Un-Australian Activities Rnd 2 2019 - Green and Gold Rugby

Un-Australian Activities Rnd 2 2019

Un-Australian Activities Rnd 2 2019

Welcome to Un-Australian Activities. There are only four games not involving Aussie teams this week and a couple of unexpected results. Enjoy.

Crusadist v Hurricanes


Sharks v Blues


Stormers v Lions


Jaguares v Bulls

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Thanks for this Sully, There were certainly some surprises for me this weekend, or maybe my picks were just atrocious. I’ll admit the Canes pick was heart not head but after last week I thought the Blues might step up and really didn’t expect the Bulls to crash so badly. Good in a way as I much prefer a close competition. I wonder how much of this is people subconsciously focussing on the RWC at the end of the year.

  • From NooZealand

    A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Thank you Shane. I also support the reds, but my ones live in NZ. As for the Aussie Reds, that’s the team I support over there.


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