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Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s rugby news has Cheika saying Quade wants to stay, Brumbies ready for South Africa, Aussie U20’s defeat Scotland and Australia rule out biding for the 2023 World Cup. 

Quade Wants to Stay: Cheika

quade cooper

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika believes Quade Cooper wants to stay in Australia after being impressed with his input in the national team.

Cooper has been strongly linked with Toulon but it is understood he is still in contract negotiations with the ARU who’s offer Cheika said was good and fair.

“The way he (Cooper) is investing in what we are doing and his input into the program and what is going on, you’d like to think he is staying for quite a while because that’s definitely the feel he has given off,” said Cheika.

“But it is still a decision that is up to him and his management. They are taking their time to make the right one and I don’t have a problem with that.  I’m very keen for him to stay.”

Brumbies Ready for SA

The Brumbies left for South Africa on Monday and are confident they can come back with a better outcome then last month when the Stormers defeated them by one point.

“It was a really physical game and I thought we matched them physically there, so we can take a lot out of that,” said Brumbies coach Stephen Larkham.

“And we can take a lot out of the fact we did it two years ago in 2013, when we had to play the Cheetahs here, then had to go over and play the Bulls in South Africa before coming back and playing the final in New Zealand.

“We’re capable of doing it. We get the prep right this week and we’ll give ourselves every chance.”

Brumbies captain Stephen Moore was also prepared for the mental challenge.

“A lot of the travel stuff, what is it? It’s not something you can see or touch so there’s no reason why you can’t overcome that type of thing … You fly over there, you lie down for 14 hours, you actually don’t do anything and it’s the time difference.

U20’s Defeat Scotland

The Australian U20’s have defeated Scotland 31-21 in the fifth v eight playoff.

Australian U20’s coach Adrian Thompson was particularly pleased with a dominant second half performance.

“I was impressed with our performance in the second half with the forwards providing a good platform for the backs to go forward,” he said.

“We had to work hard against a committed Scottish defence for all of our points and they certainly asked plenty of questions of us.

“Our aim now is to finish the tournament in fifth place and we will start our recovery and preparation for our final match.”

Australia’s next match will be played on Sunday 21 June at 12.30am AEST.

Australia Pull Out of WC Bid

The Australian Rugby Union have confirmed that they will not bid to host the 2023 World Cup and will now support SANZAR partner South Africa to host.

“At this stage ARU does not intend to engage in the bid process for 2023,” said an ARU spokesperson.

“We are aware that our SANZAR partners South Africa are looking to host their second World Cup and we support their bid.

“We will consider our position for the 2027 tournament.”

  • Boby

    World cup needs to be in the USA and then in Argentina. Rugby needs to show support to the US market and Argentina deserve to be rewarded for decades of strong showings in a soccer crazy country.

    • Yes, a World Cup in the USA is an absolute must do. It will grow the game enormously.

      • npivag

        Show me the hard data that a rugby world cup in the USA would grow the game in the US?
        I’m not saying you’re 100% wrong, but I think fans say this kind of thing too often with no real proof.
        If you’re going to stage the jewel of our game in the US, there needs to be solid, proven theories behind it.

        • The USA has 300 million people in it, making it high on the list of any sport that wants to grow. Last year the All Blacks played a one off game in Chicago and it drew 60,000+ people and the Wallabies will be going there on the way to the World Cup this year. It shows you that there is a demand for Rugby in the USA and capturing the attention of even a small percentage of that 300 million population means millions of dollars to World Rugby.

          Oh and here’s an article about how the USA hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994 and how it was the turning point for the sport in that country. http://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/la-sp-us-world-cup-mls-20140601-story.html

        • Parker

          Why don’t you take a look at the rate of growth in the number of soccer players both in the youth, grass roots and senior levels in the US after they hosted the FIFA World Cup.

      • sampro

        Come to think of it, show us the scientific evidence to back up everything you’ve ever said in history.

        • npivag

          Actually you’re right, let’s stage an event worth in the hundreds of millions on a hunch.
          After all, it’s not like this nation has tried and failed to get professionalism off the ground repeatedly, let’s give them the biggest event in our calendar.
          I mean, nurturing the top level rather than the grassroots is working so well for the ARU, rugby should adopt it as an international policy.

        • sampro

          Whoah! We were right about to spend millions on a World Cup because of what Michael Cole said on a rugby forum. Lucky you told all of us decision makers to not make such rushed decisions – just in time! I better go retrieve that email I sent to Pulver.

        • npivag

          Are you going to make a point, add to a point, or even make your own? Or are you just going to straw-man mine in an attempt to make me feel silly?

    • Cramps

      Spot on

    • Joeleee

      A RWC in the USA would be awesome, but with 2019 being in Japan, a year in a traditional rugby nation is probably necessarily the tournament after. 2027 or 2031 are probably when we should have a USA/Argentina RWC I think, although it’s depressing to think how far away that is.

    • moaning expat

      Here here and spot on

    • It would be a disaster if a rugby world cup was held in America and no one came except for some expats in the cities where the games were held, and a few traveling fans, which is a distinct possibility. As much as we may wish the United States was a rugby nation, currently it isn’t, and a world cup is much too much to spend to try to kick-start it into being one.

  • Hitcho

    Is the decision not to bid for the 2023 WC a financial decision? As in we don’t have the funds to outlay upfront.

    • Braveheart81

      I don’t think so. I think it’s a quid pro quo with South Africa. I think the expectation will be that next time we go for it we get support from SA and NZ and that goes a long way towards getting us there.

      • Hitcho

        Ok cool ta

      • muffy

        That’s how I read it, and we know that with any South African bid comes enormous financial “contributions”
        ARU might be smart not to go against a country that is known for “contributing”
        Sorry, my African roots make me cynical

        • Christopher

          Given the current FIFA saga, I think these bids would be squeaky clean.

      • Jay-c

        You actually think nz will support us after the way we behaved last time?

        • Pclifto

          You mean when the Kiwis refused to back down on the “clean stadiums” stipulation to protect RWC sponsors? How was that the ARU’s fault?

        • Jay-c

          No I’m talking about how we used them to secure 2003 together, then brushed them to hold it ourselves.
          Then when it came time to vote for them in 2011 we screwed them again and voted for japan.
          I love how we treat them like shit- I’m just saying we shouldn’t count on them as allies

        • Braveheart81

          The clean stadiums thing was why NZ lost their sub-host rights in 2003. Australia had nothing to do with that.

          It is correct that Australia voted for Japan in 2011.

        • Jay-c

          It is correct, but not only that- I’m pretty sure that in the years before the voting took place for 2011, they believed they could count on us for our vote- before we changed out minds.

        • Pclifto

          Mate I think you are digging for dirt here – the clean stadiums thing
          was the fundamental reason why the Kiwis lost out in 2003. Nothing to do
          with us.

        • RubberLegs

          NZ will never host it again because of its small population and the time zone issue. The money and audience are in Europe.

        • moaning expat

          And the fact the population acted like childish pricks in public towards Australians.

  • Hitcho

    I’ve got to say I was never a fan of QC but the way he’s pulled his head in and matured has impressed me. Although I hope the ARU doesn’t have to pay Toulon out to keep him, I also hope he stays with Australian Rugby

    • Masher

      I bet Foley’s hoping he goes

  • Brendan Hume

    There won’t be an RWC in Australia in 2027 – no way will the home nations allow it to be gone for 16 years (assuming one doesn’t get it again in 2023). Shame, it was such a great event for us.

  • Hambone

    good to see cheik’s coming out to hold on to Quade, RWC in US or argentina sounds like an ultimate rugby tour for the boys like suggested below, argentina deserve it, and the US is the US of A…


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