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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News looks at the Players stood down by the Pumas, those Reds (and Wallabies) centres,

Three Argentinian Players Stood Down

Michael Cheika, Mario Ledesma

There’s no getting around this story. I actually thought of not covering it as I’ve done with other stories in the past but here we go anyway.

Argentina has stood down three players for the last Tri-Nations match of the tournament including Captain Pablo Matera.

Matera, as well as two other senior players Guido Petti and Santiago Socino, look also set to miss the Tri-Nations finale against the Wallabies on Saturday at Bankwest Stadium for xenophobic comments made on Twitter in 2011 and 2013.

“The Argentine Rugby Union strongly repudiates the discriminatory and xenophobic comments published by members of the Los Pumas team on social networks and meeting urgently, the Board of Directors resolves: First, revoke Pablo Matera’s captaincy and request the staff to propose a new captain to the Board of Directors,” a Argentina Rugby Union statement read.

“Second, suspend Pablo Matera, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino from the national team until their disciplinary situation is defined.

Matera has since taken the Tweet down and suspended his account.

He did, however, issue an apology on his Instagram account.

“I had a tougher time. I am very ashamed. Apologies to all those who were offended by the atrocities I wrote,” he said.

“At that moment I did not imagine who I was going to become. Today I have to take charge of what I said 9 years ago.

“I’m also sorry to my team and my family for the moment they are going through my actions and thanks to the people who love me for their support.”

Horan Talks up the Wallaby Centres

Jordie Barrett tackled by Hunter Paisami

I was as surprised as  everyone else when Hunter Paisami took to the Wallaby 12 jersey like he’d been wearing it since under sevens. But take to it he did and now one of the Wallabies all time great inside centres has given him the thumbs up!

Paisami has come from nowhere to the Wallabies in a short time but it was a thirteen that he’s made his mark. Now, with Jordan Petaia recovery from the injury that gave Hunter his chance in the first place, ability in another position can only work in his favour.

Now, the Reds duo have the chance to develop into the Wallabies’ long-term centres partnership and do what Horan did by winning a World Cup first with Jason Little outside him and later Dan Herbert during their 1999 World Cup triumph.

“Yeah, they’ve got time to form a partnership and partnerships take time,” Horan told RUGBY.com.au.

“You look at Ma’a Nonu and Conrad Smith, you want to have different styles, and different strengths and weaknesses in a partnership. It’s combinations, it’s awareness, it’s the ability to understand 90 per cent of the time what your partner’s going to do. What’s his favoured side of the field to run on, what’s his preferred tackling side et cetera.

“Jordy is better at 13 than the wing because there’s more opportunity for him to be involved in the play. But I think they should swap and change a bit more to get Jordy a bit more involved coming in at 12.”

I wonder what the Reds backline will look like next year? They already have a very good 12 in Hamish Stewart, Now it looks like a great 12/13, a great 13/14 and three very good wingers.

  • Steve

    Holy moly. How quickly Matera went from a hero to a total pork chop.

    First the hair pull on BPA.

    Now this. I was mulling over the predictable reactions in some European press that it was ‘PC nonsense’ and 8 years ago, but frankly some of the stuff that got said, I wouldn’t run onto a pitch behind the guy again, regardless of time.

    I’m definitely the first to give folks a second chance and not hoist them based on tweets from years ago, but not sure there’s not much coming back from that one.

    • onlinesideline

      mate I 100% agree, no question. As I said in Wednesdays news, today’s :), can you imagine the shame of fielding Michael Hooper if he ever wrote that, 9 years ago or not. The guy was 18. Not 13. An adult. I applaud the Argies for being fast, crystal clear and all in. The guy is either a simpleton or there is an element within Argentinian society which is in dire need of exposure and reckoning. They do live in an absolute bubble down there and it woudln’t suprise me that just under the surface are some pretty backward undercurrents. Not suggesting there aren’t in OZ but they are quicker to be exposed in the English speaking world globally. I think there is some bigotry in that neck of the woods that has had a bit of a free ride for too long.

      Watch a few Argentinian westerns, with sub titles. These guys on horseback were absolute savages. Its not all Tango and beautiful women there. Although in saying that, after spending 10 days in Buenos Aires poolside one summer about 25 years ago I must admit I was in quite shock for most of the time.

      BTW -there s a big percentage of Italian ethnicity in Argie society. Just sayin. Its a complicated history.

      • laurence king

        Both agree and disagree on this one. Did and said some things when I was young, that I seriously regretted even a few years later. The question is how has he lived since, does that confirm or repudiate what he believed when he was 18? Probably wouldn’t get 10 years for robbing a bank, or a slap on the wrist as a banker fleecing one’s customers but write something on social media when you are young and stupid and yo have committed the unpardonable crime.

        • onlinesideline

          The point is he is repping a country and the captain – so its the symbolism involved here. He aint no joe bloe. Its a judgement call and Im not sure one can say absoltely definitively who is right and who is wrong. Its as subjective as it gets , thus the debate but if I was in charge I personally would do the same. Just think for a second, now after the Argies have decided on the punishments, what integrity they have brought to the jumper and the country. They avoided a personal infraction from staining the whole code and inverted the incident into a positive, purely based on the speed and clarity with which they responded. When people on both sides of the spectrum are unanimous on something, mitigation aint an option. Rare but in this case, i think the punishments fits the ….

        • laurence king

          I am referring to the PC mob and generally it’s unforgiving and often hypocritical in what it condemns and what it condones. That’s why I’m bothways on it

        • onlinesideline

          Agree, and the lynch mob are mostly hypocritical but politics, pragmatism will always be part of this kind of decision making. Its all about severity of penalty, percieved right v wrong.
          Yawwwwnnnnn bla bla – we didnt need this at end of a tiring year and a great comp.

          I would have preferred he played so Thor could have flattened him and got up saying ” Im BLACK, and I am playing for my country and I want respect” – hahaha

        • laurence king


        • Patrick

          “Great day for running over Argies in my size 50s”

        • laurence king

          I voted up and then down, as I said ‘bothways.

        • onlinesideline

          lol – i didnt see that

        • Steve

          I don’t want to start any arguments, will just give the alternate perspective. Not suggesting anyone should go to prison, just that some of his views were verging on the extreme and for me, he doesn’t deserve the absolute privilege of captaining his country at this point.

          I’m first to believe people shouldn’t be judged on what they wrote as an 18 year old, but if a man has some content verging on the extremist out in the open (Even if I suspect he din’t mean it seriously), what does it say to leave him as captain of his country. He may earn it back but it can’t happen overnight.

          Your comparison is a bit unfair as well – if you rob a bank you might be out in 10 years but an awful lot of doors in society will be closed to you forever. This clearly isn’t on the same scale.

        • laurence king

          As I said, I’m bothways on it. He should have removed ir a long time ago, if he knew how. It’s tragic though

      • Reds Revival

        There’s supposedly a bit of German ethnicity from after WWII in Argentina too.

        • Yowie

          George: Smithy, you haven’t seen any suspicious characters hanging around,
          have you, who might be German spies?

          Smith: Nein.

          George: (bewildered) Nine?! Well, the cap’s got his work cut out, then.

          (Credit – Curtis & Elton)

        • laurence king

          They’re the ones with the little moustaches aren’t they and their arms keep on jerking upwards. And hurt their ankles when ze click the heels

        • Reds Revival

          Or are they the ones who go,
          “Starka, we don’t go SPFLLLLLT around here!”

    • Mike D

      Haven’t read what he said, but judging by the reactions here must be pretty strong stuff. I think though, that there should always be a path to redemption, and not just something tokenistic but genuine soul-searching and actions that demonstrate learning from your mistakes. He’s taken the first step by apologising immediately and not doubling down like IF did. Now he needs to go and do things that actually make a positive difference for the people he has attacked.
      As for his age and being and adult at 18, well not really. The brain doesn’t finish maturing until 25. Yeah ok, kick in the pants, and a fairly solid one. But not a stain on him for the rest of his life. Should this really affect him when he’s 30, or 40, or 50, particularly if he has made reparation?

      • Linda Wilson

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  • RedSheep1989

    anyone got a link to a story with the full tweets and all their translations?

    the herald had a story with all of them in a screenshot, but not all of them translated (or properly, even only as a french speaker I could recognise they missed a plural).

  • Missing Link

    If Matera isn’t known to his mates from now on as “Argentinian Folau”, then he doesn’t have real mates

    • Patrick

      That is really harsh on Folau

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully, wow that’s a shock. Been some interesting comments on Roar about this, especially Argentinians talking about the state of the game there and how this came about. It’ll be a headache for this week for sure.
    I still see Petaia needing a lot of development but he certainly shows the potential. We are so lucky there’s a decent coach who knows how to improve players looking after the WB’s now and I think we’ll see him grow into the position.

    • Missing Link

      you mean to say you found comments on The Roar that weren’t centred around “The All Blacks are the greatest Rugby team of all time”? hahahahaha

    • Reds Revival

      Having watched Petaia’s last two interview sessions, the Media Manager definitely needs to pull him aside and give him some media training. The other guys he is with are trying to cajole him to get a response – any sort of response. His monosyllabic answers aren’t really what the journalists are after, and don’t paint our sport in the best light.

  • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

    Matera just should have stated that he was an 18 year old idiot that said stupid things on social media. He is now older and a little bit wiser and do not share the views that he had almost a decade ago.

    If he is still a racist I don’t think removing him from rugby will change his views. He needs counseling not punishment. He is a good player and seems to be a good leader and can still do a lot to leave a positive legacy.

    • Mike D

      Well said. I know I was an idiot when I was 18, just didn’t have social media to make it as obvious.

  • Mishad

    Jeez I wonder what sort of upbringing Matera and his cohorts had to publicly write the things they said. He must think twice now about visiting South Africa for a match again after his remarks – will probably get a price on his head, and thats not an exaggeration.


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