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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News Looks at the All Blacks squad, what colour is gold, more recruits for the Force and, a good news story from the Bond Bull Sharks.

No Ardie Savea for Bledisloe 3

Photo by Keith McInnes

Perhaps a little respite for the Wallabies with news that All Blacks #8 Ardie Savea has stayed in NZ after the birth of his second child, a boy, a few days ago. I think it’s a special time in a fathers life and he should take all the time he needs, it’s only fair.

“Ardie’s baby boy has arrived, so he’ll be joining us late this week,” said Foster, who expected the back-rower to be back for the next Test in Brisbane on November 7.

Savea has been ultra-physical in the opening two Tests of the series and his defensive work at the breakdown led to a number of crucial penalties that got the side out of jail on their own line.

Blues #8 Hoskins Sotutu, seems to be the logical replacement for Savea after coming off the bench in the 16 all draw and in their 27-7 win last game.

Meanwhile, the Wallabies have made a couple of changes to their squad by bringing in back-rower Isi Naisarani and Brumbies hooker Connal McInerney. Waratahs hooker Tom Horton drops out of the squad – team officials say he is not injured – while Naisarani is an addition.

That Yellow Jersey

“look at me, I am the captain now”

The Wallabies jersey has been a lot of colours over the years and not all of them have been gold as pointed out by both Quade Cooper and Dave Rennie. And frankly, it’s not a great thing. When you see the emerald green of Ireland or the jet black of New Zealand you immediately no what country is playing, Australia’s jersey not so much.

But according to a Wayne Smith article in the Oz today that’s all going to change with Wallaby Gold to become a set colour with no exceptions. My only question is why did it take so long?

There aren’t too many advantages to being chairman of Rugby Australia these days. Mostly it has been a challenge for all who have filled it in recent years and almost invariably the chairmen leave office feeling bloodied and bruised. It has been pretty much all downside since Hamish McLennan took over the role, negotiating with unruly SANZAAR partners, dealing with the unpredictable on a daily basis and trying to rationalise RA’s finances and future. Still, the one small advantage is that he gets to address the things that really irk him and right now he has turned his attention to the Wallabies jersey.

His explanation of why Australia has chopped and changed colours on the jersey is as good as anyone’s. “Perhaps it is symptomatic of our inconsistent approach on a range of levels,” he ventured. “But I’m looking to tap into our heritage and not change it.

“You wouldn’t change the Coca-Cola red or Tiffany blue and when you see it, you instantly recognise it. The same with the baggy green. So we are going to gather together a group of esteemed Wallabies and coaches and will lay out a process and vote on the jersey colour and then not change it. The Wallaby jersey is premium and unique in Australian sport and the Wallaby gold will be cast in stone.”

My vote is for #f0c44d

Western Force spending spree

While the other Australian Super Rugby are watching their pennies and hoping the pounds will look after themselves the Western force is spending like there is no tomorrow and putting together a group that could challenge the eastcoast elitist for top spot.

On Saturday they announced Argentinian international prop Santiago Medrano is set to join former Wallaby props Greg Holmes and Tom Robinson in the West. And rumour has it they are about to announce the signing of Argentinian flyhalf Santiago Iglesias bringing their South American international contingent to four.

Medrano made both his Super Rugby debut for the Jaguares and his first international appearance two years ago. He has 18 caps for Argentina and played 30 Super matches.

On the same day they announce that former Fiji head coach John McKee was replacing Van Humphries as forward coach for next season. Apparently Van was off to roll some *^$# next Saturday.

McKee was coach of Fiji from 2014-2019, leading the nation in two World Cups.

Before his stint with Fiji, McKee spent time with French Top 14 outfit AS Montferrand, Irish PRO14 team Connacht, and Australian domestic side Central Coast Rays, which he led to their inaugural NRC title in 2007.

“It was fantastic to see the Force in Super Rugby AU this year. The style of rugby they played throughout the competition showed how much potential there is within the group,” McKee said.

“Tim Sampson’s done a fantastic job here developing the team over the past few years and has created a strong club culture with a balanced mix of national and international experience, as well as some great young talent coming through the ranks.”

Devon Henson’s amazing recovery

Look this story actually came out in the lead up to Bond’s major semi final match against Easts on Saturday. While the big story out of the game was 35 year old Former Wallabies captain Ben Mowan’s last chance to win a club competition this story felt more like what rugby is really about.

Devon Henson was a young up and coming South African rugby player when a chance knock while playing for his school in Capetown changed his life.

“I was tackling someone and his head came up and cracked me on the jaw,” Henson said.

“I felt it as a bit of a head knock but carried on, scored a try and finished the game.

“It was only after the game that my left hand started going numb and then my left arm, tongue and left side too.” He collapsed.

“I sustained a Carotid Artery Dissection (CAD) which is like having a stroke,”

Henson said of a tear to the wall of the artery and a narrowing of the vessel.

“My doctor told me, if I was his son, I’d never get on the field again but it was up to me.”

Henson got on with his life, studied, Found a nice girl and ended up on the Goldy working in the fitness industry when another check up found something amazing.

“More scans and tests showed my blood flow at 100 per cent and my body had fully repaired from the stroke which the doctor said was a bit freakish,” Henson said.

So rugby was back on the table! He turned out for the thirds and slowly worked his way up to packing in the row with Angus Blyth for Bond in the Hospital Cup.

Check out his full story here!

  • GeorgiaSatellite

    Thanks Sully. I have a soft spot for the 1991 RWC-winning gold. But let’s talk about the green as well – far from consistent. Congrats to Ardie Ferodo 1000 (showing my age) on the sprog. And Devon’s a champion, any way you slice it (showing my state of origin).

  • onlinesideline

    I have nothing intelligent, controversial, funny or interesting to say other than


    Carry on all.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Rock on Saturday

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully, good to see Savea and Laulala focusing on what’s important in life and yeah they’ll be missed but I’m sure that whoever is picked will step up as needed.
    I think setting the gold is a great idea and I wouldn’t mind seeing it always reflect the indigenous population as well. The Force are certainly setting up well for next year I wonder when we’ll know what that will look like. I hope it involves both NZ and Aus to some degree.
    Great story about Henson

    • Alister Smith

      I am a little disappointed to see Ardie is having a boy. More pain to come for us in 20 years time. ;)

      • Mike D

        Mate, if it was a girl, there would still be pain for us – I hope. Because I’m itching to see the women’s game progress.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        meh! he’ll probably play soccer hahahaha

      • Perth girl

        Because females don’t play rugby do they?

        • Custardtaht

          Not for the Bledisoe.

        • Ads

          Dan Carter was very good looking to be fair.

        • Yowie

          You too FFS. My wife said that a suspicious number of times.

          I had not choice but to text message her from Suncorp Stadium games to the effect of “Oh no! Dan Carter has gone off with the medics due to a horrific face injury”

        • Ads

          Present company excluded of course, a “good looking rugby player” is a pretty low bar.

        • Yowie

          “on stage syndrome” probably helps.
          Eg. when the ordinary-looking person is on a stage singing or lining up a penalty kick on TV they get a few nominal points in the attractiveness department.

          There are some fuqn ugly musicians who have benefited from that for their whole careers.

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      On the one hand I am happy to get some quality players in the Force side as we may be playing the NZ teams and the pre-season will start soon. I expect we will only know who we play a couple of weeks prior to the start of the 2021 when an offer to participate will be dropped on the table at the very last minute – as usual. My hope is that a Trans Tasman competition gets up as I think COVID-19 could be and manageable by the time the competition kicks off. I do feel for the WA based players like Nick Jooste that missed out as the real purpose of the Force is to develop WA players and that this purpose does not get lost in the effort to be competitive against NZ teams. What is Van going to do? “Roll some *^$# next Saturday”?

      • ForceFan

        I reckon it would be more accurate to say that one of the purposes of the Western Force is to provide a development pathway for WA based players.
        It goes without saying that this is true provided that they are good enough to provide a competitive team in whatever competition the WF is playing.
        I don’t need to see the WF win every game, but like most fans I expect to see the team be competitive and win more than its fair share and be aiming to win the competition.
        The WF lost a great foundation of players in 2017.
        It’s great to see the rebuilding of a franchise.

        • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

          To win the competition without WA based players will not be a win for WA rugby. It would be a mistake to let the team develop into a team that is not representative of Western Australia.

        • ForceFan

          There are still 5 WA developed players in the WF squad. Matt Hodgson has always said that if they are good enough WA developed players will be selected. Now we just need to develop more and the necessary foundation appears to be in place.

        • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

          The bigger picture is that we should not only select players that is “good enough” but also WA players with the potential to become good players. We need to select Force players that committed to WA, e.g. like Johan Bardoul that will now at the end his career move back to a club coaching position. The aim should be to improve WA rugby to a level where the majority of the Force team as WA based.

    • Assuming it’s Setotu, that’s a step sideways in quality I think, he brings slightly different skills to Savea, but he really looked good in the SRA. He didn’t look uncomfortable as a replacement 10 days ago. Whether he’s yet got the engine to perform for the full 80 at test level isn’t yet clear, but I imagine there will be a plan in place for that too.

      The front row ranks might be looking a little thin though, that will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Custardtaht

    About bloody time. The Wallaby Gold should have been and never should be tampered with.
    The constant changing of the guernsey was some bullshit imported in from the mungos to raise revenue.
    The Wallaby Gold has a tradition and heritage of its own and it to should be respected.

    Just an edit on the All Blacks colour, it isn’t Jet Black. It is Mary Had a Little Lamb Baaalack.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Mate, according to the story that was as white as snow wasn’t it

      • Custardtaht

        That was the original version yes. But since when on the internet do facts get in the way of a story.

        • Alister Smith

          Perhaps more “little boy who lived down the lane” black? Although in our schoolyard version of Mary the “fleece was black as charcoal”

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          hahahaha true

      • Geoffro

        rhymes mixed up but just as well.Im sure baa baa blacksheep has been consigned to the pc naughty corner

      • Yowie

        White afterwards perhaps, like a plasterer’s radio.

      • That was Mary’s lamb

    • mortlucky

      Ironically, the Kangaroos ‘double V’ jersey is arguably the least changed in world sport.

      • Ads

        Yep. I’d vote for the inverse of that – gold (proper old John Eales vintage gold) with the “double V” in green with a proper green collar. That would look awesome.

        In the absence of that just back to the John Eales gold one but in the modern-skin-tight-make-me-look-fat-&-middle-aged fabric.

        I think McL has been great so far. Focusing on stuff fans care about. Engagement is the biggest issue I reckon.

        • Yowie

          …gold (proper old John Eales vintage gold) with the “double V” in green with a proper green collar. That would look awesome.

          That would look great on a November (“Movember”) European tour. With all the moustaches and the retro jersey it would be full 70s look. Credit to Nic White for making a head start on the big mo.

        • Ads

          They could give Peter Fitzsimons a run that way too if it was proper retro, so someone could punch him in the face for old times’ sake.

        • Yowie

          That explains the very odd footnote in his book “Victory at Villers-Bretonneux”:

          For nigh on two weeks, the plan works brilliantly, and the Germans are able to advance without check, as the exhausted British troops flee before them, together with tens of thousands of French refugees(1).

          In desperation, the British commander, General Douglas Haig, calls upon the Australian soldiers to stop the German advance, and save Villers-Bretonneux. If the Australians can hold this, the very gate to Amiens, then the Germans will not win the war.

          (1) The French, being accomplished cheap-shot merchants preferred to attack from behind and by surprise in typical grubby Gallic style. As such, they were not up to defending Villers-Bretonneux face-to-face, i.e. the Australian way.

        • Ads

          Squirrel grip it is! Sorry not sorry Fitzy.

        • Alister Smith

          Where does the line for volunteers start?

        • Alister Smith

          Given that we won’t be going there until November of NEXT year it is one hell of a head start

  • Geoffro

    According to the govt. website the official gold colour is pantone 116c .Happy to stick with that

    • Mr Wobbly

      Agree. Sully’s option is a fine choice but why reinvent the wheel?

      The Hex code for Pantone 116c is #FFCD00

      • To be fair I randomly picked a colour close to what felt right.

        • Yowie

          You “played what was in front of you” .

  • Nutta

    Canary Yellow.

    • skip

      I understood that reference. :)

  • onlinesideline

    I just do not understand why it is so difficult to get together with some fashion designers / marketers who have some perceptive abilities and approach things from a helicopter view / historical view and focus on a NUMBER of issues that need to be considered all at once re the uniform

    1 – the colour and colour combinations
    2 – the tech side of the uniform
    3 – the historical identity of rugby union uniforms of yesteryear and how they markedly differ from other codes.

    Our jersey collar looks like a baby bib
    Our shorts dont say rugby union
    Our socks should have 2 or 3 strips at top.

    The uniform looks like it is not reprsenting anything, any code, nada.
    Its tech tech tech and nothing else.
    Bloody world of tech its vanillas everthing.
    Why isnt there anyone with RA who has a VISION.
    Management these days are just visionless yesmen who roll on safe side.

  • mortlucky

    #FFB302 (disclaimer: I pinched it from the Boks who have always nailed it)
    But seriously, we need to channel the ‘pumpkin’ of the amateur era a bit. Somewhere between the 1991 and 1999 gold for mine.

  • mortlucky

    The importance of colour cannot be overstated and has bugged a lot of us for too long.
    I will forever be grateful to Nick Stiles for returning Qld to maroon. Whilst that red period has a place in history, it always felt like the marketing ploy that it was – to get female fans to dress up without wearing the kit.

    Alas for pasty Celts like me, we lost the battle years ago when we let SA have Green/Gold and we swapped to Gold/Green.

  • Yowie

    Nice work with the Van Humphries reference Sully. I had nearly forgotten about that bit of “mic on the field” gold.

    • My pleasure.

    • Alister Smith

      Good Moree boy Van before he went to Souths. Nice bloke as I recollect.

  • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

    It is fascinating that reportedly Nine and Fox Sports have bid for the same broadcasting content. This supposedly includes Wallabies Tests, Super Rugby (whatever format that may be), the proposed State of Union concept and the National Rugby Championship! I assumed that the NRC is already a casualty and that broadcasters would prefer the NSW and QLD club competitions which I have no interest in following. This is great news for those outside NSW and QLS as it may help us develop our own Currie Cup/Mitre 10 competition that will cover the gap in quality between club and Superugby.

  • Frosty morning

    I’ve got an idea… as soon as we find out the Test dates for next year can we all chip in to send the entire All Black team on a romantic weekend with their partners (or a disabled toilet for A. Smith) 9 months beforehand, in the hope that the entire team will be on paternity leave?

  • RedAnt

    Tiffany blue?

    • Hoss

      Yep just as we look like we are shifting ever so slightly from the ‘private school boy’ code our new Chair uses Tiffany jewellers as a source example. One step forward…………

      • RedAnt

        Most people go with Cadbury purple or the yellow of the ‘golden arches’.

        But I suppose they just won’t do for one’s ‘lady friend’.

        • Alister Smith

          We have a colour chart over the urinal at work that prompts us to check if we are dehydrated. One of the colours is wheaten. Not sure how dehydrated you are if you hit Wallaby Gold but I am sure I came close once when I was taking multivitamins.

        • Greg

          So you hold it up to the chart?
          Sounds athletic!

        • Alister Smith

          I think you are suppose to look down and then look back up at the chart but that may explain the state of our dunnies at times.

        • GeorgiaSatellite

          ‘Wheaten’? You may have just leaked the official choice.

        • RedAnt

          We’ll have to rebrand this site now – Green and Acrid Urine Rugby (GAAUR)

      • Alister Smith

        Can you get Cartier watches at Tiffany’s or do they have their our brand. Surely one for each board member after the successful negotiation of a reduced broadcast deal.

        • Greg

          You mean you don’t know the Cartier brand?
          Where did you go to school?

          [For the record, I think Mr Morrison has bigger things to worry about than whether Australia Post execs get a bonus. Perhaps that was the point…]

        • Hoss

          The practised art of deflection……$33mill for 20 metres of grass near an airport, hundreds
          Of mill on sports rorts or $20k on watches….

        • Hoss

          What a crock of shit is that. If 4 of my team made me $66mill I’d buy em each a car let alone a cheap-arse watch. The controversy should be how pissy the gifts are – what are they .03% of the contract? If they got paid $50k each in bonuses it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. Play on.

  • Alister Smith

    You’ll kick off the Westralians again talking like that. But Joeys fan would like it.


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