You yet may. I’m not hanging them up just yet.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Next year mate

        • Getting your eyesight fixed?
          That’s was what i was asked last time..
          Unforgiving bastards

      • Agree also. Reds are getting better and better under Thorn and they know he means what he says.

      • Thorn’s problem, I think, is that the Red’s bench does not match the standards required. Furthermore, he needs two top class locks. If he can find these, watch out. One thing he has got is a team with a load of character and toughness. An inch of luck and they could have won the final the other night on sheer determination against a better team.

    • Alister Smith

      The talk in “the press” is that the Broncos might want Thorn to rebuild their badly dented culture – one of the players from the glory days, mates with Kevvie etc. I don’t think there is much chance of the Reds dumping Thorn but he might be offered another opportunity. I personally think that this particular story is probably started by the same rugby league journalists who take any opportunity to run with something (or invent something) that might have a negative impact on rugby.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully, K’Train had a great game on Saturday and will be a real asset for the Force. They are really looking like a team going forward and I hope that whenever the 2021 plan comes out they are a big part of it.

    No real surprise with the SA teams creating havoc internally and externally, it seems they live for this but I think it is going to be an issue moving forward for them. It’ll be interesting as to how their policies on overseas players coming home works out in a non RWC year as I think there will be less of a desire to go back for the international season from some players.

    I hope Thorn stays, I think he’s working well and fronting up to his shortcomings well. If he does go, who would replace him and wouyld there be yet another rebuild? Not sure that’s a good idea

    • I think TK’s high forehead doesn’t help.

  • Dr K Mootoosamy

    Does Tupou wear a mouth guard ?

    • Alister Smith

      Great question!!! I had wondered the same.

      • Damo

        I’ve been looking at him and I don’t think he has a mouthguard. Just the Juicy Fruit. Certainly risky-but he does have that fresh breath confidence.

        • Yowie

          I’ve heard that Tupou’s chewing gum contains valium to try to keep him calm.

          Apparently if you piss him off and he spits out the gum you’re pretty much farked.

    • Bobas

      Starc made him one out of vibranium

  • Wonky Donkey

    Im happy for the Western Force to be the elephant’s graveyard of Aus Rugby. I get to see a few of the big names play and they can end their careers with a taste of the community out here.

    It would be exciting if the Force targeted overseas players, like a honey trap, to bring them back.

    • Nutta

      As part of their contract and dependent on performance, throw in preferential business/managerial traineeships and maybe some business foundation/establishment financing leveraging Twiggy & Co to give them a pathway out of rugby into the rest of their life. That would land exactly the sort of journeymen bringing buckets of experience and knowledge. It would develop into a veritable Rugby IP depository.

      • Missing Link

        They should definitely receive that sort of training Nutta, especially how to read Excel spreadsheets

        • Perhaps a career in Victorian banking?

        • Alister Smith

          This site never fails to surprise me, first a Kiwi who is a decent bloke and now a sand groper with a sense of humour ;), what will be next, a humble NSWman? no that is taking it too far

        • Hoss

          Memo to self. Al Smith 12.10pm 22/09. Now on shit-list, place next to Wailers & Sheep Shaggers for future retribution.Bastard.

        • Alister Smith

          f*&k why did I use my own name . I am a NSWman Hoss btw…I just didn’t want to say a “Qlder with a brain” and invite Yowie into the conversation

        • A NSWman is just a Qlder with a brain?
          Oh I get it now..

        • Yowie

          I’m all for sledging NSW or WA, but this Qld-bashing is uncalled for.

        • Quite offensive, though I feel I am getting a good education on the Eastern types.

        • Reds Revival

          I think we can all agree on who the common enemy is – Victoria! (oh, and NZ too).

        • Yowie

          The Judean People’s Front!

          You make a fair point against Victoria. “It’s not racist if the Aboriginal player is a flog” my arse!

          Best leave South Australia alone though. They have enough problems with the strange abundance of grisly murders down there.

        • Missing Link

          Proudly sponsored by NAB :)

        • Nutta

          I work under snr execs who need that fkn lesson.

      • Alister Smith

        Match with a good academy and a junior development programme and, in a few years time, you have a strong competitive side with a strong local feel. I don’t think the journeyman thing works everywhere but, if you can balance it with enthusiastic young talent coming through your own system, then I reckon it works OK. I think they are going OK with their signings. I am not entirely sure where they are at the moment because I think a few of the blokes that they signed in the short lead up to SRAU were signed on one season/short season deals – like Godwin was originally and perhaps the like of Kahui, Greg Holmes etc. It did a job, giving them a(n almost) competitive side – they were certainly competitive in most games though looking at the table they were well behind.

      • Wonky Donkey

        Get rich or play rugby trying at Western Money

  • OnTheBurst

    Blown away after reading the K-Train is only 29. Wow.

    Good luck to him at the Force. He looked to be a little off his pace and general game this year, but I wouldn’t write him off from playing Tests this year, if injuries keep happening to the squad

    • Yowie

      In the 90s I was blown away that the schoolboy players from PNG to whom Nudgee College gave sporting scholarships were schoolboy-age.

      Each one of them seemed to be a 100kg hard case with the weathered zero-f*cks-given face of a 30 year old.

      • Brisneyland Local

        That is what you look like growing up in the Highlands of PNG. I went through the Army with a bunch of them, they were younger than me yet looked 10 years older.

        • onlinesideline

          Ill never forget that thugby test between kangaroos and png a few years back. The hits from PNG were absolutely incredible. It was like we had been fooling ourselves that the aussies were the hardmen of NRL for the last 100 years and that these guys were just sitting around, watching us and laughing and decided to finally rock up and set a whole new standard of cement truck hits. Commentators were besides themselves.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yeah we had a few of the PNG boys play union with us un the Army. The number of people carried off on stretchers was a sight to behold.

  • Alister Smith

    You can buy a fan experience with Taniela Tupou

    “Your FAN+ Experience includes:

    • A (1) one-hour rugby specific workout with Taniela for up to 14 people.”

    Does it involve him hitting, running at, tackling or scrummaging against me…if so, I am out thanks very much.

    “• Post workout meal where you will be able to discuss all things rugby and ask any questions you may have.”

    I am guessing you don’t get in between Taniela and the last of the dim sims or you could lose a limb

    “• Photo opportunity at the experience with Taniela Tupou”

    Great, an opportunity to look diminutive….

    “• Personally, signed photocard by Taniela Tupou”

    Now this I would treasure

    “This experience is to take place in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, please refer to T&C’s if you would like to purchase this experience for another location.”

    Rules me out, wrong side of the Great Wall of Annastacia for me…maybe next year

    • Yowie

      I have written to Anastasia about an exemption for NSW tourists for a “salt water crocodile fan experience“.

      • Alister Smith

        Now which do I choose, having Thor run at me or dipping the toes in salt water crocodile infested waters, seems like much of a muchness. They actually moved the bubble down further today – Ballina Shire now included as is Glen Innes but we, though in between those two shires, are still on the outer. Obviously, someone here has been reading my comments to the Qld Premier and I reckon I know who it is…..Hoss isn’t the only one with a shit list buddy… you know who you are.

  • Alister Smith

    I thought I read somewhere that the Force had also signed Jake McIntyre – former Red, had a couple of seasons with Agen and now with Clermont in France. He was the replacement for Quade after he left for Toulon at the Reds – was from NSW (Lismore area – Alstonville actually) and had 24 games for the Reds between 2015-2017. He was certainly well hyped as I remember it but, in a couple of lean years for the Reds during the Richard Graham years, never really fulfilled the early hype. He has had 3-4 years away now in Europe and is still only 26. He is likely to have learned how to manage a game etc during that time and is not so old that he wouldn’t be able to challenge some of those up and coming players like Harrison and Lolesio if he can get a start. He would certainly be an alternative to Jono Lance who is 30, and, if I am correct, only signed on for a season in Perth and may head to Edinburgh if he can get visa issues sorted for next year.

    • Nutta

      That would be interesting. Good source?

      • Alister Smith

        Apparently a poor source, possibly my imagination, I was sure I saw it somewhere but I searched last night and couldn’t find anything. Maybe it was somewhere in a comments section and it was what someone was hoping for rather than actually confirmed.

  • Offsite, but worth a listen, from podcast


    Its ok Hoss, this one is safe.

    • Reds Revival

      That was brilliant! Thanks HO, you made my night!

    • Yowie

      Gold. The Welsh accent seems to be a good match for a story narration.

  • I’m really hoping in the forthcoming Tests, our genuine best players on form get picked. Special reference to Tate McDermott, Joe Powell and, of course, Noah Lolesio.

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